Will Havana Taxi Drivers Up the Ante?

    Getting to work or going home is a daunting task in the Cuban capital. The matter is not new; it has only been aggravated since on February 8 the provincial government made public lower fares and strict enforcement measures for private collective taxi drivers. (28 photos)

featuredimage Potatoes for Sale Mobilizes People in Havana

This past Friday, potatoes started being sold, from the 2017 harvest, under the control of the rations booklets, a first round of 4 pounds per person. In the face of not having a better supply, the majority of people appreciate the government’s offer and hour by hour the human rush to every appointed state-run sales point increased.

featuredimage The Specter of Xenophobia in Cuba

I do not personally know Fernando Ravsberg but we share more than one thing. Within the current landscape, where there’s been more than enough insults and low blows, I feel the need to talk about these ties. Just like Fernando, I too am an immigrant. And there is nonsense which needs to be put in check before it transfigures into something commonplace.

featuredimage Tribute to Margaret Randall at Casa de las Americas, Havana

For those of us who didn’t know her before, she could have been just another leftist, caught up in the stir of the early years of Cuba’s revolutionary victory. However, after listening to her friends speak about her and reading the book “Change the world”, you get another impression about her.

featuredimage How Tourism to Cuba is Often Promoted

The typical tourism promotion for Cuba includes cigars, rum, cuisine, pristine beaches, music, dancing and attractive people of both sexes.

rightcolimage New Cuban Museum of Dissent Proposals

The Cuban Museum of Dissent has been showing off its renewed website over the last few days, where it begins the programming of its transitory exhibition and its blog.

rightcolimage How Do Tourists See Cubans?

It’s understandable that tourists who visit us (if they don’t just want the postcard that Cuba sells them) want to meet some native Cubans, talk in a pleasant space and listen to opinions firsthand, as it’s impossible to get to know the country in just a few days.

rightcolimage Cuban Emigres: Happy, Maladjusted or Stuck

Life changes for all emigres, for better or worse. You can see this in a friend of mine, who has just come back to visit his family, just by looking at him, his transformation has been huge.

rightcolimage The Goodness of Communism

It seems to be some kind of historic law that wherever a movement for concentrating power arises, the extreme opposite is also born: calling for redistribution, leveling out and socialization.

rightcolimage The Cuban Revolution’s Altruism

The Cuban Revolution is about selflessness, altruism, solidarity and heroism, four fundamental characteristics that its historic leader expressed when he announced the Concept of Revolution on May 1, 2000, before hundreds of thousands of Cubans.

rightcolimage Vinales Isn’t a Paradise for Everyone

All of a sudden, for work reasons, my trips to Pinar del Rio no longer have that young guerrilla spirit of camping out in the mountains and eating snacks. Now, I have been going to places which I couldn’t afford out of my own pocket: rentals, restaurants, cafes; where everything is paid for in CUC. (8 photos)

rightcolimage Pro-immigrant Demonstration in Dallas

On Saturday there was a march in Dallas, Texas, against recent executive measures affecting immigration. I witnessed an environment loaded with energy and fury; mockery and caricatures of Donald Trump (10 photos)

rightcolimage A Drone in Front of Saratoga Hotel and One of My Friends

A few days ago, when I was on my way to work, I passed by the Saratoga Hotel entrance and found a right ruckus, the kind that forms when people get together in any city to see something they’ve never seen before or something new…