Havana Times Photo Galleries

An Excursion to Las Terrazas, Cuba featuredimage

The community Las Terrazas is part of a project of Unesco for biosphere reserves. Located on the banks of the San Juan River in the Sierra del Rosario province of Artemisa in western Cuba, the resort offers ecological tourism with lodging and dining options. (24 photos)

Spotlight on Havana’s Vedado District featuredimage

A picture tour of the Vedado district of the capital, its main Street, 23rd Ave., the daily life of its population, buildings and streets that typify it, nights with dim lights and social gatherings into the early morning. Here’s a sampling of this reality. (43 photos)

Dancer Carlos Acosta’s Company at Havana’s Gran Teatro featuredimage

The graceful steps of the members of Danza Acosta, a young dance company founded by Cuban dancer Carlos Acosta, delighted audiences at a premiere performance held on Friday, April 16. Havana Times was present. (14 photos)

Rock ‘n’ Roll and Change Come to Cuba featuredimage

The Rolling Stones’ March 25 concert was more than just historic. The British band was the music of cultural and political protest during the 1960s, while Fidel Castro was eliminating capitalism on the island, seizing private property, ending personal freedom and banning rock ‘n roll. (11 photos)

The Hershey Train of Cuba featuredimage

In Cuba there is always a backdrop to every story. That is both in its physical infrastructure and its systems and markets too. What was one way yesterday may be just the opposite the next. (17 photos)

Last Week in Downtown Havana featuredimage

Ordinary citizens, with no participation in the discussion, will learn what their leaders have designed for the country’s short and long term future in the upcoming VII Communist Party Congress. (22 photos)

Jajo, a curious town in the Venezuelan Andes featuredimage

Though Jajo is no longer the idyllic little town devoid of criminals where I could once have pulled out my camera without worries, it is still not to be compared with other places in Venezuela. (26 photos)

Cuba’s Model Prison and its History featuredimage

At one time, the “Model Prison” located on Cuba’s Isle of Pines (currently Isle of Youth) was the largest prison the island had seen in a century. Its circular design was based on that of a prison located in Illinois, USA. (19 photos)

My Rolling Stones Concert in Havana featuredimage

I decided to get a plane ticket to Havana whichever way I could the same I day the Rolling Stones concert was confirmed on the news. Incredibly, I had the ticket two days later. I was worried my visit would coincide with Obama’s arrival on the island. Luckily, I arrived a day later. (26 photos)

Life in Downtown Havana Photo Spread featuredimage

This Easter Week many thousands of visitors converged on Havana to coincide with both the visit of Barack Obama and the Rolling Stones concert. Independent of these major events, life goes on as usual for many locals. Here’s a glimpse of daily life in areas of downtown Havana. (33 fotos)