Journalists in Cuba, Bad News and Firings

    The campaign is becoming a bit too extreme. The vice-president of the Cuban Journalists Association, Aixa Hevia, proposes, in not a very subtle way, that the Cuban government throw me out of the country because my journalism makes “decent” Cuban citizens feel uncomfortable.

featuredimage A Cuban’s Ultimate Battle to Win the Streets

Before entering his first bout of unconsciousness, Guillermo Farinas reiterated the magnitude of the problem: “It’s time to unite, to take to the streets and protest against all of the atrocities committed by this government.” Foto: Adalberto Roque/Getty Images

featuredimage A Case of Zika in Havana

Several times the local polyclinic was informed that it was impossible to live like that. The whole shebang changed when the first case of Zika was reported on the block and all the imaginable government agencies showed up. (11 photos)

featuredimage A Papier-Mache Tribute to Elderly Cubans

Cuban artist Georgina de la Cruz: “I wanted to make a point about the fact that we seniors still exist, we still make up a part of this world, this country, this city, and we still have a lot to offer, in all respects.”

featuredimage Black and Counter-revolutionary in Cuba?

I regularly read the articles written by my fellow writer, Elio Delgado Legon, who adds a touch of humor to this website for many of its readers. In his latest post, Elio classifies the hunger strike carried out by Guillermo Farinas as a “business”.

rightcolimage Is This a Good Time for Cubans to Invest?

Juan Triana is an intelligent analyst, bold and well educated in his field: the Cuban economy. Moreover, he is a very charismatic communicator; you enjoy reading his work. However…

rightcolimage New Times in Venezuela

The last bit of soap falls from my hands into the sink hole and I say a few curses under my breath, without being in too much of a bad mood, because I’d used the last bit of my annual quota of grief the day before.

rightcolimage Street Children: a Disgrace for Humanity Nonexistent in Cuba

During a cold winter in the Southern hemisphere, in 1973, I was in Santiago de Chile and I would watch, from the window of the hotel I was staying at, a group of children huddle around a bonfire.

rightcolimage Cuban Labor Board Declares My Appeal “Unfounded”

Even though I was almost sure that the Labor Board would rule against me – a certainty based on the good vibes I got from the Oral hearing – I wasn’t sure I wanted to drag out the appeals process…

rightcolimage A Birthday Not to Remember

In Cuba, the service of having your birthday cake made when the special date arrives, which I remember from when I was a little girl, continues to endure even today.

rightcolimage Havana’s Rex Cinema

The wretched state of the Rex Cinema, on San Rafael Boulevard in downtown Havana, doesn’t stop me from seeing it and what it once was, with super comfortable seats and excellent air conditioning.

rightcolimage Central Havana through the Eyes of a Knight

If a knight from Medieval Europe, knocked down in one of those silly tournaments, were to suddenly wake up sunken in a bedframe without a mattress in a hot poky little room where the sun of Central Havana…(54 photos)

rightcolimage Madonna Disappoints Her Cuban Fans

On the morning of August 16th, the Queen of Pop’s birthday, I received several calls and emails from friends confirming the fact that the star was visiting Cuba.