Heineken’s Brief Reign in Havana

    Heineken has been the top-selling beer in Havana for some days now. The city’s Carlos III shopping mall, possibly the largest in the country, appears to have no other beer brand in stock, and one runs into the familiar green bottle at every street corner in the capital.

featuredimage Cubans, Destination Ecuador and Beyond

“The objective is getting there to go beyond,” confess Mario and Ismaray, a couple of young Cubans who plan to travel to Ecuador on the first leg of a journey to the United States. After demanding for more than a year a letter of invitation as a prerequisite to allow the arrival of Cubans, the Ecuadorean government on April 1, 2014, again allowed 90-day tourism stays without the need for visas.

featuredimage Cuba and its New Investment Law: From Sustainable Development to Neo-Liberalism

Sustainable development” has been Cuba’s guiding tenet since the publication of the Economic and Social Policy Guidelines of the Party and Revolution in 2011.The concept, assumed as an axiom, does not require any kind of verification – it is an absolute truth.

featuredimage On the Alleged Resignation of Cubans

Some Havana Times commentators and regular contributors have made a habit of inciting Cubans living on the island to express their true feelings about the country’s situation with more sincerity. They don’t understand why a vast majority of people are passive.

featuredimage Conrado Marrero Departs Two Days Short of 103rd Birthday & Baseball Loses its Oldest Survivor

On Wednesday morning (April 23, 2014) Conrado Marrero, 102, passed away quietly in his native Havana, Cuba, marking the end to one of the most celebrated and tenacious baseball lives on record.

rightcolimage World Baseball on Cuban Television

Cuba’s Beisbol Internacional (“World Baseball”) sports show has been on the air for some months now and we have not yet seen one of the many Cuban baseball players now in the major leagues on TV. Mere coincidence?

rightcolimage We Want More Violence (II)

Though I do not have access to the Internet and I am unaware of what ratings say about the interests of the general public, in Cuba I am always exchanging all kinds of information with friends and, without having to go too far, have been able to see that violence is a common denominator in people’s actions.

rightcolimage Cuban Telecommunications and its Problems

Communications have always been a problem in Cuba, and telephone services have been the biggest of the lot. There aren’t enough land and cell phone lines and existing services are inadequate. I won’t go into the causes or name those responsible (we all know who is to blame).

rightcolimage Rights in Cuba are Already Male Rights

Fellow Havana Times blogger and friend Yenisel Rodriguez has just published a provocative piece criticizing the ways in which feminism, gender studies and research on masculinity issues have been developing in Cuba and the world. I would like to share my points of agreement and disagreement with his thesis here.

rightcolimage Cuba: Memories of Endless Underdevelopment

Watching Cuban filmmaker Tomas Gutierrez Alea’s legendary Memories of Underdevelopment (1968) with my son, I somewhat cynically mused that the author of the novella on which the film was based, Edmundo Desnoes, could have said much more on the subject – hell, he could have written a whole saga and even a soap opera.

rightcolimage Relationships in Cuba that Hang by a Thread

Slanting eyes, swarthy complexion, large breasts, wide hips, long hair down to her shapely behind – this is a more or less accurate description of the woman from Santiago de Cuba who has been living in my building for some months now. She didn’t move in by herself – the whole affair smells of a relationship with a foreigner.

rightcolimage Cuba’s Public Transportation, or Discos on Wheels

It’s true: nearly all of us Cubans are music lovers. It’s as though we carried a sense of harmony in our blood. We unconsciously tap our feet if we hear a drum and clap, snap our fingers or tap any nearby object rhythmically to follow the beat of any music we hear.

rightcolimage The Urgent Need to Defend Male Rights in Cuba

Vengefulness and a craving for power are increasingly common among the champions of feminism, such that the struggle for female emancipation begins to engender its own demons: the establishment of reverse prejudices about the masculine and men.