Havana Times Photo Galleries

Cuban Artist Recreates “The Hole” Where Cuban Five Were Held in Isolation featuredimage

During the month of April an unusual installation is showing at the Havana Fine Arts Museum titled “No Agradezcan el Silencio” (Don’t thank the silence) by artist Alexis Leiva Machado (Kcho). (20 photos)

Cuban Artist Tomas Sanchez Shows Works in Cuba after 27 Years featuredimage

Tomás Sanchez had not had an exhibition in Cuba since 1987. Though some of his paintings were occasionally exhibited in a number of biennales in Havana, there had been no solo exhibitions by the artist since that date. The artist had been blacklisted (his yoga and meditation practices weren’t well seen at the time).(13 photos)

Dance in Old Havana Urban Landscapes featuredimage

The 19th International Encounter of Dance in Old Havana Urban Landscapes: City in Movement took place last week in Old Havana with participating artists from 15 countries and the Cuban dance company Retazos as the main hosts. (20 photos)

Sancti Spiritus: A Cuban City Turns 500 featuredimage

One would think the city has been bombed out. Sancti Spiritus, Cuba’s City of the Holy Spirit, will turn five hundred in June of this year, and the heart of its old town has all but vanished. (18 photos)

Dance: 24 Hours and a Dog featuredimage

The result of artistic collaboration and complicity, “24 hours and a dog” has as its starting point the jazz music of Arturo O’Farrill. The Malpaso dance troupe, directed Osnel Delgado, performed it at the end of March, with Osnel’s own choreography. (26 photos)

The Significance of April 9 for Cuban History featuredimage

The history of Cuba is loaded with heroic deeds, episodes in which Cubans have risked their lives to defend the freedom and dignity of their people. The path stretching from the Spanish conquest to our day has been paved with the blood of martyrs. (23 photos)

Havana from the 33rd Floor of Cuba’s Tallest Building featuredimage

The 39-story Focsa building is the tallest in Havana and is located in the downtown Vedado district, a few meters from the malecon seafront. On the 33rd floor is the La Torre bar-restaurant with a tremendous view of the city. (29 photos)

Santiago de Cuba: City of Sculptures featuredimage

In 2010, the city of Santiago de Cuba held its first Public Sculpture Symposium. During the event, Cuban artists and US sculptor Melvin Edwards sculpted pieces which were installed in public spaces around the city. In 2013, the 2nd Symposium included Cuban artists and the works of Japanese artist Yoshida Mitsumasa. (18 photos)

Old Havana’s New Port Ave. Brewery featuredimage

An attractive and modern brewery is now open on the Avenida del Puerto (Port Ave.), in Old Havana, opposite the Paula Church. The tourist attraction is part of the revitalization of the heritage area made possible by the relocation of port activities to Mariel, west of the capital. (22 photos)

Twenty Photos of Santiago de Cuba featuredimage

This photo feature hopes to capture the beauty of Santiago de Cuba, a city celebrated in the couplets and verses of bards and poets. You will see a confluence of different architectural styles, from baroque to neoclassical, a fascinating combination of balconies, enormous windows, colonial buildings and uniquely inclined streets. (20 photos)