Pictures from Camaguey, Cuba

Located in the island’s central-eastern region, Camaguey city is well-known across Cuba for its large clay pots and the way its streets were built, especially the historic center, which can confuse any visitor who comes for the first time. (43 photos)

Yoga in the Streets of Havana

The Polish born yoga practitioner Gosia wanted to show her talent by wandering the streets of Havana and posing in spontaneous fashion among the inhabitants going about their daily routines. (15 photos)

Tourism in Cayo Granma, Santiago de Cuba

In spite of having been born in Santiago de Cuba, I had never had the opportunity to visit Cayo Granma. The idea was always dormant in my mind until my work as a tour guide gave me this opportunity when I took a group of US women. (45 photos)

Painting Workshop for Kids in Baracoa, Cuba

Baracoa is one of the most beautiful cities in Guantanamo province and even though it is surrounded by a lush landscape and clean beaches which provide people with the opportunity to go and visit them and swim in their warm waters, residents in Cuba’s First Town don’t have very many other entertainment options.

The Cuban-German ViaDanza Company

ViaDanza is a Cuban-German dance company, which was founded on March 16th 2010 and is currently being represented by the Actuar Performing Arts Agency which belongs to Cuba’s Culture Ministry. (24 photos)

My Trip to Cuba’s Car Museum

When I was a child, I always wanted to visit the Transport Museum located in Santiago de Cuba. Back then, my hunger to visit this place was fed every summer when we would pass it by on the bus with my relatives and friends on the way to the Playa Sigua beach resort. (21 photos)

My Recent Visit to Santiago de Cuba

The 72 hours I spent in the city where I was born was enough for me to appreciate several positive aspects firsthand about the city’s renovation and transformation work to its buildings, streets and parks. (37 photos)