Havana’s Most Beautiful Women

Photo feature by Caridad

HAVANA TIMES, Feb 5 — These may well be the most beautiful women in Havana. At least they’re the ones I personally think are the most attractive.

In any case, I’ve already received disagreements, and a line of women even formed in front of my house asking to be photographed for Havana Times – they wanted to be included in this photojournalism spread of course.

Cuban women, too, like things like this, where they have a chance to win in beauty competitions, though here such things are looked down upon — officially — as something that denigrates us.

But what does it matter, even if beauty pageants do end up demeaning beauty (and I agree that they do), how do you really know what a woman looks like under all those layers of makeup or after they’ve undergone cosmetic surgery?

I like to see them like this, natural, as they’re shown here in these photos.

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  • It’s only a personal opinion of course, but the two that strike me most are the young woman in 13/19, and the older woman in 5/19. 13/19 may be the better picture, but the woman in 5/19 is most striking. I’d like to see a photo study just of her, to enjoy her strange, profoundly human charisma. See seems to be right out of a good Kurosawa movie.

  • I like 9 looks to me like Tina Turner but older. I guess because of her hair.