The Havana Malecon Is Lonely

    The Havana malecon seawall is solitary. The avenue is empty and its wall is guarded by police to avoid any accident. Hurricane Irma caused great damage to its foundations and huge craters are seen on its sidewalks. Meanwhile, the neighbors are recovering from that fatal catastrophe. (16 photos)

featuredimage Hurricane Maria Slowly Exits Puerto Rico, Approaches the DR

The center of hurricane Maria is now just off the coast of the northwestern tip of Puerto Rico as it approaches the northeastern corner of the Dominican Republic. The system caused major but still undetermined damage as it engulfed the whole of Puerto Rico, where hurricane or tropical storm conditions remain throughout the country.

featuredimage Cuba’s Response to Hurricane Irma Puts “America First-ism” to Shame

In the wake of the incredible destruction wrought by Hurricane Irma, Cuba has sent 750 doctors and medical professionals to other Caribbean islands to assist with rescue efforts. Cuba itself has been devastated by Irma, with 10 deaths already reported and dramatic images of a flooded Havana; this, despite the fact that the capital was not the hardest hit area of the island.

featuredimage Will the US Really Close Down its Embassy in Havana?

The US government has said that it is studying the possibility of closing its diplomatic headquarters in Havana as a result of the mysterious “Death ray” device, a sonic weapon which would only exist in Cuba and only leaves North American diplomats deaf.

featuredimage Disasters Like Irma Demand a New Focus for Cuba

Cuba has the best Civil Defense system in the region and that makes it a model to follow. However the combination of very low wages, the poor state of housing in the country, and the lack of proper building materials and codes, has meant a constant repeat of recovery efforts.

rightcolimage Hurricane Irma in Alamar and Cojimar

The myth that we are very prepared for these kinds of events here in Cuba has clouded Cuban people’s judgements. We are used to suffering at the hands of hurricanes and Civil Defense troops, who, with all of the power in their hands, prevent this damage from being worse. (20 photos)

rightcolimage Hare, you’ll pay for this… Maduro apparently said

The title of this article won’t go unnoticed by the Cuban people, at least no Cuban who was born before the ‘90s. This was the end phrase of every cartoon episode which we knew as “Deja que te coja” (Let him catch you).

rightcolimage What Hurricane Irma changed…

Like the majority of Cubans, I locked myself up in my apartment while Hurricane Irma swept through, listening to the wind beat against the window and trying to find out where this weather phenomenon was and its impact by listening to the station Radio Reloj.

rightcolimage Proposal to Help the Cuban People

As a result of the serious damage that Hurricane Irma has inflicted on our country’s infrastructure, it’s imperative that the government keep the Cuban people’s needs in mind. Here are some suggestions.

rightcolimage Vandalizing Cuban State Property

Something is about to happen in the Colon neighborhood, there’s a certain smell of recently mixed paint. You can hear discreet footsteps at night. People don’t understand why they are gathering here in this area, but there they are…

rightcolimage Irma and I

A friend who knows me well, who knows that I collaborate with Havana Times and knows that I am more inspired by personal experiences than any interesting news item, says: “Rosa, write something about Irma’s passage through Guantanamo.

rightcolimage How I See Cuba after Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma is already history and many stories could be written about destruction and devastation However, the Cuban people’s characteristic solidarity came swiftly and was manifested in many different ways…

rightcolimage First Cuban DotA (Defense of the Ancients) Tournament kicks off

Backed by Cuba’s Electronic Sports Group), the qualifying rounds of the first DotA tournament began on the weekend of September 2-3. Originally, it was planned that the next groups would continue playing on September 9-10, but with the sudden appearance of Hurricane Irma…