Havana Times Photo Galleries

Havana and Its Different Architectural Styles featuredimage

Havana is a city with almost five centuries of history, and throughout this time it has accumulated a great variety of different architectural styles. Colonial architecture can be seen in squares, parks and mansions converted into museums in the city’s historic center. (22 photos)

Deep Inside Havana featuredimage

I took another look into the depths of Havana, its people and customs, their problems, the reality of their environment, the city that is dying among its inhabitants. (42 photos)

Consuelo Castaneda’s Art Returns to Cuba featuredimage

Castaneda forms part of this broken up, idealized and controversial group that was the ‘80s generation, subjects of the Renaissance of Cuban Art, those who challenged government institutions and received the heavy price of censorship in exchange. (7 photos)

Havana: Just People featuredimage

I almost always prefer to take photos without preparation, without the person posing or hiding their emotions, characteristics of their personality that they’d prefer not to exhibit before the eyes of everyone else. (16 photos)

A New Look at Havana’s Malecon Seawall featuredimage

I know it. There must already be more than a hundred reports that have been made about and from the Malecon seawall in Havana. But it’s unavoidable when in Cuba to not visit it and once there it’s impossible not to take out one’s camera. (27 photos)

Alamar, Havana Streets Turned into a Great Dump featuredimage

A tour through the streets of Alamar by the environmental project El Guardabosques, revealed dozens of garbage pick up points that were overflowing with garbage throughout the sprawling housing projects, located on the east side of Havana. (29 photos)

Traces of a Baby featuredimage

The arrival of a baby to the family is sufficient cause for joy. Immediately, the small infants become the center of attention. (10 photos)

A Case of Zika in Havana featuredimage

Several times the local polyclinic was informed that it was impossible to live like that. The whole shebang changed when the first case of Zika was reported on the block and all the imaginable government agencies showed up. (11 photos)

Central Havana through the Eyes of a Knight featuredimage

If a knight from Medieval Europe, knocked down in one of those silly tournaments, were to suddenly wake up sunken in a bedframe without a mattress in a hot poky little room where the sun of Central Havana…(54 photos)

Running a Marathon with Teresa featuredimage

Following the course of the race, and then waiting for the runners at the finish line, I met Teresa Jimenez, a Colombian-Venezuelan woman who is almost 80 years old. (21 photos)