featuredimage Havana’s Ameijeiras: Hospital or Wholesale Yard?

Havana’s Ameijeiras Hospital looks like an enormous wholesale yard selling building materials. The employees of the company repairing the building offer to sell just about anything, from cement to wash basins – all new and top quality, claim the would-be vendors.

featuredimage Cuban Retiree Suggests Re-Printing Fidel Castro’s “Predictions”

A respectable elderly gentleman is enjoying his retirement in Cuba’s city of Sancti Spiritus in a very peculiar manner. Aramis Arteaga Perez says that, since retiring, he has spent the better part of his free time (which, we can assume, is all the time) re-reading speeches, interviews, reflections and articles by and with Fidel Castro over time.

featuredimage I Love the Light of Cuba

This is a collection of photographs from HT reader Bruce Henderson from a recent trip to Cuba. We welcome other readers to send in their pictures for publication. (24 photos)

featuredimage Cuba: Giving Up Revolutionary Pleasures

Cuba has entered a new and encouraging stage in the building of a new kind of socialism, a system notably different from that “real socialism” it once tried to force into the relaxed and festive Caribbean spirit of Cubans. What will the Party’s Central Committee do to change the whole range of tastes that are deeply rooted in the revolutionary, austere and nearly ascetic spirit they claim took hold of Cubans’ collective desires after the revolution?

rightcolimage Climate Change, or How They’ll Discipline Cubans Once Again

This past July, the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) published its much-awaited State of the Climate report. Below is a summary of its findings along with some of the risks posed to Cuba.

rightcolimage Sometimes No One Is To Blame

The widespread tendency to blame the government for all the bad things that happen to us may be owed to having lived – for many years – in a social system filled with obstacles where some leaders take advantage of their positions to live comfortably.

rightcolimage An Incident in Havana Worthy of the Gutter Press

It was Monday – Monday, July 13, to be more exact. It was 9 pm, the time the cannon at Havana’s La Cabaña fortress is fired nightly…but, this time around, a gun was also fired. The incident I’m about to describe isn’t fictional, it’s real life.

rightcolimage Time Has No Value in Cuba

Because of the dysfunctional nature of our society, the majority of Cubans do not appear to value time. They waste their own time and force others to squander theirs. It doesn’t matter how severely this affects people…

rightcolimage The Journey from Mina Carlota to San Blas

Our column stayed in Mina Carlota in the Escambray Mountains for 10 days. Soon after arriving at this camp, Major Anastasio Cárdenas left with troops to attack the Trinidad barracks. The next day, news arrived of his death in combat and of the operation’s failure.

rightcolimage Nothing Else Means Nothing Else

“Cuba is one, endless summer.” This old saying, though a bit hackneyed, happens to be true, particularly towards the country’s eastern end, where low temperatures are more and more rare.

rightcolimage Cuba: A Pact with Loneliness

My friend Ines is going through a life crisis. She feels there’s no sense in carrying on. Nothing works out for her, she’s not happy at work or home and a recent breakup has shown her she has no real friends. She says she only has me.

rightcolimage “She Likes Gasoline”: On Latin America and the Coming Energy Crisis

Over the past ten years, reggaeton singers have changed the idea we’d long had about Latin American music. Their music videos are full of adrenaline, aggressiveness, sexual arousal, speed, fast motorcycles, sport cars, luxurious yachts and lascivious young men. One of Daddy Yankee’s popular pieces (where the title of this post comes from) offers us a clue as to the underpinnings of all this.