In the streets, Ortega is the only candidate.  The government slogan says, “Let’s go further”, while the opposition decries, “There’s no one to vote for” and debates about how best to protest. Foto: el19digital.com
Nicaragua Electoral Campaign Begins, without Legitimacy or Transparency

August 25, 2016 | No Comments »

With less than eighty days to go before the November 6 elections, there’s almost no electoral propaganda on the streets of Managua and the country’s principal cities. Even the official propaganda, which has been a permanent fixture during the ten years of Comandante Daniel Ortega’s rule, is sparser than at other times. Beside the main roadways, the giant pink billboards have lost their original glow.

Tropical Storm Gaston.  Graphic: National Hurricane Center
Havana Weather for August 25-31

August 24, 2016 | No Comments »

A slight deterioration in weather conditions over the weekend is expected, thereby increasing the chance of showers and thunderstorms. Maximum temperatures will be between 32 and 34° C (90 and 93 F) and the lows ranging between 23 and 25° C (73 and 77 F).

Venezuelan Generals Take Over Food Distribution

August 24, 2016 | 1 Comment »

In an unexpected order of command, 18 generals of the Venezuelan Armed Forces will assume the onslaught against shortages of basic foods and medicines plaguing the oil rich country, extending the militarization of the entire chain of distribution of consumer goods.

Cuban President Raul Castro
Raul Castro Warns Cuban Intellectuals of a “Global Wave of Colonization”

August 23, 2016 | 3 comments

Cuban President Raul Castro warned writers and artists of the island that Cuba is “threatened” by a “global wave of colonization” and “subversive projects” in the realm of culture.

Graphic: cubabebate.cu
AT&T and Cuba Agree to Direct Interconnection with US

August 23, 2016 | 3 comments

Cuba’s monopoly telecommunications company, Etecsa, announced on Monday an agreement for direct interconnection with the US giant AT&T for the exchange of international voice traffic between the two countries.

Yulieski Gourriel when he was on the Cuban national team.  Photo: notideporte.cubava.cu
Yulieski Gourriel Gets First Start for the Houston Astros on Sunday

August 21, 2016 | No Comments »

Yulieski Gourriel, the top Cuban league baseball player before obtaining a major league contract earlier this year, is expected to get his first chance on Sunday with the Houston Astros.

Cuba Gets its Fourth and Fifth Gold Medals in Rio from Boxers

August 20, 2016 | 3 comments

Cuban boxers Robeisy Ramírez and Arlen Lopez added today two gold medals for the Cuban Olympic team by winning their final matches in Rio de Janeiro.

Mijain Lopez.  Photo: Ricardo Lopez Hevia/granma
Cuba’s Wrestlers Shined in Rio 2016

August 18, 2016 | 1 Comment »

Discus thrower Denia Caballero also won a bronze medal, who in spite of a last minute injury was able to climb up onto the podium of her specialty.

The first of the lot of T-72 Russian Tanks aquired by the  Nicaraguan Army.  Photo: Carlos Herrera/confidencial
Nicaragua’s Army Chief Says the 50 Russian Tanks Are a Donation

August 18, 2016 | 4 comments

Gen. Julio Cesar Aviles, head of the Nicaraguan army, assured the public that the acquisition of 50 Russian T72 model tanks does not represent a US $80 million debt for Nicaragua, as the Moscow press asserted last April on the Sputnik news agency’s website.

Photo: Juan Suarez
Havana Weather for August 18-24

August 17, 2016 | No Comments »

This coming 7-day period will be very hot and will partially cloudy days. During the evenings showers and thunderstorms will occur, as a result of daytime convection and high humidity.