Havana Times Photo Galleries

The New Havana Port Passenger Terminal featuredimage

The two-story metallic structure known as the Emboque de Luz welcomes passengers for their trip to the other side of Havana Bay. The new building was built upon an old structure which dates back to the 18th century and became a Fire Station in 1942… (16 photos)

Easter Week in Cuba 2017 (Photo Feature) featuredimage

Catholics in the Cuban capital began their Holy Week on April 9th with the Palm Sunday Mass at the Santo Cristo del Buen Viaje church located by the park that takes its name from the saint. Holy Week ends tomorrow with Resurrection (Easter) Sunday. (22 photos)

Cuba in 19th Century Letters featuredimage

With the need to embrace a larger world, on January 31, 1851, coming from New Orleans on board the steamship “The Philadelphia”, without any other company but her trunks full of books, drawing charcoal and cardboard, Fredrika Bremer arrived in the port of Havana. (44 photos)

Fires in Cuba: Accidental or Deliberate? featuredimage

Cuban TV has been warning the general population about the crisis the country is suffering with drought over the last few months. As it doesn’t rain very much, it’s only logical that food production and livestock are affected and forests become more vulnerable to experience fires. (22 photos)

Dance in Urban Landscapes of Old Havana featuredimage

The 22nd edition of the International Festival of Dance in “Urban Landscapes: Old Havana City in Motion” took place from March 29 to April 2. Here we present some pictures of the inaugural day. (16 photos)

Trinidad, Cuba with its Architectural Beauty Frozen in History featuredimage

When you enter the historical center of Trinidad, it is like traveling several centuries back in history, its architecture exposes characteristic features of the Spanish buildings of centuries past. (28 photos)

Venezuelan Retirees and Pensioners Protest featuredimage

For the second consecutive day, and this time not only in Caracas, also in several states of Venezuela, retirees and pensioners went out to claim their right to life. “Angry grandparents demand their rights” was one of the slogans. (24 photos)

A Stroll along Two Guantanamo City Avenues (Photo Feature) featuredimage

Both avenues always draw my attention when I visit the city. During a trip I spent a few hours to capture recognized sites and share with you what is pleasant for me every time I walk through them. (14 photos)

The Golden Mile of Old Havana featuredimage

In the city’s historic center, near the Obispo pedestrian boulevard, you can find the so-called “Golden Mile”, popularly known like this because it is the best conserved part of the city. It is possibly the most important tourist attraction in Havana. (19 photos)

Terry Fox Marathon of Hope 2017 in Cuba featuredimage

The twentieth edition of the Terry Fox Run, hosted on Saturday, March 18, in Havana and other Cuban cities, saw thousands of people remembering the remarkable feat that the young Canadian made to raise funds for the fight against cancer. Havana Times was present and here are our pictures. (12 photos)