Havana Times Photo Galleries

A Case of Zika in Havana featuredimage

Several times the local polyclinic was informed that it was impossible to live like that. The whole shebang changed when the first case of Zika was reported on the block and all the imaginable government agencies showed up. (11 photos)

Central Havana through the Eyes of a Knight featuredimage

If a knight from Medieval Europe, knocked down in one of those silly tournaments, were to suddenly wake up sunken in a bedframe without a mattress in a hot poky little room where the sun of Central Havana…(54 photos)

Running a Marathon with Teresa featuredimage

Following the course of the race, and then waiting for the runners at the finish line, I met Teresa Jimenez, a Colombian-Venezuelan woman who is almost 80 years old. (21 photos)

Havana, Architecture and Urbanism (Part 2) featuredimage

By the 1930s and 40s, Havana had become one of the main tourist destinations for thousands of US holidaymakers. Miami was just a bridge to get to Cuba’s tropical paradisaical landscapes. (30 photos)

A Look at La Lisa, Havana featuredimage

One of the main arteries of Marianao, Havana is 51st Ave. On its route west we come to the La Lisa bridge which marks the entrance to the municipality with the same name. Here’s our photo essay of La Lisa. (27 photos)

A Cuban’s Tattoos featuredimage

Some people prefer to hang up paintings on their walls and others like to see them on their skin, and they’re carrying real art about on them. That’s what attracted me to getting a tattoo in the first place, and then to become a professional tattoo artist. (10 photos)

The Havana Tour Bus, A Second Floor Perspective featuredimage

On a hot afternoon that looked like it was going to rain later, I decided to go on an adventure on the Havana Bus Tour so I could take some photos of all the interesting things that surround me. (87 photos)

Drawings Made with Tools and Tricks featuredimage

In photography, this complex technique is achieved also with tools that provide their own editing programs, not to mention the tricks that each person applies when working on their projects. (15 photos)

Photos for Tourists without a Clue featuredimage

The summer that the media announced was going to be hot and happy is being threatened by electricity cuts that are already taking place. They told us that the people wouldn’t be affected… (12 photos)

Havana, Architecture and Urbanism featuredimage

The visual impact of the magnificent 18th century fortifications, don’t take away from the more powerful image we have of the overwhelming eclecticism of entire blocks in Old and Central Havana, packed with old buildings.(36 photos)