featuredimage Rene Urra, a Cuban Nature Lover

Ever since he’s retired, Rene Urra, 78, spends his time sowing ornamental plants and cedars in the courtyard of his house. He was the founder of the INRA (National Institute for Agrarian Reform), which is now the Ministry of Agriculture. Even though he hasn’t studied a university degree, engineers, technicians and farm workers visit him in search for his advice.

featuredimage Cuba Halts Issuing Restaurant Licenses

The Cuban government has temporarily suspended new licenses for private restaurants, popularly known as “paladares”, and have intensified the scrutiny of those that are already functioning in Havana, warning owners that they should comply with established laws.

featuredimage How Cuba Could Turn Socialist

Mainstream critics have for some time been arguing for the establishment of a free-market economy, which they present as the only “rational” alternative to the bureaucratic economic management of Communist Party rule.

featuredimage Havana Times Reaches 8th Birthday

Dear readers, today we’ve reached eight years of bringing you our open-minded writing from and about Cuba. Most of the founders are still with us, and several new writers have also joined us in the last year.

rightcolimage How Are We Going to Pay?

Although the majority of the country is committed to helping put the four municipalities which were most affected by the hurricane back on their feet, over these last few days, there have been many surprising stories to tell.

rightcolimage Castrato Voices and Cuba’s Countertenor Festival

When they premiered the movie Farinelli, a friend told me, telling me that it was about a gay singer who didn’t have any balls… and that made me burst out in laughter. However, I soon became interested and went to see it.

rightcolimage Over Fried Foods in Cuba: Slow Death or No Big Deal?

Dawn breaks. The odor of refried oil seeps into my apartment, Mayra is refrying the croquettes that were left over from yesterday. Children line up around her cart with fried goodies, bread with croquettes and fried “crabs” filled with guava, to satisfy their morning cravings, before they go to school.

rightcolimage What if Fidel’s Death Was True?

There are a lot of people who fantasize saying that Fidel Castro is dead, however, we all know that this isn’t true because, from time to time, the media shows us images of this man alive and kicking.

rightcolimage Will I Ever Travel Abroad from Cuba?

Will I ever travel outside of my country? I’ve asked myself this question a lot of times, which originated, like a lot of my questions, in my childhood. Back then my dreams were just to go beyond the limits of my street…

rightcolimage Havana Isn’t Feeling So Good

As we’ve already verified in several posts published here on Havana Times, nothing changes in Havana with regard to its already dirty tradition. At times, I’ve thought that this problem is inherent to Cuba’s capital…

rightcolimage Does the Calm Return After the Storm?

Hurricane Matthew is finally long away from Cuba, but it destroyed the city of Baracoa beforehand, not only by destroying 90% of the municipality’s housing partially or completely, but also by leaving a deep mark on the hearts of those who live in Baracoa.

rightcolimage Neighbors repair their homes and you suffer as if it were your own.

Nowadays, repairing or extending your home has gradually become an inevitable, compulsory and normal occurrence for people in Cuba, especially in the capital. Living next door to somebody who is renovating their home can make your everyday life chaotic.