Guantanamo Naval Base Accused of Soil Damage

    According to a Cuban scientist, the Guantanamo Naval Base, operating on territory which the United States has leased from Cuba since February of 1903, is responsible for secondary salinization processes that are affecting soils and preventing adequate draining in the region.

featuredimage A Diplomat Named Raul Castro

For the time being, we are left with the unquestionable foreign policy successes of Cuba’s new president. The contrast with his brother, who appears to be the antithesis of the diplomat, is striking.

featuredimage Cuba’s Goals in Team Sports for the Toronto Pan-American Games

A few days ago, we outlined the goals that Cuba has traced for different individual sports disciplines for the Toronto Pan-American Games, set to take place from July 10 to 26. We now take a look at the country’s most important participating team sports.

featuredimage Cuba, the Pearl of the Caribbean

The pretty girl, no longer so vigorous, though still quite beautiful, slowly returns to the lap of the beloved and hated prince. Since the discovery of America, Cuba has been the coveted bride, the treasure sought by the magnates of the time.

featuredimage “Cuba’s Bureaucracy Sees Popular Participation as a Problem”

In recent years, the legislative sphere has been one of the most active as a result of the transitional process undertaken by Cuba through the “updating” of the economic model impelled by the government. New norms have been established to enshrine popular aspirations that had been postponed for years.

rightcolimage Yoga in Cuba and a World Without Stress is Possible

On June 21, International Yoga Day was celebrated for the first time around the world. Yoga is an age-old system of thought that, through the school that has been most widely accepted and divulged in the West, Hatha Yoga.

rightcolimage The Enemies of the Revolution

Assuming openly counter-revolutionary stances or disguising themselves as left-wingers who claim to want to save the revolution, some people criticize everything in Cuba.

rightcolimage Lonliness and a False Alarm

Who hasn’t felt lonely at one point? Who hasn’t cried over the distance of a loved one, who hasn’t personally experienced the suffering caused by the loss of someone we hold dear?

rightcolimage A Backward Island Prepares to Receive a Homophobic Church

A few months before Pope Francis’ visits Cuba, the island still presents his Holiness with a nation where homosexuals are still unable to enjoy the rights emanating from an institution such as marriage.

rightcolimage Greece Succumbs, the Outcome Was Written

Analysts that believe that the crisis is irreversible due to the global energy decline, predicting a dark future for Greece, were right on target. If politicians and the Greek people had listened to those predictions the path taken would have been different.

rightcolimage My Two Birthdays

Perhaps not many people would believe me if I said I celebrate two birthdays, having been born twice. My first birthday is June 28, 1937, the date I arrived in this world in a sad, poverty-ridden country…

rightcolimage Seduced by a Cuban

My friend Inga was seduced by a Cuban hustler. They met at a party, danced salsa, had drinks, talked for hours and ended up having sex up on the roof terrace. A passionate string of events that left my foreign friend dazzled.

rightcolimage A Public Debate on My Block

The afternoon shined with its most beautiful colors. The kids were playing soccer under the orange light reflected by the framboyan trees that line the street. Their shouting pierced the silence of the block.