Cuba’s Energy Initiatives

    Despite Cuba’s interest in reducing its dependence on oil, the island does not currently import electric cars or authorize the use of natural gas as fuel. Currently only 5 % of the energy Cuba consumes is derived from renewable sources. A work group for the promotion of such sources of energy was recently assembled.

featuredimage Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Nobel Author of 100 Years of Solitude Dies at 87

Colombian writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Nobel Prize for Literature 1982 and author of the monumental “One Hundred Years of Solitude”, one of the most translated and read novels in the world, died today at age 87 in Mexico City,

featuredimage Pinar del Rio Wins Cuba Baseball Title

Pinar del Rio won the Cuban baseball championship on Wednesday with a 9-6 win to take their series four games to two before a highly disappointed Matanzas home crowd. Luis A. Valdes was the hero with his sixth inning grand slam.

featuredimage Cuban Artist Tomas Sanchez Shows Works in Cuba after 27 Years

Tomás Sanchez had not had an exhibition in Cuba since 1987. Though some of his paintings were occasionally exhibited in a number of biennales in Havana, there had been no solo exhibitions by the artist since that date. The artist had been blacklisted (his yoga and meditation practices weren’t well seen at the time).(13 photos)

featuredimage Salon Tropical ‘Paladar’ in Santiago de Cuba Is Still Afloat

One of the restaurants in Santiago de Cuba that has survived the many ups and downs of private business on the island is the Salón Tropical. Its owner, Nilda Gil, has managed the place from the start, as best as the rules of the game allowed her.

rightcolimage Cuba: No Country for the Elderly

I was thinking about the inevitable passage of time and, after a very simple calculation, concluded I would turn 50 in 10 years. In 20, if I haven’t died of a heart attack (the main cause of death among men in Cuba), I will have turned 60 and become, as they say, a senior citizen.

rightcolimage Cuba and Modern Technologies of Indiscretion

We’re definitely living in an era in which technology has become an essential part of people’s lives everywhere. The devices, techniques and processes employed in any field and directed towards progress and development, such as portable computers and state-of-the-art cell phones have become something like a fifth appendage for people.

rightcolimage Searching for Cuba’s Mahatma

A political event of huge significance for Cubans will take place in 2018: President Raul Castro will step down, not without leaving someone to his liking (and not so much the people’s) on the throne. We may breathe some winds of change initially, but, as the months pass, the situation will likely get more and more tense.

rightcolimage Sancti Spiritus: A Cuban City Turns 500

One would think the city has been bombed out. Sancti Spiritus, Cuba’s City of the Holy Spirit, will turn five hundred in June of this year, and the heart of its old town has all but vanished. (18 photos)

rightcolimage Violence, a ubiquitous ill

I asked a friend who works in Cuban television to copy me some music videos and movies. I am always on the lookout for new things. When I had a look at the folder in my computer, I saw a film titled Ex-Drummer. I started to watch it, out of curiosity, and every scene was more disgusting than the last.

rightcolimage Troubled Tree Planting in Havana

None of the silk cotton (ceiba) trees I’ve planted as part of the Guardabosques (“Forest Ranger”) initiative I created in 2007 with a group of people concerned about the city’s trees have survived to date. I admit I no longer know what to do about this, as I’ve tried every strategy I’ve deemed appropriate.

rightcolimage Getting By: The Daily Life of the Elderly in Cuba (Part I)

Many a time, when I get up in the morning, I don’t need to look at the clock, for, at exactly 7 am every day, a man who sells bread and invariably walks past my house blows a whistle and yells out: “Bread, come get your bread!”

rightcolimage Will Cuba Get On Line?

The news zigzag their way through Cuba’s online media and down the grapevine. Some say it’s coming, some say it isn’t. It might be this year, there may be plans underway – maybe, we’ll see. In the midst of all this chatter and contradictory news, the arrival of an Internet connection accessible to us simple Cuban mortals seems within sight.