The Final Hidden Face of High Prices in Cuba’s Markets

    Over the last couple weeks, there’ve been several different takes on the topic of the high prices in the markets here versus the scant buying power of most customers. In my view, we’ve yet to recognize the final determining factor in this story.

featuredimage Fidel Jr. Back in the News

Fidel Castro Díaz-Balart, the Cuban leader’s eldest son, met Friday (March 27) in Novosibirsk with the city’s mayor, Anatoly Lokot, and the region’s governor, Vladimir Gorodetsky, to discuss closer relations between Cuba and the region in general and its scientific institutions in particular.

featuredimage A Cuban’s Passion for Photography and Writing

Ariel Maceo Tellez, 28, seems happy when speaking about photography and writing, his two passions in life. “My main motivation was cinema. My main interest was to make films, but photography is more accessible…” (8 photos)

featuredimage Havana’s Maceo Park, Now Without Bars

For many years one of the most famous parks in Havana, Maceo Park, was gated and its periphery guarded with several prohibitions. Now, without bars, the park happily allows free access throughout the day. (18 photos)

featuredimage Colombian Filmmaker Takes Cuban Novel to the Big Screen

Sergio Cabrera was awe-struck by the adventures of Nieve Guerra, the child protagonist of the diary/novel authored by Cuban novelist Wendy Guerra. “Eight years ago, someone gave me a book for my birthday that I enjoyed immensely and moved me to tears.”

rightcolimage Sports Commentary in Cuba

Censorship has spread to so many levels in Cuba that even sports commentary, a type of editorial journalism is caught in the same, ridiculous straightjacket that constrains political or specialized journalism.

rightcolimage Cuba Reserved Its Telecommunications Industry for the United States

A year ago, when the Cuban government issued a new foreign investment law that benefitted foreign companies interested in investing on the island, some people wondered whether the information and telecommunication industries…

rightcolimage Neighborhood “CDR” Meetings in Cuba

“We’ll be holding a meeting to nominate our candidates next Wednesday, at the market corner,” the chair of the Committee for the Defense of the Revolution (CDR) tells me as she opens the gate of her house. “Can I count on you to go?” she asks

rightcolimage Cuba’s Public Health Policy: Past Present & Future

“Public health in Cuba is not a priority…,” my public health class teacher had finally said something that brought me back from daydreaming “…it is an obsession”. After two years of clinical work in a Cuban hospital being back in a classroom learning public health theory is somewhere between mind numbing and infuriating.

rightcolimage Those Who Are Leaving Venezuela

Yesterday, I bid farewell to my best costumers: a young couple and their 9-month daughter. I did three photo shoots for them: during her pregnancy, after the baby was born, and later for the child’s baptism.

rightcolimage The Painful Shedding of Colonial Modernity

From the struggles for independence to the present day, the political debate in Cuba has revolved around one question: what path should we follow to put colonialism behind us and insert ourselves satisfactorily into the modern world?

rightcolimage Cuba’s Civil Society Forum is a Joke

When they announced on TV that a Cuban Civil Society Forum was being held in Havana and that panel discussions would take place at Casa de las Americas and Casa del ALBA, I couldn’t help but laugh.

rightcolimage Obama Suggests Making Voting Mandatory

When I read the headline, I thought it was a joke. When I read the entire article, however, I found out it was a serious remark made by President Barack Obama during a speech delivered in Cleveland.