Cuba’s Population Longs for Effective Participation

    San Antonio is the town where everybody longs for water. The story goes way back, so much so that Dany Rivera Pelaez, who has lived all of her 54 years in that small town, can’t remember a day that she didn’t collect it.

featuredimage Super Luxury Hotel Opens in Havana, Cuba

The Gran Hotel Manzana, the first five-star plus hotel in Cuba, opened its doors Monday in Havana operated by the Swiss company Kempinski, which considers the facility its “point” of entry to the Americas. The hotel is owned by the Cuban Armed Forces.

featuredimage Cuba: Political Communication in the Post-Fidel Era

For half a century, Cuba’s political communication remained exclusively in the hands of the talented Fidel Castro, a brilliant public speaker who used public squares as a platform to popularize ideas, legitimize actions and win over followers.

featuredimage Wendy Guerra Stays in Cuba and Writes Banned Novels

Cleo is a young poet who lives in Havana, a writer under suspicion. State Security and the Ministry of Culture believe that her success has been built by “the enemy” as a weapon of destabilization, a CIA invention. However, some intellectuals living in exile believe Cleo is actually a spy for Cuban intelligence services.

featuredimage Why I Left Cuba, My Life in Costa Rica

I received a message on Facebook, it was from a Cuban in exile in San Jose, Costa Rica, who was asking me to give him an interview so that the world could know a little bit about his life and what he claims was his life in Cuba. We meet Lester Sosa Gattorno, a 37 year old Cuban who is now living in Costa Rica.

rightcolimage My Trip to Prague, Writing from Cuba

Writing a regular diary in Prague was difficult for me. The peculiarities of the video journalism course, my encounter with the city, with the Internet and with the Czech people filled my 24 hours to the full.

rightcolimage One More Step Towards an Animal Protection Law in Cuba

Just a week ago, the Cuban Association for the Defense of Animals called for a collection of signatures rejecting the crime that took place in Manzanillo. Almost 2,000 signatures were collected in just six days and there are still people who are interested in signing the petition so that animal abuse becomes a punishable crime.

rightcolimage Faggots and Homophobes

They are called faggots, pussies, chickens, crazies… but these are all derogatory names. Calling a man a “faggot” is the worst insult you can give him. And that’s because homophobia is as deeply-rooted and entrenched as machismo itself.

rightcolimage My Second Trip to the Czech Republic

On May 4th, I traveled to the Czech Republic for the second time. This time, I had been chosen to take part in a workshop, along with five women, about the issue of women’s rights today, their social empowerment, where another vulnerable group was also introduced, the LGTBI community.

rightcolimage Where I’ve Been of Late…

It’s been a while now since I’ve written something for Havana Times; and I wouldn’t write anything if its editor, a personal friend of mine, hadn’t kept on asking me to. The first thing that comes to mind to tell you is, well, precisely why I stopped writing.

rightcolimage Friendship and Trust in an Old Song

When we said goodbye, she left a crayon mark on the side of my face. An hour or so before all I did was go up to the bar, where she was already standing in front of me. Surprised, I explained that I was only running away from the rain.

rightcolimage Mainstream Media Silence about Cuba

The so-called Great Western Press, that is to say, the most influential in the United States and in other developed and not so developed capitalist countries, regularly echo news and articles that offer an absolutely distorted and lying image of Cuban reality.

rightcolimage Havana Residents Protest Cruelty against Puppy

In response to the brutal video that has become viral, where two Cubans – in Manzanillo to the east of the country – set a puppy on fire, signatures have been collected that will accompany a letter to President Raul Castro.