Havana Times Photo Galleries

Havana Billboards and Signs 2016 featuredimage

Billboards and painted wall messages in Cuba are used mainly for political and educational messages. These are some of the ones currently visible around the capital. (21 photos)

Cuban Photographer Combines Sarcasm with Visual Reality featuredimage

Abel Ernesto’s photography has different dimensions, where photo features, social photography, promotional photography, dedicated to tourism and portraiture, have his personal signature and are created from the artist’s penetrating eye. (12 photos)

Puppets that Captivated Elderly Cubans featuredimage

The historic Belen Convent located in the small square on Compostela Street in Old Havana, hosted the Ladrones de Quinotos Theater Company from Argentina which brought a beautiful morning to life with their marionette performance. (12 photos)

Havana Bid Farewell to Fidel Castro (Photos) featuredimage

With a long succession of speeches, leaders of different countries paid tribute to Fidel Castro before hundreds of thousands of Cubans in the Plaza de la Revolution in Havana. On Wednesday morning his ashes began a four-day journey east to be buried in Santiago de Cuba. (38 photos)

Cuba Begins its Emotional Farewell to Fidel Castro (Photo Feature) featuredimage

A 21-cannon military salutes launched from the San Carlos de la Cabaña Fortress overlooking Havana Bay on Monday marked the beginning of a nationwide tribute to former Cuban President Fidel Castro. (18 photos)

Cuba’s Marabana 2016 Marathon in Pictures featuredimage

The Marabana Marathon took place on Sunday morning in Havana with over 4,700 participants. The event draws long distance runners from around the world and is highly popular among Cubans. (62 photos)

The Marvels of Light, Photography from Eastern Cuba featuredimage

For the achievement of any graphic image the first element to take into account is the light source. Artificial or natural, whatever its origin, direction and intensity, the use of light is indispensable… (16 photos)

A Saint for Cuba’s Hard Times featuredimage

Religious faith accompanies many Cubans in their wish to resolve urgent problems. A never-ending stream of people come throughout the year to consecrate their faith to the saint who is considered the Patron of difficult and desperate situations.(17 photos)

Cuba Photo Contest Winners for 2016 featuredimage

The 8th Havana Times Cuba Photo Contest has finally come to a conclusion after the very difficult selection work carried out by the 20-member jury living in 9 countries. Now we bring you the winners and special mentions in each of the six categories.

Havana’s Trees: Excessive Pruning and Poor Maintenance featuredimage

Havana has many old trees, some of them are in a wretched state, and new trees replacing the old can be seen. Celebrating Tree Day or getting together to sit down and talk about the environment isn’t an alternative, environmental damage is spreading across the city. (17 photos)