Havana Times Photo Galleries

A Look at the Havana Crafts Fair featuredimage

The annual Havana International Crafts Fair (FIART) is taking place at the Pabexpo facility on the west side of the capital through December 21st. The fair is open to the public daily from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. (27 photos)

Havana Film Festival by Night featuredimage

The Havana Film Festival is in full swing with the films being shown from 10:00 am to the early morning hours. We take a nighttime look outside some of the most popular venues at the Riviera, Chaplin, Yara, Rampa and Multicine theaters.(24 photos)

A Visit to the Town of Mariel, Artemisa featuredimage

I recently paid a visit to the municipality of Mariel to meet with an old friend. Currently, Mariel is part of the province of Artemisa (formerly La Habana) and has a population of 42,504 inhabitants. Here are some pictures I took. (17 photos)

Night and Day in Havana, Cuba featuredimage

“I have a milk cow – it is no ordinary cow. She walks down Prado, killing flies with her tail.” (Chorus of a popular Cuban song). It’s nine in the morning and the street-lamps are still on. Has the sun not risen yet? (31 photos)

Another Look at Miramar, Havana featuredimage

The west-laying areas of the Cuban capital break with the architectural style that prevails in other parts of the city. There, we find eclectic mansions surrounded by gardens, well-kept avenues and large supermarkets, a place where the country’s hotel chains have brought about the development of tourism. (28 photos)

Cuba’s 2014 JoJazz Festival Awards featuredimage

The competition of Havana’s JoJazz Festival this year was held in the Avenida theater located in Havana’s neighborhood of Marianao, a small but cozy place that has the acoustics that an event of this nature requires. Here is our photo feature and the list of the winners. (57 photos)

Havana’s “Marabana” Marathon 2014 in Pictures featuredimage

The annual Marabana marathon took place last Sunday with 3,800 participants, including 664 foreigners, aiming for the full run at 42 kilometers, or the half marathon at 21 kms. The action got underway in front of the Capitolio building at 7:00 a.m. (23 photos)

Cuba and Learning to Recycle featuredimage

Despite the existence of a law – passed in 1975 – which establishes that all entities whose productive processes or services generate waste that isn’t re-used in any way must recycle that waste, there is indisputably no habit of recycling among Cubans. The direct consequence of not separating garbage products are people who pick anything of any value out of garbage bins. These dumpster-divers apparently make ends meet this way, to the detriment of the city’s cleanliness and their own health. (30 photos)

New York’s Ballet Hispanico in Havana featuredimage

Havana’s International Ballet Festival treats us to several surprises. Among those during the current event is the presence of the Ballet Hispanico of New York. HT was on hand at their first performance. (30 photos)

Environmental Realities in Havana featuredimage

It is almost impossible to take in a deep breath of fresh air in urban Havana, where the emission of pollutants into the atmosphere can be witnessed absolutely everywhere you go. Elio Delgado Valdes brings us photos of several of the elements that contaminate the city’s atmosphere. (31 photos)