Havana Times Photo Galleries

A Sport-Filled Summer in Havana featuredimage

It’s a scorching hot day in Havana. One need only go out for a stroll to work up a good sweat. The sun makes its hot presence felt in the Cuban capital, where, despite this, many people continue to practice sports. (31 photos)

US Embassy in Havana Now Open for Business featuredimage

On Monday morning several news media and US and Cuban citizens gathered in front of the newly reopened US embassy in Havana. On August 14, US Secretary of State John Kerry is awaited here to hoist the flag. (21 photos)

The Farmer’s Market on Zanja Ave., Havana featuredimage

A day before the farmer’s market opened, I was talking with a friend and fellow Havana Times blogger about this fair, which is set up on weekends from time to time on Havana’s Zanja avenue, a place where a bit of everything – and particularly food – is sold. (29 photos)

It’s Hard to Even Be a Vegetarian in Today’s Venezuela featuredimage

As the year unfolds, food products in Venezuela are becoming less and less available and becoming the focus of people’s daily concerns, prompted by agonizingly long lines and a constant increase in food prices. (15 photos)

Cienfuegos, Cuba a Beautiful City and… Clean! featuredimage

The City of Cienfuegos has a population of over 300,000 and, much different from Havana, it is certainly one of the cleanest in Cuba. It is located in the south central region of the Majagua peninsula, on the shores of the Bay of Jagua. (44 photos)

My Personal Arts Gallery featuredimage

Today I bring you something different: the result of ten years of not-too-constant work. I am always experimenting with visual arts techniques and giving life to imaginary creatures. Here are my children. I pamper them, enjoy their company and share them with friends. (20 photos)

A Trip to Baracoa, Cuba’s First City featuredimage

The last part of my trip to Cuba’s east-laying provinces took me to the impressive city of Baracoa, Guantanamo. I had expected to run into a different, distinctively “eastern” community with marked Caribbean characteristic, plenty of chocolate and lush vegetation. (30 photos)

The Havana Biennial in the Morro-Cabaña Fortress featuredimage

In the Morro-Cabaña complex, the fort across the bay from the historic center of the capital, works of several artists are being shown as part of the XII Havana Biennial. I toured several of the exhibition halls and took some photos of interesting works. (24 photos)

Sandra Calvo’s Cuban Tenement Replica featuredimage

Housing is an issue of concern for large numbers of people around the world, particularly in Latin America. For the 12th Havana Arts Biennale, Mexican artist Sandra Calvo delves into the controversial issue of the family space with a project titled “The Multiplicity of the Inner Landscape”.

Walking around Santiago de Cuba featuredimage

This is the second part to my “emotional exploration of Cuba’s east.” The journey continues in the “always heroic” Santiago de Cuba, today “hospitable” (if you’re foreign, people will be charismatic and know “how to treat you” in the noisy and inclined streets of the city). (30 photos)