Havana Times Photo Galleries

Charismatic Public Life of Havana featuredimage

There is nothing new about knowing that the rhythms of Cuba’s music are distinct and fantastic. They are played nightly for tourists, but what many visitors miss are the local sounds of the neighborhoods, and it is on the streets where the real pulse of Havana can be found. (19 photos)

Guantanamo’s Legendary Rafting Festival featuredimage

Baracoa, a town in the northeastern corner of Cuba’s province of Guantanamo, is home to numerous cultural and recreational festivals. One of the most important of these was held in early August, in the locality of Toa, named after the largest river in Cuba. (13 photos)

Cuba’s Cayo Coco and Cayo Guillermo featuredimage

We visited the keys north of Ciego de Avila in the resort area known as Jardines del Rey, which includes Cayo Coco and Cayo Guillermo. The popular tourist destination has exuberant vegetation, exotic birds, a colony of pink flamingos, and one of the best beaches in the country, Playa Pilar. (25 photos)

Sprucing up Havana for John Kerry featuredimage

It’s the custom of the Cuban government to fix the streets and paint the facades of buildings where important dignitaries will be driving by during their visits to Havana. On Thursday we captured some of the final preparations for the visit of US Secretary of State John Kerry. (16 photos)

Havana Carnival in Full Swing featuredimage

The 2015 Havana Carnival opened over the weekend in the Cuban capital and will continue on the weekend of Aug. 14-16. Here are some pictures of the festivities that includes groupings of dancers along the Malecon seawall.(20 photos)

Havana Carnival Floats Under Construction featuredimage

Numerous floats under construction can be seen these days along Havana’s Port Avenue, getting ready for the Carnival that begins this coming Friday. Men and women work in the hot sun to rescue the age old tradition. (19 photos)

I Love the Light of Cuba featuredimage

This is a collection of photographs from HT reader Bruce Henderson from a recent trip to Cuba. We welcome other readers to send in their pictures for publication. (24 photos)

A Sport-Filled Summer in Havana featuredimage

It’s a scorching hot day in Havana. One need only go out for a stroll to work up a good sweat. The sun makes its hot presence felt in the Cuban capital, where, despite this, many people continue to practice sports. (31 photos)

US Embassy in Havana Now Open for Business featuredimage

On Monday morning several news media and US and Cuban citizens gathered in front of the newly reopened US embassy in Havana. On August 14, US Secretary of State John Kerry is awaited here to hoist the flag. (21 photos)

The Farmer’s Market on Zanja Ave., Havana featuredimage

A day before the farmer’s market opened, I was talking with a friend and fellow Havana Times blogger about this fair, which is set up on weekends from time to time on Havana’s Zanja avenue, a place where a bit of everything – and particularly food – is sold. (29 photos)