Havana Times Photo Galleries

Contrasts of Cojimar, Havana featuredimage

Cojimar is an old town within the Havana city limits, one I barely know. A few days ago, I biked up a steep incline known as “La Talanquera” and then coasted down the smooth slope of the beat-up main street towards the Malecon ocean drive. (43 photos)

Now Open: The Havana Biennial 2015 featuredimage

Art has taken over the Cuban capital for the next month with the opening on Friday of the 12th Havana Biennial. Expositions, street art, performances and much more can be seen at numerous locations through June 22. HT was at some of the inaugurations. (27 photos)

A Photography Tour around a Caracas Parish featuredimage

A flyer from the National Photography Center (CENAF), which called on all photographers, professional and not, equipped with cameras or cell phones, to take part in a kind of photography walk through the parish of Catia in Caracas. (25 photos)

“Gay Pride” Celebrated in Cuba with Symbolic “Wedding” featuredimage

Cuban activists held a symbolic “religious marriage” at “Gay Pride” day in Havana on Saturday, after a colorful parade led by sexologist Mariela Castro, daughter of President Raul Castro, reported dpa. More than a thousand people participated in this year’s march, held for the eighth time this year, demanding work spaces “without homophobia or transphobia”. (27 Photos)

End of the Line for a Havana Tour Horse featuredimage

There once was a horse that carried tourists around Havana in a coach every day, making good money for his owner. One day, at around noon, he had enough: the hot sun beating down on Havana’s coast finally defeated him, and he collapsed on the scorching avenue of fatigue. (18 photos)

Crocodiles and Treasure Islands in Southern Matanzas, Cuba featuredimage

Some say the most interesting thing in the Zapata Swamp, located in southern Matanzas, are the beaches, the crocodile meat, scuba diving and the history museum recounting the events of the Bay of Pigs invasion in the 1960s. We can add two other attractions. (37 photos)

What I Saw Backpacking in Cuba’s Eastern Provinces featuredimage

In the second half of April, I went backpacking across Cuba’s eastern provinces. Of the many things that caught my eye, I would like to tell you about the bizarre signs and graffiti I came across, the madness that captures the way in which people live and co-exist in Cuba’s hottest region. (29 photos)

Havana’s Bacuranao: “The People’s Beach” featuredimage

On a recent Sunday, the last day of school break and Cuba’s municipal elections, faced with a veritable shortage of inexpensive options and the scorching heat, many chose to go for a dip and shake off the day’s 35 degrees Celsius at Havana’s beach for the humble: Bacuranao. (26 photos)

Rains Cause Flooding in Havana featuredimage

Heavy rain on Wednesday afternoon caused severe flooding on several streets of Havana. Rescue brigades were on the scene to assist the population. (7 photos)

A Visit to Playa Larga at Cuba’s Zapata Swamp featuredimage

Those interested in coming into direct contact with nature and enjoying good beaches should definitely visit the towns of Caleta and Playa Larga, located in the Zapata Swamp, south of Matanzas, Cuba. (23 photos)