• I like Plaza at Sunset. Outstanding contrast!

  • I liked the House of Polo Montañez very much.

    Bob Cowdery

  • lori stein

    I love Havana Wall because its intriguing. The image really makes you look within…interesting symbology.

  • Michael N. Landis

    I like the open window of Polo Montanez’s house. Windows and doors are symbolic of entering into–and exiting out of–life. Polo “went out the window” too soon, but he left us his music.

  • Michael N. Landis

    Pam Martin’s haunting “Solitude” reminds me of the 1973 thriller, “Don’t Look Now,” where Donald Sutherland constantly pursues what he thinks is the ghost of his (drowned) young daughter–in a red rain slicker–throughout the film.

  • marissa ciccone

    wow, that boys face in the shot by the malecon…what an expression!!

  • Roger Humbert

    I love WOMAN. Great subject and the composition… so dynamic!

  • Pam Martin

    I agree with Marissa – the boy’s expression is priceless! Excellent photography.

  • Pam Martin

    Michael – I’ll have to rent the film!!

  • Michael N. Landis

    A wonderful collection, showing how far the medium has gone. In the hands of someone with talent, the camera is every bit as expressive as the palette and brush. I enjoyed both representational and non-representational (e.g. the flags, the wall) fotos. Although I agree with the judges’ decisions, I feel all had artistic merit.
    Pam Martin, I’m not sure you would enjoy the film. I have a strange sense of humor. Though I won’t spoil it for you, in case you do rent it, without going into particulars the film has a very, err, unexpected–and dark–ending! The subject matter really has little to do with your refreshing–and positive–photo, save for that wonderful fleeting image of the girl in motion in her red rain poncho.

  • Philip

    I love nature so i would have to choose House of Polo Montañez as my favorate. Fantastic picture becasue of the windws.

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