Tribute to Actress Romy Schneider

HAVANA TIMES — A retrospective tribute to Austrian actress Romy Schnieder (1938 –1982) is taking place these days at the Charlot Videoteca located within the Charles Chaplin Theater building in Havana.

The homage includes a photo exhibition of the filming of several films featuring the actress.

For the opening night of the film showing “Cesar and Rosalie” was presented.

See the Charles Chaplin Theater / Charlot Videoteca calendar for July.

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  • Sins more than 50 Years I am à great Romy Schneider Fan !
    I collect everithing about this great Star !! The last monts I have Visit the Exposition in BONN – GERMANY
    and also BERCHTESGADEN-GERMANY – near Austria !
    I regret but to visit the exposition in CUBA is a little bit to far away for me !!!! Regrets!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Cant y ask you please to send anything on Flyers – Posters – Cards – Folders or anything els from Romy ??!!
    I also have see that there is a nice book ??
    I give you my Adress :
    Greta Springer
    Schijfstraat 50/10
    B-2020 Antwerpen

    • Greta Springer

      Hello I hope that you can do something to send for my somethings for myRomy Schneider Collect!
      Its a little bit to far for me from Belgium to Cuba
      Thank you verry muth!!
      Greta Springer
      Schijfstraat 50/10