Confessions of a Cuban Living with HIV

    Onin Reyes was diagnosed with HIV six years ago and he doesn’t lose hope that a cure will be discovered for his illness. “I never found out who it was that infected me, I am very aware of the fact the responsibility was mine alone, I should have had protected sex and I didn’t.”

featuredimage The Golden Mile of Old Havana

In the city’s historic center, near the Obispo pedestrian boulevard, you can find the so-called “Golden Mile”, popularly known like this because it is the best conserved part of the city. It is possibly the most important tourist attraction in Havana. (19 photos)

featuredimage Raul Castro’s Son Alejandro Led the Secret Negotiations with the US

Colonel Alejandro Castro Espín, the son of President Raul Castro, was officially the representative of Cuba in the secret negotiation process with the United States that ended with the agreement to open a new stage of bilateral relations, on December 17, 2014, Cardinal Jaime Ortega has just revealed.

featuredimage Cuba: Is Healthcare a Gift or a Right?

Recently, a campaign has been launched to raise Cuban citizens’ awareness of the fact that while medical services have been free ever since the Revolution triumphed in 1959, they cost the government a lot of money.

featuredimage Death Threats in Nicaragua against Indigenous Rights Activist

Lottie Cunningham won’t remain silent. Despite the death threats she’s received, she continues to denounce the inaction of Comandante Daniel Ortega’s government in the face of the invasion of indigenous lands of Nicaragua’s Caribbean region. This situation has left a toll of more than 32 indigenous people murdered since September of 2015.

rightcolimage A Brief Example of Institutionalized Racism in Cuba

While talking to some German socialists in a noisy and touristy cafe on 23rd and O Streets, in Vedado, I watched a policeman in action on the corner of La Rampa cinema, asking to see the ID of passers-by.

rightcolimage Social media: vulgarity and obscenity

Vulgarity is being promoted without signs of stopping; we could even almost say that it is replacing creative or intelligent ideas. Everything is gaining a malicious, cruel tone, not only in depth but in decency too.

rightcolimage Extreme Drought in Cuba, Many Are Unaware

Cuba, reached World Water Day this year suffering one of the most intense droughts in the last 100 years, severely affecting over 80% of the population. Out of the country’s 168 municipalities, 141 are affected and 53 have been declared in extreme drought.

rightcolimage Orgasms, orgasms…

Having an orgasm with love is the perfect combination, a powerful alliance which brings a couple together, as well as other interests, like friendship, children (if you have them) and all kinds of relationships.

rightcolimage “Island”, My Latest Film Project

Once again, with a small camera and a lot of determination to make cinema, I’m taking a risk and making a new movie project, where I shine a light on my own fears, my desire to show what I think and how I see the things around me.

rightcolimage The OAS Does it Again…

Luis Almagro’s obsession against the government of Venezuela has revealed itself during the last few months and shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. His meddling statements are nothing new in the history of the OAS.

rightcolimage Fear of State Security

The moral of this story isn’t my phobia of reggaeton but of the fear that the National Security Agency awakens in nearly everyone here in Dallas. Talking about this subject with Cuban emigres in the US, one of them even told me…

rightcolimage Like a Whisper…

The photo on the tombstone of the family grave had been wiped out a while ago by the natural elements outdoors. Those who saw her didn’t hold back in telling others about how incredibly alive Ariadna’s gaze and smile seemed to be.