featuredimage Conceiving Cuba’s Social and Economic Model

It’s been a few days now since the 32-page tabloid detailing the conceptualization of Cuba’s social and economic model and the National Plan for Economic and Social Development through 2030 has been on sale at Correos de Cuba stands. I bought it straight away and read it..

featuredimage Old Havana Is Getting Older

Sometimes the days I spent in Cuba seemed long, sometimes too few. After four years without visiting Havana I had a desire to walk the streets of Old Havana, taking pictures with my own camera for the first time. (42 photos)

featuredimage Twenty-First Century Parasites

¡Comrades in the struggle for 21st Century Socialism: Commander Chavez will inspire our struggle! And at the same time, he can still give us something to eat…

featuredimage Nicaragua’s “Nobel Prize for Water”

Pedro Alvarez didn’t have balloons. Unlike the rest of the kids on the street who were throwing water balloons, Pedro could only find his grandfather’s linen handkerchief to play with. He thought he could catch water in the piece of cloth and throw it like the other kids did with the rubber balloons. To his surprise, the water ran right through the handkerchief. Unbeknownst to him, at only five years old, Pedro had filtered the water that came out of the faucet. Nowadays, he does the same thing; only now, instead of linen, he uses nanotechnology.

rightcolimage Women in the Cuban Countryside

For an urban woman fed up of the city, its noise and pollution, living in the country can seem like a beautiful alternative. However, it took just a few days of visiting and living with some rural families to realize that rural life isn’t all a bunch of roses; much least for women.

rightcolimage Girls or Barbies

I live in the same building as two little girls who are both modern just like their mothers. These darlings are around 4 years old and even though they’re from the same family and live in the same apartment, they’re being brought up very differently.

rightcolimage My Trip to Lima, Peru

From May 15-20, I was in the Peruvian capital to attend an Advanced Course in Investigative Journalism offered by the IPYS (Institute of Public Relations and Society), which is directed by the prestigious Peruvian journalist Ricardo Uceda.

rightcolimage Cuba’s Greatest Problem

A person I hold in high regard recently expressed: “Cuba’s main problem is the Wet foot/ Dry foot Policy. Because of it, we Cubans feel like we aren’t responsible for changing for what negatively affects us in our own country. We resolve everything by jumping into the sea.”

rightcolimage I Finally Have a Mobile Phone

I’m glad to say it, but it also worries me and scares me, because having a mobile phone in Cuba is a luxury and not a necessity. Many of you will know how much a mobile phone actually costs here in our country…

rightcolimage The Cuban TV News

Since I was a little girl, I’ve been forced to watch the official National News on Cuban TV. “You have to be informed,” my father used to say; “we should know what is going on in the world so nobody can fool us,” my mother used to add.

rightcolimage “Venezuela’s sinking… clap clap”

It’s been quite some time since I last felt like writing. I feel like it’s the closest thing to rolling around in a pile of shit. I hope you’re not offended by my language, including the editor who I hope doesn’t censor me. But it’s a lot more honest than beating around the bush.

rightcolimage From the Room Next-Door

Bárbara was my schoolfriend and neighbor, and because she didn’t have any brothers or sisters, we shared a lot together: we loved listenening to music, playing ludo, talking for hours on end and watching films.