Havana Times Photo Galleries

Vignettes of Havana featuredimage

Havana, named one of the seven wonder cities in the world, turned 496 on November 16 this year. The Cuban capital is a place brimming with contrasts, life, colors, beautiful and not-so-beautiful things – a diverse and cosmopolitan city that captures and seduces visitors. (30 photos)

Mexican Mythology Figures on Display in Havana featuredimage

The character that brings to life Travesias de Xico en Latinoamerica (“Xico’s Travels Through Latin America”), an exhibition that opened at Old Havana’s San Francisco de Asis Square after touring other countries in the region, can be traced back to Mexican mythology. (10 photos)

Young Cuban Jazz Musicians Show Their Stuff featuredimage

The eighteenth edition of JoJazz International Festival dedicated to young talents began in Havana on November 19th and continues through Sunday the 22nd. (9 photos)

Cuba’s Marabana 2015 Marathon in Pictures featuredimage

The 2015 Marabana marathon in the Cuban capital took place on Sunday, Nov. 15th. Havana Times was on hand to capture the Cuban and foreign participants at different points of the run. (47 photos)

Peter Turnley Photography at Cuban Fine Arts Museum featuredimage

On November 13, the Cuban National Fine Arts Museum hosted the opening of a solo exhibition by US photographer Peter Turnley, internationally recognized for his work on the reality of the human condition. (20 photos)

WINNERS of the 7th HT Photo Contest featuredimage

Today we are pleased to present the winners of the 7th HT Cuba Photo Contest. Of the winning photos, two were taken by Cubans, one by a US citizen and three by Israelis. Congratulations to the participants, and to the 20 judges who devoted considerable time over a month.

HT 2015 Photo Contest – FINALISTS featuredimage

Here are the finalists of the 2015 HT Cuba Photo Contest. Of the 190 participants, 47 made it to the finals with at least one picture. We will be publishing the winners on the weekend. (72 photos)

Havana’s Legendary Colon Cemetery featuredimage

Located in Vedado, in Havana’s municipality of Plaza de la Revolucion, the Colon cemetery is the pride of residents of the city and Cubans in general. Covering an area of 57 hectares, it is the country’s largest and most important cemetery, boasting a great many sculptural and architectural works. (43 photos)

HT 2015 Photo Contest 2nd Cut Survivors featuredimage

Here are the entries that made it past the second round of jury selection in the HT 2015 Cuba Photo Contest. Of the 190 participants there are now 85 with at least one picture competing in the third round. We will publish the finalists by next Wednesday and the winners on the coming weekend.

Natural Treasures of Guantanamo, Cuba featuredimage

Guantanamo, the province furthest from Havana, located at the eastern end of the island, is home to eye-catching natural landscapes that have been very well preserved. I invite you to enjoy this selection of photographs that capture Guantanamo’s natural treasures. (21 photos)