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spot eight differences

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  • Daisy Deems

    I will be in Cuba end of June thru July 17th. I want to travel to Santiago for Festival/or carnivals. Can you recommend hotel/for 6 people. I need 2 days triple occupancy 2 rooms.

    Do you know the exact dates of each event?


  • sheryl

    I am thinking of travelling to cuba in late november, i would really like to visit a coffee co-operative, where coffee is processed. Can you recommend one. where would i find out about exporting green coffee from cuba! are there any festivals on this time of the year. many thanks

    • Hector

      Are you serious? You can’t rent a car unless you have some kind of hook ups with the government. Sure they’ll sell it to you but in the end you won’t get the car. Many tourist have had this problem.

      • Circles Robinson

        Hector, your comment is a little misleading. Tens of thousands of visitors rent cars every year in Cuba. It may be expensive but it’s not hard to do, except during the peak seasons when yes overbooking can occur which can be quite annoying if you are the one that doesn’t get the promised car.

      • Guadalupe Salguero

        Hector, I am not a Cuban and therefore I have no connections at all. I was able to rent a car a traveled to three different provinces freely. It happened during a low season. My husband visited Cuba during the high season and it was a different experience. Him and his friends couldn’t rent a car. The circumstances were understood. My husband was disappointed but it never crossed his mind to make up stories like the way you did on your posting. Get your facts first.

  • sheryl

    can you recommend a coffee processing co-operative , farm to visti? what time of the year is the coffee harvests?

  • George

    We will be in Veradero Beach from January 3 to 10. Are there any baseball games in the area and how would we find out about them?

    • the editor

      Dear George, Matanzas, which plays in the city with the same name that is close to Varadero has no home games during the dates you will be there. Your choice to catch a game would be in Havana, Cienfuegos or Sancti Spiritus with games in those three cities on January 4,5,6,7,8,9. For the full schedule visit:
      The home teams run across the top and the visitors in each column.
      Best regards, Circles

  • Andre Turgeon

    !) I will be in La Havana in March for 2 weeks; I like live Cuban band music. Where can i get it ?

    2) What in the best disco in La Havana ? Somebody told me there is a disco named CHE, is it good ?


  • Hector

    I was in cuba last year and a philosophical question arose. Does it matter to have a population that can read if the majority is ignorant? Cuba keeps the people ignorant so there is no real revolution.

    • Kennedy Earle Clarke

      Hector, you were in America; you did not visit Cuba at all. Why are people like you are so biased to admit that there have been great changes in Cuba? The majority of Cubans are ignorant? You are speaking about America where the population are ill informed, where the people cannot think for themselves, where the people do not know anything about world affairs except what CNN, FOX or CBS tells them, they are so brainwashed with the propaganda which is spewed out to them on a daily basis..

  • Communist Bob

    I suspect in every state the majority is ignorant. Literacy is a step in the right direction though. Why are you harassing future visitors to Cuba Hector?

  • john sparre

    hector, i know a country where about a quarter of the population is functionally illiterate, they can read mcdonald`s signs, and most of the population are ignoramuses in spite of the fact that every city has free public libraries. it`s sort of north of cuba. one poll found that 25% didn`t know what important event happened in 1776 and 50% didn`t know who discovered what in 1492. it has 2 main political parties. the right wing party and the right wing extremists.

  • Alán Alán Apurim

    . . . Today 12-07-24 was my discovery and first visit to the HT site by way of a search for articles about our GP-US Presidential candidate, Dr. Jill Stein (I am on the State Executive Committee of the Green Party of Texas). On this “fun” page, I found four differences in the photo-comparison game, then decided to look at the answers diagram of circled differences. It was amusing to me that one of my four findings was missed by the solutions diagram: the ninth difference of the eight listed is that the highest twig of the tree on the extreme right edge of the photo is gone!
    . . . Seriously, I led a student university group “The Cuba Friendship Committee” at the University of Houston during the mid 1990s — we were visited by a mayor of Havana who enlightened us as to the true nature of Cuban politics (mostly young-generation people acting to work for public governmental functions locally) and we were delighted to host the Cuban Women’s Volleyball Team (graceful beauties indeed). This past year Green Party members have worked here in support of Pastors For Peace in their caravans of embargo-busting supplies, and have seen a film about the Cuban people’s heroic inventiveness in escaping dependence on oil as a major energy supplier. I share the ideas expressed by an independent Presidential candidate and personal friend, scientist Harry Braun, for a Solar Hydrogen Economy described at http://Braun2012.US and for a world-wide energy solution of a Lunar-Solar Project to supply every human on Earth with unlimited cheap electricity, proposed by another scientist, Dr. David R. Criswell, at the website
    . . . As a journalist and proofreader, having read the 20-or-so self-descriptions of the Havana Times contributers, I admonish them to differentiate between the hyphen and the dash. A hyphen is usually used to join two words together, for example in a modifying adjective. But confusion arises when Internet writers don’t know the character coding to produce an em dash — the long dash to cause a pause in the flow and set off an idea within a sentence. In literature it frequently is used with no spacing (like—this) instead of “floating” with spaces (like — this), Since they don’t know how to create the dash character (coded as & # 151 ; with no spaces between the six characters), they use a hyphen instead. Some use a double-hyphen, but it can “wrap” at the end of a line. A hyphen can serve as a substitute for a dash IF it is “floated” with spaces separating it from preceding and following words (like – this). I hope the writers will become aware of this necessity for better punctuation.
    . . . “M.A.T.H.A.B.A.” (Meeting Actively To Help All Become Aware),
    Alán Alán Apurim in Houston

  • Nuff said Alan!

  • Fidel

    Gee I wish I had so much fun.

  • Anon

    I don’t get it. what’s different with the shades? Is her eye open in one shot and not the other? As for the card it simply appears overexposed along with the rest of the 2nd photo. Check the colour of the stone and concrete block.

  • Sonya Alvino

    I am visiting Cuba in Mid August – are there any cultural performances scheduled during this period that i can see – ballet, dance, opera, music or any kind? Thank you.

    • editorht

      Dear Sonya, there most surely will be lots of possibilities but actual dates and groups may not be available until later July or the first couple days of August.