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Selfies in Cuba featuredimage

The selfie has become very fashionable today in Cuba. Photos of friends, with family, at school or at a party, in short, in infinite scenarios, and taken with a camera or mobile, are uploaded and shared all the time by those with the ability to do so. (14 photos)

Scenes from the May Theater Festival in Havana featuredimage

The Cuban artistic scene was privileged with the Latin American and Caribbean Theater month in May 2016. Companies from Colombia, Peru, Chile the Dominican Republic, Brazil and Cuba presented their works. (13 photos)

Havana Wonder of the World Recognition in Pictures featuredimage

The Wonder City status granted to the Cuban capital in 2014, was made official yesterday afternoon, June 7th. The persistent rain did not stop the ceremony in the courtyard of the Castle of San Salvador de la Punta in Old Havana. (9 photos)

A Month of Talented Young Pianists in Cuba featuredimage

Young pianists will display their bravura on the stages set up for the 4th Young Pianists Festival, which will take place in Havana from June 2-26, under the artistic direction of Salomon Gadles Mikowsky.(14 fotos)

Uncomfortable Fishing: Cuba’s Brown Pelicans featuredimage

Every time I see them fish, their way of flying and the way they plung-dive bill into the water once they attack their prey, little fish, always astonishes me. As if that wasn’t enough, this way of feeding themselves is often interrupted by other birds that try and take their food straight out of their bills. (14 photos)

Old Havana Is Getting Older featuredimage

Sometimes the days I spent in Cuba seemed long, sometimes too few. After four years without visiting Havana I had a desire to walk the streets of Old Havana, taking pictures with my own camera for the first time. (42 photos)

Guantanamo, Cuba Children at Work featuredimage

Although we can find more than one child walking the streets here in Cuban cities, maybe a few of them beg, mainly to tourists, or sell something for a few cents, but we can definitely say that our children don’t need to work in order to put food on the table nor to satisfy their most basic needs. (11 photos)

Havana Times Photographer Returns to Angola featuredimage

I first arrived in Angola in the late 1980s as a cadet of Revolutionary Armed Forces (FAR). This time, nearly three decades later, I landed to help my father in his retirement and repatriation to Cuba after having worked in Angola for 16 years.(56 photos)

Spanish Navy Vessel Visits Havana featuredimage

The twenty-one cannon salute announced the arrival at the port of Havana of the Spanish training ship Juan Sebastian de Elcano to the eyes of onlookers including the press. (9 photos)

A Night with Guantanamo’s Danza Libre featuredimage

Danza Libre (Free Dance) is one of the most prestigious dance companies in the province of Guantanamo. These pictures are from a celebration held in Cuba’s eastern most province for International Dance Day on the last night of April. (11 photos)