featuredimage Innovative Havana Baker Expands Menu to Attract Diners

How long can a world-renowned chef who has won the Michelin Star (among other awards) content himself with running a bakery in Havana? We’re not talking about any bakery. We’re talking about Salchipizza, whose owner, chemical engineer and master chef Alberto Gonzalez makes the kind of bread that hasn’t been prepared in Cuba for a long time, making the Sylvain and Pain de Paris local chains look like amateurs. (21 photos)

featuredimage Jorge Soler’s Sensational MLB Postseason Debut for the Cubs

The beginning of the 2015 MLB postseason has brought a lot of thrills for Cubans from the bats of Kendrys Morales (Kansas City), Yoennis Cespedes (NY Mets) and Jorge Soler of the Chicago Cubs, the subject of this article. The Cubs outfielder has managed to do what no other Cuban has done in major league history in his first three playoff games as a rookie, batting 1.000 with nine consecutive at-bats without recording an out.

featuredimage On Being Alone in Cuba

A romance may help dispel my sorrows…if it managed to awaken any illusions in me, that is. I’m not too sure it could, not because of my age but because of the disappointments I’ve suffered in life. I would have to give it a try. The problem is that the very few people available are part of my past, water under the bridge, as they say.

featuredimage An Example of Bureaucracy in Cuba

This Friday I visited an office of ETECSA [the telecommunications monopoly] to get a refund of a US $100 deposit I had given a few years ago. The process took half an hour and I had to sign 11 receipts!

rightcolimage The Pope’s Visit: A Pretext for Inefficiency

All human beings, no matter what class we belong to, make an effort to give a good first impression when we have guests over at home or in our country. We try to make our guest feel as welcome as possible. Last month, we had the privilege of having the Pope visit us.

rightcolimage Animal Rights Demonstration Staged in Caracas

World Animal Day was celebrated this past Sunday, October 4. In Caracas, hundreds of people rallied next to their pets to demand respect for animal rights. The rally began at Bolivar Square to the sound of rock music. (19 photos)

rightcolimage The Case of Trump and Sanders

Over the past few years, certain developments in the United States reveal that the country’s electorate is disillusioned with traditional politicians, be these Republican or Democrat, and that support for candidates who offer true change is growing.

rightcolimage Benny More and Frank Sinatra Meet at Havana Concert

Last Sunday, Cuban singer Augusto Enriquez shared the stage with the Canadian jazz band The Back Alley Big Band for a concert titled “Frank Sinatra Meets Benny More”, held at Havana’s Karl Marx Theater. The concert was part of the ongoing Les Voix Humaines festival.

rightcolimage My Uncle Came to Visit from the United States

My uncle left six years ago and came to visit a some days ago. He came with his wife, who’d managed to leave Cuba only a year ago, through the family sponsorship process. They had come to visit their relatives here

rightcolimage Cuba: A Quick Guide to Contemporary Art

The exhibition titled Nota al pie (“Footnote”) landed in Havana’s Espacio Abierto gallery rather spontaneously. We didn’t have the time normally required for this kind of project, but the proposal seemed attractive to us when curator Carlos Gamez spoke to us about it.

rightcolimage Glyphosate in Cuba

Cancer has been spreading quickly in Cuba for several decades now. In 2012, it became the chief cause of death in the country, and not precisely because the incidence of other causes went down. Today, I want to focus on a poison that has come to settle in our guts: glyphosate.

rightcolimage Old Town Caracas, Venezuela

Though the locals are kind and charismatic, none of its sidestreets are very safe. These photos were taken during an activity organized by the National Photography Center, which made the needed arrangements with the police and residents of the area. (27 photos)