Cuba Book Fair Visits in Pictures

    Today, I went again to San Carlos de la Cabaña fortress, permanent seat of the International Book Fair of Havana, the perfect setting to take pictures of the annual event, which although it has other venues, has a special air. (33 photos)

featuredimage In Cuba Most Small Businesses Are Still Illegal

Mairim founded a job center for the self employed, which links owners to employees. However, what she’s doing is still illegal, like most other forms of professional self-employment. Likewise, freelance work, which is so common in the rest of the world, isn’t officially recognized in Cuba.

featuredimage Reviewing the Irish President’s Trip to Cuba

Irish President Michael D Higgins concluded his three day State visit to Cuba on Saturday. On the final day he went beyond the protocol and met with a group of independent journalists and opposition political activists.

featuredimage Varadero, the Other Country Inside Cuba

Living on Varadero beach for a while was a really comforting and rewarding experience, but a little sad at the same time. It was 1995 when my father and I arrived at this beach resort, him with his accordeon, and me with a guitar in my hands.

featuredimage Cuban Gov. Tries to Promote More Births

Cuban authorities have finally began to crawl and take their first steps in the face of a discouraging landscape which is on the horizon with an island full of elderly people given the country’s low birth rates and the rise of walking sticks, walkers and wheelchairs on every street corner.

rightcolimage Pro-immigrant Demonstration in Dallas

On Saturday there was a march in Dallas, Texas, against recent executive measures affecting immigration. I witnessed an environment loaded with energy and fury; mockery and caricatures of Donald Trump (10 photos)

rightcolimage A Drone in Front of Saratoga Hotel and One of My Friends

A few days ago, when I was on my way to work, I passed by the Saratoga Hotel entrance and found a right ruckus, the kind that forms when people get together in any city to see something they’ve never seen before or something new…

rightcolimage What I Liked Most at the Book Fair

I found out about them from a leaflet a HT colleague sent me and thanks to the adoption network they’ve created on the internet, I was able to put Pangur up for adoption, a pussycat I took off the street. Now, they are helping me to spread the image of a puppy my son and I saved after he was hit by a car.

rightcolimage Valentine’s Day at Boarding School

I don’t know why, but every time February 14th rolls around, I think about my preuniversity years. It might be because every time an important date like this one came about, the boarding school took on a new energy and broke away from our routine.

rightcolimage A Unique Havana Wedding Performance

We’re united by the same desire to open up people’s eyes, those people who in the 21st century still don’t understand that human beings, all of us, are individual beings and therefore, different, both in the way we think and our sexual preferences, the way we dress. (10 photos)

rightcolimage There Is Hope Here in Cuba

The truth that Cubans don’t dare to publicly speak in their own country, has been continuously manifested in an exodus which has lasted just as long as the Cuban Revolution has.

rightcolimage Today on Valentine’s Day, I Remember Him…

Lovers and friends come together to celebrate February 14th. They get presents ready, there are invitations in the air… but as I’m no longer in love, I don’t even worry, although sometimes I remember a relationship I had with a 17 year old boy when I was 24.

rightcolimage We Can’t be Naive in the Face of a Neoliberal Attack

When we read certain international press, which responds to US Imperialism’s interests, we can immediately sense the counter-revolutionary stench, which is disguised as progressive and even socialist a lot of the time, trying to give us the magic formula to “save Cuba from an economic disaster.”