Havana Times Photo Galleries

Graffiti Art in Havana featuredimage

More and more graffiti catches our eye as we stroll down the streets of Havana today. Some consider it a form of urban art, while others regard it as a kind of vandalism. What’s certain is that this visual language, consisting of signs and images, stems from the artist’s need to freely express themselves. (29 photos)

Marianao, Havana 2014 featuredimage

Marianao is one of the 15 municipalities that make up the greater city of Havana. In this photo feature we capture many of the landmarks including the Obelisk, the Freedom City school complex, the Juan M. Marquez Pediatric and Working Women’s Maternity Hospital and the Ramón Pando Ferrer Ophthalmology Institute. (35 photos)

A Record of Cuban Life featuredimage

In the images below, I have tried to capture the way we are, what we do and how we live today, when the magic of photography, new technologies and social networks allows us to reach innumerable people, scattered across our global village. (30 photos)

Summer at the Beach in Guanabo, Havana featuredimage

While not as upscale or pristine as neighboring Santa Maria del Mar the beaches around the town of Guanabo in Habana del Este are a highly popular place for Havana residents looking for a bit of relief and recreation during the hot summer months in the Cuban capital. (22 photos)

The Havana Seawall the Morning After featuredimage

After a night of partying, solitude reigns in the morning along the Havana “malecon” seawall. The 2014 Havana Carnival continues this weekend, ending Sunday night with the awards and live concerts both tonight and tomorrow. (15 photos)

Cuba’s San Lazaro Santuary Restored featuredimage

The San Lazaro National Sanctuary located on the outskirts of the Cuban capital has undergone considerable reparations. We take a look at the changes in the site that is visited year round by many thousands of Cubans and foreign guests, especially on December 17, known as San Lazaro Day. (17 photos)

African Women’s Day Fashion Show Held in Cuba featuredimage

African Women’s Day was celebrated at Havana’s Casa de Africa (“House of Africa”) museum with a fashion show staged by US designer Januwa Moja. The models walked down the red carpet wearing garments permeated with elements from traditional African culture: textile designs, turbans and body adornments, all recreated by the imagination of the designer. (29 photos)

Cuba-infused Women’s Jazz at Canadian Festival featuredimage

I recently had a delightful taste of Cuban music right in my own Canadian back yard. This wonderful concert starred Jane Bunnett and her all-woman band, Maqueque, who were brought to our local Algonquin Theatre stage by the Huntsville Festival of the Arts, during their annual August jazz weekend. (11 photos)

Havana’s Santos Suarez from a Different Viewpoint featuredimage

Although we have previously published other photo essays on the Havana neighborhood of Santos Suarez, what we bring you today is from a totally different perspective. We take a look at the community from the height of the Jesus del Monte church. (30 photos)

Surrealism of Dali & African American Abstraction in Cuba featuredimage

Within the growing cultural exchanges taking place between artists and personalities of Cuba and the USA, the Museum of Fine Arts in Havana recently opened two exhibitions “Memories of Surrealism” and “Abstraction and African American artists.” (25 photos)