Cuba Rent Car, a Reason to Never Go Back

    Car rental companies buy a car for 8,000 USD and then rent them out to tourists for two years, raking in approximately 50,000 USD and then they sell them on the national market for 40,000 USD. Renting out 1000 cars brings in 80 million USD every two years.

featuredimage Cuba and North Korea Strengthen Close Ties

North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Yong-Ho met in Havana with his Cuban counterpart Bruno Rodríguez on Wednesday as the two countries reiterated their mutual support and rejection of foreign interference in their internal affairs.

featuredimage Havana Film Festival Preview

Cuba will be one of the countries with the greatest number of movies at this 39th edition of the Havana Film Festival and it will compete with two fiction feature films this year. Los buenos demonios by Gerardo Chijona and Sergio y Serguei by Ernesto Daranas.

featuredimage Havana from the Waist Down

Of the many ways to photograph people in the Cuban capital Juan Suarez decided to capture people going about their daily business or just hanging out but from the waist down. Here is what he saw. (24 photos)

featuredimage Old Havana Gets a Make-over at 498 Years Old

Works have been stepped up in the run up to the city’s 498th anniversary and they will continue to increase until the 500th anniversary, which will be celebrated on November 16, 2019. (12 photos)

rightcolimage My Neighborhood Candidate Selection Meeting

There was recently a meeting to choose the candidate/s for my district’s representative (el delegado), in my neighborhood of Guanabacoa, one of Havana’s outlying municipalities. Very few people came out for the 8 p.m. gathering, maybe 20 more or less.

rightcolimage Distorted Images: Being a Parent and Remember Back When…

As parents, it’s in our interest to forget how rebellious we were, our hate for school, our getaways, our drifting around. However, everything is born out of something, nothing just happens.

rightcolimage New Abuse of Power against Cuban Artist

If you wanted to make a film about the abuse of power, police violence, totalitarianism, repression and legal vulnerability that exists in Cuba, what happened yesterday to the artist Luis Manuel Otero Alcantara could serve as a good script.

rightcolimage Fidel Castro, a Man Who Never Dies

Fidel Castro is a man who has been defamed and hated by the Revolution’s and socialism’s enemies, but admired and loved by every revolutionary in the world, and respected by those who, even though they aren’t revolutionaries…

rightcolimage In Cuba, Nothing Seems to Change

Roberto is an old neighbor who always talks to me about the same things over and over again. Julio, another old neighbor, repeats the same things to me, and these are the same things that are always going round and round in my head.

rightcolimage The World Doesn’t Have Extremes

I’m sure that Cuba’s experience is already enough to find a path that can make Marti’s dream (“for all and for the well-being of all”) a reality without committing itself to any “-ism” and only using what works, ignoring parts of the world that only check minds and maps.

rightcolimage A Friendly Hand

One day, I was coming back from one of the editions of a Havana Film Festival. I was walking alone back then; I didn’t need anyone to walk through the capital’s Vedado neighborhood, from movie theater to movie theater, backpack on my shoulder…

rightcolimage Good and Bad News for Havana DotA Players

In spite of the first DotA tournament in Cuba, organized by ADEC (Cuba’s eSports Group), being interrupted by Hurricane Irma, it has continued to take place at the Central I.T. Palace in Central Havana.