Where can I get Vidatox in Cuba for my sister with ovarian cancer?

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Question: Where can I get Vidatox in Cuba for my sister in China who has stage 4 ovarian cancer?

Answer: Vidatox is a drug produced from five protein peptides extracted from the venom of the blue scorpion (Rophalorus junceus), which is endemic to Cuba and which has analgesic, anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic properties. The result of 15 years of research, by October last year  Vidatox had been tested on more than 10,000 cancer patients, some 3,500 of them foreigners, with positive results both in improving quality of life and stopping tumour growth.

When Vidatox first began to be available in October last year, the Havana-based Labiofam facility was literally overrun by visitors wishing to obtain the drug. Whereas during the early months it was available from Labiofam itself, now it is registered and commercially available.

In a May 2011 telephone consultation with Labiofam, Cuba’s Biological Pharmaceutical Laboratories which developed Vidatox, they indicated that this medication can be obtained in two ways.

One is from the Pharma-Matrix company, which is the official representative in Albania of

Labiofam. Among the many reasons why Pharma-Matrix is playing this role is the fact that European legislation from 1995 allows for new homeopathic drugs – such as Vidatox – to be registered up to December 21, 2015. As well, Albanian legislation allows easy entry of Labiofam products, in particular its natural products for cancer treatment.

For full details about how to contact Pharma-Matrix, book a visit, and obtain Vidatox, consult their English-language website at www.pharmamatrix.net/en/ In May 2011, the cost of Vidatox from Pharma-Matrix was 118 Euros for a 30 mL bottle of sublingual drops.

The other way to obtain Vidatox is from international pharmacies located in Cuba. In phone calls to several international pharmacies in Havana (see list below), they confirmed the standard price of CUC 205 for a 30 mL pack of Vidatox. They also indicated that they presently have Vidatox in stock, and that there is no limit to the quantity that an individual can purchase.

Several of the international pharmacies located in Havana which market Vidatox are the following:

-International Pharmacy (Hotel Habana Libre), Telephone (537) 838-4593

-Farmacia Internacional (41 y 22, Miramar), Telephone (537) 204-4350

-International Pharmacies located in both Terminals 2 and 3 at the José Martí International Airport


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  • Marina

    I recently helped a friend bring back this medicine for a relative with breast cancer. I would suggest doing what she did, which is to bring copies of the medical records to Cuba and ask for an appointment with a doctor at the lab. They are incredibly helpful and will be better able to advise you with specific details about the particular case.

    While waiting on line for the doctor, I met people from all over the world, from Europe to other parts of Latin America, all there to receive the medicine and take it home. They had stories that were quite inspirational considering everyone had different types of cancer.

    • scarlet

      can you tell me how to contact with the lab.
      if i want to consult details of the vidatox with the copies of medicines records,do i need to reserve the date and how to reserve? thank you

      • / Milena Markovic

        My mother have a plazmacitom.
        Schel I true Vidatox please

      • Elsa

        Make sure you take a copy of medical exams and diagnostic. Any taxi driver can take you to the clinic it’s called Labiofam you don’t need an appointment just make sure to get there before 9am so you can stand in line. Doctors are very helpful and the pharmacy is next door to the clinic. If you need a contact number please send me a message with your email and I can provide the phone number.

        Hope I was helpful.

        • http://www.havanatimes.org/?p=43261&replytocom=81394#respond Predrag

          HI Elsa..
          My mother has column cancer and I am living in Canada…
          If you can send me contact telephone and adress for Vidatox Havana I will go
          there to get this medication for her..
          Thank you in advance and wish you the best.

          • Layla

            Hi for all I hope that u can help I have a friend of mine she have a breast cancer and her doctor he told her about this medicine and it too expensive in our country if u could help by sending information about the place and the number of the pharmacies so we can contact them ill be great full by sending them to my email thx a lot

        • lin


        • Rachel

          Hello Elsa,
          My mother in law is verry ill with Sarcoma cancer and we heard of this venom Vidatox. Can it be purched online or through a international pharmacy or is it a must to take her to cuba?


        • Michael Chilavah

          Please advise and email all information I need to know.
          Thank you very much,


    • Christina

      Hi Marina. i m Christina from Greece. I have a heavy sick sister from cancer. I need to have that medecine.
      What is the cost? Do I need to pay in the Labor in Cuba to buy and if it is yes, how much money?

      Thank you so much

      • spiros

        prepei kapoios na paei o idios sti cuba kai na to metaferei
        to exo kanei kata to parelthon

      • Luli

        Christina, you can find vitadox in Tirana… You don’t have to go to Cuba for that. It is much closer…

  • chia shyang su

    thanks havana times and marina, I am a citizen of Taipei Taiwan, I had a relative with bone cancer, I wanna know how and where can I buy Vitatox at asia area.
    I had readed a news issue that Vidatox will produts at CHINA, how can I purchas from CHINA?
    Thanks for your kindness .

    • Circles Robinson

      Dear Chia, as a first attempt to find out how to purchase Vidatox in China we suggest you write the English-language website at http://www.pharmamatrix.net/en/. Please let us know if you get a satisfactory answer or if you need more help.

    • http://www.matrix.com duka

      hawo i can by the drug for my

  • Bernardo Mallo

    Tengo un nietecito afectado por un tumor maligno y he buscado todo tipo de alternativas para su tratamiento, en Argentina o en el extranjero. Hace unos meses surgió la noticia de que en Cuba se ofrecía un medicamento a base de veneno de alacrán que pudiera ser beneficioso. Como médico que soy, nunca concedí mucho crédito a esto, a pesar de las ilusiones de mi hija y mi yerno. No creo en estas panaceas, que me parecen puro grupo. Pero le seguí la pista.
    Luego confirmé mis inquietudes cuando se difundió una variante para este medicamento que se ubicaba dentro de la patraña que es la homeopatía. O sea, dijeron entonces que bastaba con agua agitada luego de haberla puesto en contacto con el veneno. Delirante. Quedé muy deprimido. Finalmente, sin embargo, pude leer en Granma, el diario oficial comunista, una declaración oficial de que esto era un fraude y que Cuba no autorizaba la comercialización de ese adefesio.
    Pero he aquí que hace unos días veo en varios sitios Web que en Cuba los negociantes vuelven a la carga y anuncian un tal “vidatox”, nuevamente un producto homeopático basado en el veneno del alacrán, al que atribuyen “probada eficacia antitumoral” ya que se ha aplicado exitosamente –según afirman desde allí- de manera experimental a pacientes en ese país e “incrementa la efectividad de las terapias oncológicas tradicionales”.
    ¿Cómo se midió ese incremento? ¿Cuáles son los experimentos? ¿Dónde se han publicado? ¿Dónde se han registrado? ¿En qué revistas o publicaciones está el aval de los oncólogos? ¿Dónde pueden consultarse los análisis de toxicidad y cuáles son las reacciones adversas? ¿Sería útil para todos los tumores, para todas las edades? ¿Cuál es la posología exacta y cómo la evaluaron?
    Respuesta a estas preguntas: NO SE SABE
    ¿Han sido replicados de manera independiente con estudios a la ciega? ¿Ha sido aprobado este engendro por el ministerio de sanidad de ese país? ¿ha cambiado de parecer dicho ministerio? ¿Cumple con las exigencias éticas que ¿Cumple con las exigencias éticas que rigen en cualquier parte del mundo civilizado? ¿Ha cumplido con las demandas legales?
    Respuesta a todas estas preguntas: NO.
    Cuba es un país lleno de prohibiciones (donde parece regir la máxima PROHIBIDO AUTORIZAR), sin embargo, justo esto no se prohíbe sino que se promueve y exporta. Es una verdadera desvergüenza que lucren con los sentimientos de todos nosotros. Personalmente, me gustaría ver a estos facinerosos tras las rejas, como corresponde. A ver si lo hacen las autoridades cubanas, a quienes ruego que se vuelvan a pronunciar oficialmente. Estos miserables mercaderes no merecen otra cosa que la cárcel, y estudio las vías para iniciar una querella desde aquí contra los productores y sus cómplices.

    • Isabel


      Por favor me diga, como está son netito?
      Eu tengo cancer ovario, e estoy tentada a comprar este soro do escorpião
      leyo aqui muitas vozes a favor… mas tengo tambiem minhas dúvidas.. que hacer?

  • Alejandra G

    Me tomé el tiempo de escribir mi comentario en este sitio debido a que cuando uno vive de cerca esta enfermedad uno hace hasta lo imposible por brindar una mejor calidad de vida a sus seres queridos. En el 2008 mi madre fue diagnosticada con cancer de ovarios con metástasis y los médicos fueron muy claros, nos pidieron que dejaramos de gastar nuestro dinero pues no habia nada que hacer, sólo disfrutar de los últimos dias de mi madre. Continuamos con la quimoterapia y decidimos viajar a Cuba por una segunda opinión. Ahí nos recomedaron seguir con el tratamiento de quimioterapia que ella estaba llevando pero lo más importante fue la recomendaciones que nos hicieron para hacer terapias complementarias a la quimioterapia e incluso terapia psicologica. Aprovechando el viaje a la isla obtuvimos de manera gratuita el escozul hoy Vidatox y regresamos a Mexico convencidos que lo último que debemos de hacer es perder la esperanza. Mi madre tomó el escozul desde junio de 2008 a la par de su tratamiento de quimioterapia, su posterior cirugia y una innumerable cantidad de acciones que hicimos en pos de su mejor calidad de vida. Entendimos que el ser humano es cuerpo, mente y espirtu y personalmente trate de cubrir estos tres aspectos. Esta mi recomendación, no se limiten a que sus seres queridos sigan un sólo tratamiento como podria ser la quimioterapia o radioterapia, utilicen las terapias alternativas no como alternativas sino como complementarias a los tratamientos de los médicos pero sobretodo luchen junto con sus familiares, no los dejen solos porque el cancer no sólo afecta al enfermo, sino a la familia entera. Hoy junio de 2011 mi madre es una feliz paciente en remisión y sus médicos aún siguen soprendidos de su recuperación. La lista de acciones que hicimos es muy larga, tanto de lo que comió, lo que tomó, lo que hizo física, mental y espiritualmente que le permiten vivir hasta el día de hoy.

    • Circles Robinson

      Hay dos formas de ver Havana Times en español.
      Uno es clickear la bandera arriba en la columna derecha de HT en ingles: http://www.havanatimes.org
      O, directamente puede entrar a: http://www.havantimes.org/sp

    • Isabel

      Thank you by your testemuniol and post.
      I read your post carefully because I also have ovario cancer. I am 42 years old. Sinca January 2009 I do quimiotheraphy with Taxol, Carboplatina, Caelyx (doing nothing to me!) and since last December Topotecano Quimiotheraphy.
      My problem is very bad. I have methastosis in my body and colostomy. PLease, tell me what have your mother done to be healthy???
      Can you help me PLEASE?
      The cuba escozul vidatox help ???

      Gracias por vosotro testeunho. Me hamo Isabel, tengo 42 anos e cancer no ovario. Fiz quimiotherapia com Taxo, carboplatina, caelyx e Topotecano. But things are bad. Please, por favor pode ajudar-me? que ha feto su madre??? my email is isabelfidalgosantos@gmail.com
      help me pleae!

  • Riomare

    It has been reported by the Italian news agencies that only two countries in the world have this product. Cuba, who invented it, and currently Albania which apparently went into some sort of agreement with Labiofarm. Everywhere else in US, EU etc is not legal. Albania is not part of EU so they have the freedom to do whatever they want and are not subject to European Union regulations. There are many Italians and other EU citizens currently coming in Albania to get this cure.


  • http://w s

    in Albania ,vidaTox is legal to be sell,so if any one is interesed ,tirana have many drug store when you can finde this drug anti cacer

  • linda

    Would it be possible to order this medicament to be delivered to in one of the Europe country via account transfers???

    • Oliver


      I am able to get vidatox delivered! I have friends and family in Cuba they will sent it by courier! They have done it for my mother with pancreas cancer and she is feeling unbelievable better! The tumor shrinked to half size within 2 month using the vidatox!!!

      Kind regards

      • river

        dear oliver!
        Iam Vietnamese. Cuba is too far to my country, so Vidatox is a distant opportunity for my mum to buy it in the first sell of Labiofam. But the time now is very important to my mum. Can you give me an advise about the way to buy Vidatox as fast as posible? Thank you very very much.

      • Dragana

        My name is Dragana and I live in Serbia in Belgrade. Three and a half years I have operated hormonal breast cancer, and now we have appeared in the liver metastases and may not be operable. Please tell me the price vidatox and how I could retrieve it.
        Thank you in advance and regards.

      • lin


      • http://www.mrpicket.com ana maria

        Nesecito saber como puedo conseguir el Viatox es urgente mi cuñado tiene un tumor cerebral de 4 cm., y ya no se puede irradiar ya que tiene una sobrecarga de radiacion hecha por otro tumor en el cerebro y el extraerlo es muy peligroso solo tiene un 70% de probabilidades de quedar bien el otro 30% quedaria con secuelas a nivel neurologico por favor si alguien sabe de este medicamento o droga comuniquese o responda a mi consulta gracias Ana Maria

  • http://www.havanatimes.org/?p=43261 Arsim Peci

    we need your help regarding this medicine,
    all i need is the information where can i bey the medicine,its an urgent situation for my Mother,
    please send mee the phone number and the contact person with who can i contact to order this medicine,

    please help mee,

    best regards
    Arsim Peci

    • Circles Robinson

      For full details about how to contact Pharma-Matrix, book a visit, and obtain Vidatox, consult their English-language website at http://www.pharmamatrix.net/en/ In May 2011, the cost of Vidatox from Pharma-Matrix was 118 Euros for a 30 mL bottle of sublingual drops.

  • shelly

    Hi, My mom get a liver cancer. I hear the drug which is powerful for treatment of cancer. But I stay at Beijing ,China. I can not log in the website http://www.pharmamatrix.net/en/( maybe China is not allowed to log in) How do I buy the drug in China? Please , I was very worried my mom .Waitting your reply soon

  • samir

    Hi Elsa.

    I would like to ask you if you could provide me a phone number and an adress if you have it.
    Because am visiting cuba within few days, and I would like to buy this medicine for my mother.

    Thank you very much!

  • Alma

    Hi, eerybody.


    This is the link of the cuban clinic that sells Vidatox in Tirana, Albania, opened recently. Hope it helps.
    I’m going to buy it for my mother, who suffers from ovarian cancer. Fingers crossed.

  • Alma
  • Max

    I have 4 bottles of Vidatox that I bought in Cuba for 150 euro per bottle, I do not need them anymore and I will sell them for the same price, 150 euro per bottle plus postage costs.
    please let me know if you are interested and I will post them to you.


    • Vesna Antovic

      hi, do you still have vidatox? I need it for my brother. Thanks

  • http://havanatimes.org Amelija

    My friend (42 years old) has an ovarian carcinoma.She had surgery…and metastasis in the lungs, liver.
    She has chemotherapy. Does anybody has any experience ,knows something about Vidatox? Ovarian carcinoma and Vidatox? Please help.

    Thanks in advance

    • Xare

      Hi… Héroe YOU can read all te info…

  • abdallah

    Hello TO ALL

    Please i want to know which way is better to get 3 vidatox for my mother ???
    first way if i ship them by a world wide company for shipping ( 4 or 5 days to arrive my country in Asia ) they need good packing with ice ?
    second way if i travel to cuba can i get full address and telephone to but them.
    please help
    thank you in advane

    • NGUYEN

      Hi everybody,

      I have 3 bottles of vidatox that bought in Albania for my father, but he couldn’t take its anymore. I want to reseller to someone need. I live in Paris, France. Please contact with me following this email: nlcm2704@gmail.com.

  • DONG

    My mother in law has a cancer and I would like to buy some bottles of Vidatox. I order in vidatoxonline and they email me and give me the price of 960 Euro for 3 bottles including delivery cost. Is it believable?

    • http://informacion katie


  • Lorgia

    I live in Los Angeles California , my dad was diagnosed with lung cancer. Please help me by providing me the phone number to get this medications please help me….????

  • Mesrack Olee

    Hey i have breast cancer i need to buy vidatox please tell me full information

    • Boris

      Do you still need Vidatox? Email me at bobbyila@rogers.com or call me/text me at 1 16 897 6156

  • Rogelio Manuel Diaz Moreno

    Dear Mesrack
    I would not recomend the use of a homeopathic pharmaceutical such as Vidatox. As a scientist, I can explain that homeopathy does not work, it is nothing but water and some times alcohol too, and it has no other effect than placebo. That applies also for Vidatox. If you search for any kind of scientific report in a peer review journal that justifies that Vidatox works, you will find none. I hope you and your family can overcome the hard desease that you are facing, and the best way to do it is with scientifically proven medicine.

  • Mia

    Hello! Could anyone help me with a information? How do I know that the bottles of Vidatox aquired are original? The packaging differs from a country to another? Somebody offered to bring me Vidatox from Labiofam Cuba and the wrapping is white with green, the price is 200 euro/bottle. Thanks a lot

    • masie

      I bought them from Labiofam in Cuba and the package is white and green. I don’t know about the other packaging from other websites in white and brown. I am selling them for $150 usd a bottle. That’s what I paid for it.

  • Nikola

    Hi everyone!
    You can buy Vidatox from Labiofam online reseller Vektralab http://vidatox.co.uk/

    They ship Vidatox all over the world.

    • Vesna Antovic

      The do not ship to the USA. How can I get it here in America?

  • Karen G.

    Hi i was recently told about this product, i would like to know if you are familiar with osteosarcoma a type of bone cancer. It affects children from 10 years old to young adolescents 21years and sometimes it affects adults as well. i was trying to find a natural and effective pain killer but was told of your product – Vidatox. if it is not effective for this type of cancer please let me know what types of cancer show results with its use. My email is slowsketch@gmail.com. Thanks.

    • Oruci

      I need urgently Vidatox .My name is Ned. Please contact me immediately at my e-mail ned.oruci@gmail.com or call me : 4168231552 ( Toronto). Thanks

      • scott

        i can help you out. email me at scott.aymara.s.a@gmail.com
        i travel to havana every 2 weeks for business. I sell Vitatox

  • masie

    Hello: I have 2 new and sealed bottles of Vidatox I recently bought in Cuba for a family member who was suffering from a very aggressive type of cancer, lung cancer with metastasis in the bones. It was discovered in a very late stage and was too late to apply any treatment. I am willing to sell them for a fair price to whoever need it. I am sure it might help somebody else. I am located in Canada. Please, contact me at mbouali72@gmail.com

  • masie

    Hello: I have 2 new and sealed bottles of Vidatox I recently bought in Cuba for a family member who was suffering from a very aggressive type of cancer, lung cancer with metastasis in the bones. It was discovered in a very late stage and was too late to apply any treatment. I am willing to sell them for a fair price to whoever need it. I am sure it might help somebody else. I am located in Canada. Please, contact me at mbouali72@gmail.com

  • Vj

    Hello everyone.I brought 5 bottles of Vidatox from Cuba in May/2013 by friend request but he took only 3 bottles so there’s 2 for sale.I bought them for $ 205 and am willing to sale it for the cost price if I am really helping some one in need of it but ideally would like to get $ 50 per bottle extra for the headache:))I am located in Oakville,Ontario Canada.Feel free to e mail me at vjkose@hotmail.com

    • Dany Alfonso

      Do you have the green or the brown bottles?

      I heard from http://vidatox30ch.com/ that the brown are the good ones.

  • Xare

    Hi everyone here’s some info

  • Boris


    I have couple of bottles of Vidatox that I brought from Cuba last month. I am located in Toronto,Canada. Contact me at 416 897 6156 or email me at bobbyila@rogers.com. $200 per bottle. I have the green and white label bottle. The bottles are sealed.


    • Diane

      Do you steel hava vidatox

  • Boris

    Selling vidatox.Packaged and sealed. $200 per bottle. Email me at bobbyila@rogers.com or call me/ text me at 1 416 897 615. I am located at Toronto, ON

  • Yun

    Hello, my bother just was diagnosed lung cancer, I want to buy 3 bottle of Vidatox. Does anyone know where I can buy? thank you

  • MH

    Hello everyone. I recently came back from Cuba (April 12th, 2014) from visiting family and whilst there, I purchased several vials of Vidatox for a Chinese colleague whose uncle had stage 4 liver cancer. However, while I was there, the uncle passed away and I was not notified of this. Now I have several vials sitting here which will expire on 25 October, 2015 and I am not planning on listing them on some shady classifieds website.

    I am based in the UK (and prefer to sell them in the UK) but would be willing to ship elsewhere. I can say that the two bottles we were able to get for him earlier this year made him feel a lot better, although I cannot attest personally that the product works. I almost got in serious trouble in customs because of the bottles, but I told the truth and was let off.

    The packaging is white with green lettering (which indicates it was available in Cuba) versus the red lettering (which indicates it was intended for sale abroad) – I read about this on their facebook page. They all have their labiofam labels and are all identical. Please contact me via e-mail at mhtennisfn(at)aol.com and tell me how many you need and I will give you a fair price.

    I will feel bad that you are contacting me, because it will mean that you or someone you love are affected by cancer. However, I will feel worse that the vials will go to waste if no one uses them. In fact, I would have preferred not having bought them in the first place. I guess I would not make a good businessman.

    Best, MH

    • Amy

      Please contact me by email amykeogh@hotmail.com I’m in Ireland and interested

      • MH

        Hi Amy, just replied to you. I still have several more bottles for anyone else interested. The vials are still good until October, 2015.

  • guest

    Hi, I have 5 new and sealed bottles of Vidatox, which I bought in Cuba for My mom who suffering from a very aggressive liver cancer with metastasis in the bones. it was discovered in very late stage and was too late to apply any treatment. I can sell them for a fair price. I live in Canada. my e-mail is: frederickeshton@gmail.com

  • Romline

    If anyone is interested in Vidatox, i can offer him only based on medical documents.The product will be accompanied by the customized administration for each case.For more details please contact me by email at rom_line@yahoo.com

  • Romline

    If anyone is interested in Vidatox, i can offer him only
    based on medical documents.The product will be accompanied by the customized
    administration for each case.For more details please contact me by email at

  • jennifer

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  • henry forton

    I recently went to Cuba and buy a lot of vidatox for me and my brother (he just pass away from lymphoma non hotchking and I’m using them a lot but I receive another case with another 15 bottles I’m wondering if want to buy it from me the price 150$ please let me know before is to late.
    Contact information henryforton@hotmail.com