Paquito D’Rivera and Chucho Valdes Together at the White House (Video)

    Paquito D’Rivera and Chucho Valdes got together at the White House with President Barack Obama, to perform the jazz that has turned them into legends around the world. International Jazz Day was also an opportunity to reaffirm the friendship of two renowned Cubans who have had misunderstandings and conflicts since 1981

featuredimage Cuba’s Smuggling Train (Part II)

The fact the train left on time was truly out of the ordinary. It departed at exactly 4 in the morning. I didn’t know whether it was an unwritten rule followed by the Ministry of Transportation or negligence on behalf of those responsible for the railroads, but nearly all trains in Cuba always left late.

featuredimage Cuba Applies Price Ceiling for Farm Products

In a move to strengthen government controls over the island’s economic life, the Castro administration announced Tuesday price limits on agricultural staples from sweet potatoes and bananas to beans at the markets where most Cubans shop.

featuredimage Cuba Gets Cruise Tourism from the USA

Carnival corporation’s “Adonia” cruise ship docks today in Havana, having left the port of Miami on Sunday afternoon. It is the first such vessel to arrive in Cuba from the United States in a half century.

featuredimage Innovative Music Event in Santiago de Cuba on May 4-6

Cuban folk music and international electronics meet in Santiago de Cuba for a three-day event at the Teatro Heredia on May 4-6. The concerts and a theoretical program are organized by Manana, a British/Cuban nonprofit organization, and local Santiago institutions including the Cuban Music Institute.

rightcolimage Cuban Workers Support Party Congress Decisions

Millions of Cuban workers and their families rallied this May 1st at each of the country’s main squares and, at all parades, the support for the agreements reached at the recently concluded Congress of the Cuban Communist Party was evident.

rightcolimage Democracy Phobia among Senior Cuban “Communists”

Even after all that’s happened, the Cuban Communist Party’s congress is still holding up the outdated logic on which it was founded, and the critical shortcomings in this group’s leadership and members who rule the island.

rightcolimage Cuba’s Population: What Happened in 2015

Cuba’s official Health Statistics Report for 2015 has just seen the light of day. In this post, I will comment on a number of significant demographic data.

rightcolimage Is Feeding Stray Animals Wrong?

In Cuba, animals are at a disadvantage. No law protects them and there aren’t many humans involved in the struggle to get one passed. There are many of us who think one is needed, but not enough.

rightcolimage The Ordeal of Buying Orthopedic Shoes in Cuba

As I understand it, orthopedic shoes are a kind of medicine, for they correct one’s posture and help patients walk with more confidence. Many people, children, young or elderly, rely on this special footwear for their daily routines.

rightcolimage Cuba: A Personal Experience in the World of Pedro Juan Gutierrez

I confess I was left with unpleasant thoughts. Memories assailed me of the Special Period, when I came across people from the underworld. I don’t know whether I mixed with the wrong crowds.

rightcolimage Cuba’s Ongoing 7th Party Congress

Many in Cuba and abroad consider this a historical congress, first of all because it is the last to be presided by the historical leaders of the revolution and, second, because it has laid the foundations for the conceptualization of the economic model to follow until 2030.

rightcolimage The Struggle for Hegemony in Cuba

The 7th Congress of the Cuban Communist Party has left me in a state of shock, with the bitter impression that nothing in this country is going to change for a long time. But, one should not be deceived. It was nothing but a performance destined for a large audience.