Havana Times Photo Galleries

Virgin of Charity Pilgrimage in Havana featuredimage

The traditional pilgrimage of the Virgin of Charity, Patroness of Cuba, took place on September 8th in the streets of the capital with the assistance of Cardinal Jaime Ortega. Starting at the church of the Virgin of Charity of El Cobre in Centro Habana, the procession wound its way through the streets of Zanja, Reyna and Galiano, accompanied by a large number of people carrying lit candles and images of the virgin. (28 photos)

Habanarte Festival Begins featuredimage

From September 11-21 the Cuban capital is immersed in the first edition of “Habanarte ‘. Sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, the all-encompassing event involves around a thousand Cuban artists of all demonstrations; including music, visual arts, literature, film, dance and theater. (33 photos)

Havana’s Fading Colors featuredimage

Walking around the streets of my Centro Habana and Cerro, I have captured homes of different styles and colors, sorry-looking buildings, sad facades and rubble accumulated at street corners. Less and less of a once colorful city remains. I wonder what this city will look like in 20 years? (47 photos)

Sights from Havana’s Streets featuredimage

Cuba is unquestionably a rapidly aging society. The care afforded the elderly by our welfare system, and the country’s achievements in the field of medicine, serves to prolong the life of individuals. This has led to a phenomenon in which families are often composed of three and even four different generations, making the housing situation more difficult. (29 photos)

Old Havana’s Living Statues featuredimage

“Living” or “human statues” have become a veritable socio-cultural phenomenon in many cities around the world. In Havana, they have been a popular form of street-art for quite some time, particularly in the busier parts of the old town. (36 photos)

A Visit to Quivican, South of Havana featuredimage

I recently visited the town of Quivicán, located 21 kilometers south of Havana. It is one of the 11 municipalities of the new province called Mayabeque and has a population of just over 29,000 inhabitants. Here’s a little of what I saw. (25 photos)

The Holy Art of Photography on the Diabolical Internet featuredimage

I still remember the discussion regarding the Internet my father had with a woman. It was heated, as all my father’s discussions tend to be. I don’t recall – nor does it really matter – what the lady had said, but she had backed an opinion saying she had read about it on the Internet. (12 photos)

Back to School in Cuba 2014-15 featuredimage

The new school year began on Monday in Cuba for students of all ages, from pre-school to university. From the early morning hours students and parents were out on the street heading for the first day ceremonies and orientations. (35 photos)

My Experiences in Beautiful Brazil featuredimage

By a strange twist of fate I am unaware of, my first trip abroad took me to the place I had wished to visit the most. This trip served to confirm something I already suspected: what I like most about Brazil is its sensual language and its boundless music. (26 photos)

Havana’s Prado Promenade featuredimage

In these days of intense heat – when thermometers register temperatures above 30º C – residents of Havana go out in search of places where they can evade the scorching sun. The city’s majestic Prado promenade invites strollers to rest and give in to the day’s weariness. (30 photos)