Fidel Castro Says He Doesn’t Trust the USA

    Former President Fidel Castro, 88, said today in a public letter that he “does not trust US policy,” but supports the approach taken by his brother Raul, the current president, reported dpa news.

featuredimage Cuba: 20 Years of Services for People in Crisis

The year was 1995. The Cuban economy was in shambles, and so were people. Suicide figures skyrocketed, until we were seeing more than 2 thousand cases every year and the phenomenon became a statistically significant cause of death.

featuredimage The Dream of Cuba, Cuban Dreaming

There’s talk of an island about to wake up, a people who have managed to sleep through encroaching capitalist globalization. Starry-eyed accounts of Eisenhower-era Buicks and Chevrolets barreling down pot-holed highways and billboards proclaiming socialist slogans.

featuredimage High-Level US-Cuba Meeting Ends

Roberta Jacobson and Josefina Vidal, diplomats from the United States and Cuba, respectively, decided to begin talks a day earlier than planned. After more than fifty years of confrontation, they decided to have dinner together at a private residence.

featuredimage Deciding the Future of Cuba

On several official occasions, the Cuban leadership has made mention of the so-called “Conceptual Bases of Cuba’s Socialist Economic and Social Model,” without going into these in any depth. From what we can infer, the government has set up a number of mysterious commissions now working on whatever it is they understand by this.

rightcolimage Voodoo Traditions on Display at Havana’s Fayad Jamis Gallery

Luna Nueva (“New Moon”), an exhibition by visual artist Camilo Fis, opened at the Fayad Jamis Gallery in Alamar on the 17th of the month, almost coinciding with the lunar phase referred to in the title. (39 photos)

rightcolimage Against the Stereotype of the illegal Immigrant in Cuba

I once saw ethnologist Miguel Barnet, Chair of the Association of Cuban Writers and Artists (UNEAC), in a bout of ill-intentioned perplexity. He was giving the opening speech for a social sciences symposium that addressed the issue of illegal settlements in the capital.

rightcolimage Cuba’s “Weekly Package” and its Television

What people look for in the “package” is variety: people choose what they want to watch. There may be a lot of trite stuff in it, but one can also find interesting documentaries, the occasional film with artistic merit, etc.

rightcolimage The Free United States I’d Like to Visit

Now that relations with the United States have been re-established, I’m going to hop on over there the first chance I get. I feel a mixture of hatred and love for that country. Let me tell you explain.

rightcolimage Cuba: A Change in Mentality

“We have to wait and see how things develop,” some people are saying down here. This is very true, because the mental and economic infrastructures developed in the course of more than fifty years cannot be changed overnight.

rightcolimage Venezuela’s Maduro Now Scheduled to Make His Annual Report Today

If President Maduro is hoping to make people lose all confidence in his government, it is one of the things he is doing quickly and successfully. He has postponed his Annual Report for 2014 a second time. Now it is reset for this afternoon.

rightcolimage 1,782 Kilometers from Havana

Mexico City smells of tortillas. Havana smells of newspapers moistened with urine and dried in the sun. Different cities. I arrived in Mexico on the 26th of July last year. I left the “homeland” on its “Day of National Rebelliousness”.

rightcolimage How US Citizens Can Travel to Cuba Now!

Here’s some good news for United States citizens wanting to travel legally to Cuba. Even though US based airlines still have not hashed out their plan of operations on the island don’t let that stop you from going as soon as you feel fit. There are many ways to do so.