Havana Times Photo Galleries

Cuba’s Amazing Soccer Ball Controller (Photo Feature) featuredimage

On October 15, 2016, at the Habana Libre Hotel, Erich Hernandez Sanchez, a world record holder in soccer ball control, broke his own best mark in heading from a sitting position for 40 minutes 2:26 seconds. (13 photos)

Maisí, Cuba after Hurricane Matthew featuredimage

In an attempt to reach each of the settlements and communities in the days following the disaster and learn the status of family and friends, I saw a completely different Maisi than the one I knew since childhood. (18 photos)

Havana Seen from Casablanca featuredimage

From the hill where the Christ statue-park is located, you can see a truly beautiful landscape, making this place a must-see for visitors, both foreigners and Cubans. It is clearly one of the city’s most photogenic places. (10 photos)

The Havana Forest: Beauty Amid Foul Smells featuredimage

At its entrance, where once upon a time there was a stone castle-shaped building, starts a path of odd smells leading into the heart of a jungle where the sun struggles to penetrate through the curtains of green leaves providing beautiful scenery. (15 photos)

Pia’s Magical Hands featuredimage

Pia was seduced by natural colors when she realized she could use them. She used to look closely at pollen, dust clouds, some flowers and dried fruits, mud, certain stalks that trickled out tones when put in water, and charcoal which left a trail beside the path she used to walk along. Especially when she used to rub them against unusual surfaces or exposed them to sun, wind, rain and they took on wonderful shades.(30 photos)

Looks from Guantanamo, Cuba featuredimage

While out on the streets in search for a picture of interest, photographers often suddenly perceive curious gazes that catch our attention and we capture the instant. These are the faces of some young Guantanamo residents taken during some of my wanderings. (12 photos)

Havana and Its Different Architectural Styles featuredimage

Havana is a city with almost five centuries of history, and throughout this time it has accumulated a great variety of different architectural styles. Colonial architecture can be seen in squares, parks and mansions converted into museums in the city’s historic center. (22 photos)

Deep Inside Havana featuredimage

I took another look into the depths of Havana, its people and customs, their problems, the reality of their environment, the city that is dying among its inhabitants. (42 photos)

Consuelo Castaneda’s Art Returns to Cuba featuredimage

Castaneda forms part of this broken up, idealized and controversial group that was the ‘80s generation, subjects of the Renaissance of Cuban Art, those who challenged government institutions and received the heavy price of censorship in exchange. (7 photos)

Havana: Just People featuredimage

I almost always prefer to take photos without preparation, without the person posing or hiding their emotions, characteristics of their personality that they’d prefer not to exhibit before the eyes of everyone else. (16 photos)