Havana Times Photo Galleries

Cuba’s Future Big League Players featuredimage

Those who know little about Cuban baseball tradition may be surprised by the new batch of talented players now shining in the big leagues, but the fact of the matter is that Cuba has always been an inexhaustible wellspring of good players. (24 photos)

Cats and Competitions in Cuba featuredimage

There are many myths that accompany the smallest of felines; one of the more certain ones deals with their great ability to steal food. It is common in Cuba to hear expressions that denigrate these animals: treacherous, unfriendly, unloving to humans. But it is more common to find them in the street, surviving – or living – despite our misgivings about them. (29 photos)

Havana’s La Pera Neighborhood featuredimage

The neighborhood La Pera is located within the periphery of the avenues Carlos III, Boyeros, Ayestarán and 19 de mayo. Its name comes from the characteristics of its park, which perceived from a height takes on the imaginary form the fruit of the same name. (28 photos)

Cuban Culture Fair at La Rampa, Havana featuredimage

The music of Cuba’s renowned Van Van issues from Havana’s Pabellon Cuba and echoes across La Rampa, Vedado. This year, the Cuban Culture Fair pays tribute to the work of musician Juan Formell and visual artist Ivan Soca who exhibits a series of photographs titled Formellmania.(30 photos)

Havana’s Neighborhood of Lawton featuredimage

Today we bring you a photo feature on Havana’s neighborhood of Lawton, located approximately 6 kilometers from the city center, where the estate of Fernando Batista was once located. (27 photos)

Things to Do in Bayamo, Cuba featuredimage

All the people I told I would be visiting Bayamo, Granma agreed I would like the city. Bayamo’s main boulevard has many charms, boasting an enviable cleanliness, and the place is home to a broad variety of commercial and cultural establishments. (11 photos)

Around 23rd and 12th Streets in Havana featuredimage

Today we center around the famous Havana corner of 23rd and 12 Streets and the surrounding area that includes the street in front of the Colon Cemetery, some popular stores, a cigar factory, movie theater, Italian restaurant and other sites. (14 photos)

The Fate of Havana’s Neighborhood Cinemas featuredimage

The Cuban capital once boasted around 130 movie theaters, more than there were in New York or Paris at the time. Many of these cinemas were directly serviced by the major production and distribution companies, such as 20th Century Fox, Columbia and Metro Goldwyin Meyer. (30 photos)

Cuba’s Hemingway Museum, a Bridge of Friendship featuredimage

There are many examples of how people from Cuba and the USA interact and collaborate with each other in various fields such as science, culture, medicine and sports. It occurs despite the fact that US governments have tried numerous times to prevent contact between the two peoples. (30 photos)

A Winery in El Canal, Havana featuredimage

It was after 6 in the evening when, after a short wait, I finally had a chance to meet with Orestes. He is the founder of the El Canal winery in the municipality of Cerro. He learned the trade of wine making from his grandfather. (11 photos)