The Cuban Migrant Crisis on Stage One

    On Tuesday the foreign ministers of eleven countries including all of Central America plus Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico and Cuba, meet in the capital of El Salvador to try to find a solution to the Cuban migrant crisis affecting all the nations on the route from Ecuador north to the United States.

featuredimage Mexican Mythology Figures on Display in Havana

The character that brings to life Travesias de Xico en Latinoamerica (“Xico’s Travels Through Latin America”), an exhibition that opened at Old Havana’s San Francisco de Asis Square after touring other countries in the region, can be traced back to Mexican mythology. (10 photos)

featuredimage Why Has The Left Become a Difficult Problem For Cuba?

What we have witnessed fifty-six years after the revolution is that, in effect, Cuba has definitively ceased to be a viable solution for the left (so much so, that all measures aimed to “update” Cuba’s economic model have a markedly neoliberal slant and continue to support State monopoly).

featuredimage Young Cuban Jazz Musicians Show Their Stuff

The eighteenth edition of JoJazz International Festival dedicated to young talents began in Havana on November 19th and continues through Sunday the 22nd. (9 photos)

featuredimage Zoilamérica Ortega: “No girl close to Daniel Ortega is out of harm’s reach”

Following news of the sexual abuse and rape charges brought against the country’s leader by Elvia Junieth Flores Castillo and Patricia Jeannette Ortega Prado, Zoilamérica Ortega Murillo, the adoptive daughter of Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega, decided to offer statements describing the sexual abuse she claims she suffered at the hands of the man who raised her and continues to be married to her mother, Rosario Murillo.

rightcolimage Cuba’s Patron Saint, Watch Over Cubans Everywhere

For one reason or another – and through one means of another – several of my young cousins, nearly all of my friends from university (most of them close friends), some neighbors and even acquaintances from my junior and senior secondary days have left the country.

rightcolimage Is it a Crime to Go for a Walk with a Foreigner in Havana?

I still haven’t managed to let go of the anger or overcome the surprise. While strolling down a street in Old Havana next to a foreign friend of mine, a police officer stopped me to ask me the most ludicrous questions I’ve heard.

rightcolimage Illustration Biennale Closes at Gallery in Alamar, Havana

The 10th Los Puentes Illustration Exhibition closed this past November 19This biennale gathers visual artists who wish to exhibit works related to published literary pieces and/or that could be used to illustrate these. (16 photos)

rightcolimage The Third Time Was Not the Charm

These days, I’ve been recalling a two-part post I wrote for Havana Times, titled Cuba’s Horizontal Gravity. I’ve also been thinking about this force that restricts our movement across the world, not unlike the physical force that tethers us to the Earth.

rightcolimage A Call to Break the Silence

They say that Cuba’s Citizen Insecurity apparatus – i.e. State Security – has threatened to put an end to the Sunday rallies organized by a group of government opponents. Could we be about to witness a kind of (less intense) Black Spring?

rightcolimage My Warring Havana Neighbors

It’s said that what a writer sitting in front of a blank page needs is for his muse to come down and inspire him. I don’t put much stock in that. What I personally need to write a good story is absolute peace and quiet.

rightcolimage On The Crisis of Cinema

It’s becoming more and more difficult to find a movie I like these days. Comedies – at least the kind of US comedies we get here – seem only to compete in terms of vulgar, obscene and scatological jokes.

rightcolimage The Weapon of Disinformation in Cuba

Once again, I was able to see how the government manages to keep people quiet and prevent them from questioning their predicament or demanding their rights. This isn’t accomplished at gunpoint, no. They use a different weapon: disinformation.