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Central Park Havana featuredimage

One of the busiest places in Havana is Central Park. Seated on one of the stone benches, the unique setting makes us visualize a museum of architecture, surrounded by buildings where the ecliptic and classic style harmoniously dialogue… (28 photos)

The Adventures of a Cuban Mistaken for a Tourist featuredimage

On the recent October 10 holiday, I traveled to 26th avenue and boarded a bus that would take me to the very foot of the metal bridge connecting the neighborhoods of Playa and Vedado, separated by the Almendares river. (12 photos)

Santiago de Cuba’s Rum Museum featuredimage

Santiago de Cuba’s Rum Museum is a place no visitor will want to miss. Located at the downtown intersection of San Basilio and Callejon de Carniceria, it is housed by an old, residential mansion built in 1889. The museum affords us a trip across the history of rum making. (27 photos)

Solo Exhibition of Cuban Artist Tomas Oliva featuredimage

The toilet – that intimate and carefully concealed artifact – is brought out from its hiding place by Tomas Oliva and used as a means of expressing different emotions, moods and ideas. (10 photos)

Cuba’s Deja Vu Surprises and Delights featuredimage

Though most who had attended the concert had expected to see a different band play, people were not put off to find that the guest band was Déjà vu on arriving at the gardens of Havana’s Mella Theater on a recent Thursday. (13 photos)

Old Havana Under Repairs featuredimage

Many are the obstacles we must dodge as we head for work or go out for a stroll around the Old Havana. The installation of underground piping began in January of 2013. A large investment to restore this infrastructure using cutting edge technology is being made. (30 photos)

Homes in Miramar, Havana featuredimage

While the sad state of buildings in many areas of the city stands out to any visitor or resident, there are those people in today’s Cuba who have the financial resources to keep up their homes. Today we bring you a small sample. (14 photos)

Havana’s “Malecon”: The City’s Sofa featuredimage

Havana’s Malecon ocean drive is one of the most renowned avenues in the city. Spanning nearly 9 kilometers, it has always set the limit between the city and the sea. There is almost no visitor, Cuban or foreign, who has not taken a stroll down this thoroughfare.(38 photos)

Virgin of Charity Pilgrimage in Havana featuredimage

The traditional pilgrimage of the Virgin of Charity, Patroness of Cuba, took place on September 8th in the streets of the capital with the assistance of Cardinal Jaime Ortega. Starting at the church of the Virgin of Charity of El Cobre in Centro Habana, the procession wound its way through the streets of Zanja, Reyna and Galiano, accompanied by a large number of people carrying lit candles and images of the virgin. (28 photos)

Habanarte Festival Begins featuredimage

From September 11-21 the Cuban capital is immersed in the first edition of “Habanarte ‘. Sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, the all-encompassing event involves around a thousand Cuban artists of all demonstrations; including music, visual arts, literature, film, dance and theater. (33 photos)