Havana Times Photo Galleries

Havana’s Maceo Park, Now Without Bars featuredimage

For many years one of the most famous parks in Havana, Maceo Park, was gated and its periphery guarded with several prohibitions. Now, without bars, the park happily allows free access throughout the day. (18 photos)

Cuba and its People Photo Feature featuredimage

After reviewing all of the images taken, I decided the portraits of the Cuban people to be my favorites. I have found the Cuban people to be friendly, resourceful, proud to be Cuban and very helpful to an American who speaks no Spanish.(27 photos)

Cuban Jazz Artist Tonatiut Isidron Live featuredimage

After performing next to musicians of the stature of Wynton Marsalis, Roy Hargrove, Horacio Hernandez, Orlando Sanchez and Marcos Printup, Tonatiut Isidron recently offered his first concert at Cuba’s National Fine Arts Museum. (26 photos)

Denmark’s MishMash Theater Co. Performs in Cuba featuredimage

A young woman entered the stage carrying two actors on piggy-back. “Ladies and gentlemen, our donkey has died,” they said. As of that moment, a recent Sunday morning was marked by excitement and humor at Old Havana’s La Proa* Theater.(20 photos)

Concert in Cuba to Support Venezuela featuredimage

Sunday evening March 15, at the steps of the University of Havana, a concert took place in solidarity with the people and government of Venezuela, currently involved in a diplomatic conflict with the United States. (17 photos)

Photo Roundup of Havana’s 24th International Book Fair featuredimage

With its achievements and shortcomings Cuba’s annual International Book fair drew a great many people in its 10 days in Havana. Now, it will begin its tour across the island’s other provinces.(27 photos)

Cuban Artist Esterio Segura’s “The Tropical West” featuredimage

Esterio Segura believes that one is responsible for one’s fate, and that has been his driving force in the world of visual arts. This helps explain the numerous series he has produced, one of which is on display at the Factoria Habana gallery. (11 photos)

Cuban Dance Co. Stages Three Unforgettable Pieces featuredimage

This past February 14th, Cuba’s Danza Contemporanea (DCC) dance company treated the audience to a marvelous Saint Valentine’s gift. They performed two premieres and restaged a popular piece: English choreographer Billy Cowie’s Tangos Cubanos (“Cuban Tangos”), Cuban choreographer and former DCC dancer Alexis Zanetti’s Retorno (“Return”) and Belgian-Colombian choreographer Anabelle Lopez Ochoa’s “Reversible.” (17 photos)

Cuba’s Danza Contemporanea Premieres “Cuban Tangos” featuredimage

Cuba’s Danza Contemporanea company opened their season by staging the world premiere of Tangos cubanos at Havana’s Mella Theater, treating audiences to choreographies, music and texts by Billy Cowie. (29 photos)

Barbies/Soccer Stars at the Cuba Book Fair featuredimage

The 24th International Book Fair has started in Cuba. Havana’s La Cabaña fortress is again full of people, food and books. Many are surprised by the large number of people who attend the fair.(23 photos)