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The Havana Malecon Is Lonely featuredimage

The Havana malecon seawall is solitary. The avenue is empty and its wall is guarded by police to avoid any accident. Hurricane Irma caused great damage to its foundations and huge craters are seen on its sidewalks. Meanwhile, the neighbors are recovering from that fatal catastrophe. (16 photos)

Hurricane Irma in Alamar and Cojimar featuredimage

The myth that we are very prepared for these kinds of events here in Cuba has clouded Cuban people’s judgements. We are used to suffering at the hands of hurricanes and Civil Defense troops, who, with all of the power in their hands, prevent this damage from being worse. (20 photos)

The Virgin of Charity in Centro Habana featuredimage

On Sept. 8, the day before Hurricane Irma caused disasters in the capital, devotees of the virgin gathered in this temple from early hours; Catholics and practitioners of the Afro-Cuban religion, bringing sunflowers her favorite, and lighting a candle. (10 photos)

Cuba: Theft Under the Cover of Hurricane Irma featuredimage

Today, three days after Hurricane Irma, we walked along Calle 1ra, in the Havana municipality of Plaza. It was impressive to hear the stories of the owner of one of the private restaurants located in this area. (10 photos)

The Day After Irma Hit Havana featuredimage

Now that the tide has passed, with a broom a woman pushes out to the street a mixture of mud that has left impregnated all the tiles of the first floor of her house. She still wears fear on her face. “You have to live it, it was very shocking.” (10 photos)

A Sunday of Great Uncertainty in Havana featuredimage

Many streets in Havana are still flooded and expected to slowly subside on Monday. The long struggle to recover has yet to begin. Juan Suarez brings us his pictures taken Sunday morning in the capital cities of Centro Habana and Plaza de la Revolucion. (51 photos)

Havana Carnival from Behind the Bleachers featuredimage

It’s nighttime at the Havana carnival. Floats and dancers stroll along the Malecon seawall. Behind the bleachers, away from the show, are interesting pictures to show. (30 photos)

The Universe of Amaury Mengana: Pictorial Works Exhibited in Havana featuredimage

The spiritual world that can be sensed via religion has clearly influenced Amaury Mengana’s work, a painter and sculptor who is entering into what seems to be the mature stage of his art. (9 photos)

Time to Cool Down in Cuba! featuredimage

It’s commonplace to hear the phrase here in Cuba: it’s so hot! And its even more so than usual these days with record temperatures. (11 photos)

A Private Havana Traveling Amusement Park featuredimage

Like a traveling circus but this time it’s a traveling amusement park that takes place in different places in Havana every fortnight. This private and untitled community project attracts a large number of happy children and young people… (12 photos)