Havana Times Photo Galleries

Cuba’s Tiny Actors featuredimage

La edad de oro (“The Golden Age”) is an interesting magazine full of stories, essays and poetry for children, written in an easily accessible language by Jose Marti. After more than a century, it has retained its freshness and relevance. (13 photos)

Cycling along the Malecon featuredimage

Like music, I believe that the existential qualities of cycling lead to a sense of community rooted in the unconscious. It was this sense of community that I felt as I photographed the riders gracefully working their way around the Malecón loop that bright yet hazy morning. (21 photos)

Santiago de Cuba’s Magic Market featuredimage

Many are the beliefs from different cultures that merged to give rise to our Cuban identity. In Santiago de Cuba, one can breathe these beliefs in the idiosyncrasies of the locals, in the atmosphere of its steeply-inclined streets. (8 photos)

Guantanamo Kids Having Fun featuredimage

The weekend is a headache for most Cuban parents. During those days we are concerned with what to do with our kids so that they can have some fun. Earning an average wage of 25 USD per month doesn’t leave much for spending. (18 photos)

New York and Havana Contrasted in Photo Exhibition featuredimage

Photographer Yuri* presents us with a series of works from an exhibition titled New York – Havana: Brothers of Contrast. “Two worlds, one universe. Because of their history and the legends woven around them, the two cities offer us as many fictions as realities,” writes journalist Sandra Commisso. (16 photos)

A New Trip to Pons, Pinar del Rio featuredimage

The same thing happens every time I visit Pinar del Rio. It doesn’t matter whether I go back in two years’ or two days’ time, the beauty of the landscape always makes a deep impression on me, particularly in Pons, a town in the municipality of Minas de Matahambre that is as beautiful – perhaps more beautiful – than Viñales. (19 photos)

Coastal Flooding Strikes Again in Havana featuredimage

Starting early Saturday, the enraged sea decided once again to invade low lying areas along the Havana coastline. While many residents were preparing for the flooding, others were simply waiting for the misfortune with uncertainty. By mid-morning the sea had reached 5th Ave and A Street in the Vedado district. (33 photos)

Traveling to Cuba to Deliver Old Photos featuredimage

In 1979 I joined the US National Volleyball team to cover the NORSECA pre-Olympic volleyball tournament in Havana for Volleyball Magazine. My photographer, Bruce Hazelton, took hundreds of beautiful photos of people. I just can’t throw these precious memories away, and I will be in Havana for the next week looking to find the people in these and other photos taken in 1979. (18 photos)

A Place in Havana to Build a Home featuredimage

Many years ago, a State machine shop located on Rafeca, a thoroughfare in Havana’s municipality of Cerro, was shut down because of regular flooding in the area. Soon after the property was allocated to homeless families, given them option of building their homes however they could. (20 photos)

When the Sea Fails to Respect the Havana Malecon Seawall featuredimage

This past Sunday, I was on my way to meet with a friend when I noticed that a number of tourists were leaving the ocean drive area in a hurry, while others enthusiastically went up to meet the waves that crashed against the seawall with more and more impetus. (23 photos)