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Cuba Retro: My Cuban Alphabet featuredimage

I surely am not alone in having fallen under the spell of bygone days that Cuba evokes. More recently nurtured by the myth of its revolutionary history, the Caribbean island has long inspired visitors from across the globe. I decided to try and document it via the lens of the smart phone application “Retro Camera” as I found it particularly in line with this Cuban “retro flavor”. (23 photos)

Animal Rights Demonstration Staged in Caracas featuredimage

World Animal Day was celebrated this past Sunday, October 4. In Caracas, hundreds of people rallied next to their pets to demand respect for animal rights. The rally began at Bolivar Square to the sound of rock music. (19 photos)

Old Town Caracas, Venezuela featuredimage

Though the locals are kind and charismatic, none of its sidestreets are very safe. These photos were taken during an activity organized by the National Photography Center, which made the needed arrangements with the police and residents of the area. (27 photos)

The Colorful Fans at Guantanamo’s Baseball Stadium featuredimage

An outing to the baseball stadium in Guantanamo. There are certain regulars in the stands that are hard to ignore during a game. (12 photos)

Santiago de las Vegas: Forgotten but Not Yet Lost featuredimage

Santiago de las Vegas was once one of the most commercially and socially active cities in Cuba, known in the mid-20th century for the extraordinary cleanliness and pristine state of all its asphalted streets. The changes over time have not exactly been for the better. (50 photos)

A Cuban’s Trip to Ecuador featuredimage

I landed in Quito on the day of the Pope’s visit to Ecuador, accompanied by my girlfriend and the nausea that assails all first-time travelers, happy to confirm that a world beyond the island actually existed. (40 photos)

Everyday Havana featuredimage

In the coming days the visit of Pope Francis to Cuba and the trip next week by Raul Castro to New York will fill the news of the island’s press. This photo feature gives you a glimpse of everyday life in the heart of the Cuban capital during the last couple weeks. (33 photos)

The Women of Havana featuredimage

These are common, daily scenes in our city. No photo was staged, no one posed and I do not know the names of any of my “models.” They are quite simple beautiful women I captured with my camera, in passing. (18 photos)

Cuba’s Children Return to School featuredimage

The summer vacation and its varied recreational offers has come to an end and the new school year began this week. Tuesday morning, the first day of classes, was a true spectacle in Guantanamo. (12 photos)

The Faces of Guantanamo’s Carnival featuredimage

Carnivals are the most popular festivities held in Cuba, and Guantanamo is no exception to this rule. In Guantanamo, this years party lasted from August 13 to 16. Havana Times was on hand to bring you some stills. (16 photos)