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BANGKUKUK TAIK: Paradise Under Threat (Video, English subtitles)

August 20, 2015 | 1 Comment »

Bangkukuk is a cozy, paradisiacal place for its inhabitants, who have inherited the joy of an authentic life from earlier generations. It may sound utopian, but, if you pay attention to the details highlighted by the documentary, you will come across things that will make you doubt your perception of happiness and development.

The Informal Markets of Cuban Tourism

August 19, 2015 | 50 comments

The most notable impact can be seen in Havana, Varadero & Matanzas, though all Cuban provinces – to a greater or lesser extent – have a tourist infrastructure that brings in revenues for the country and for private service providers. No few people have learned to “adapt” to this reality and make some money off visitors.

State Dept. Clarifies Efforts to Facilitate Travel by US Citizens to Cuba

August 19, 2015 | 51 comments

State Department spokesman John Kirby this week tried to dampen the initial enthusiasm over commercial air travel between the U.S. and Cuba by cautioning that “normalizing relations is going to be a long, complex process” that “is going to take some time.”

Considerably More Cubans Are Traveling

August 17, 2015 | 2 comments

The number of trips abroad by Cubans increased by 23.7 percent in 2014 over the previous year, and 66.7% since January 2013, when immigration reform that eliminated the exit permit took effect.

Cuba to Begin Exporting ‘Unlimited’ Amounts of Shellfish to Russia

August 11, 2015 | 14 comments

Russia has authorized the importation of Cuban shellfish — initially shrimp and lobster — and will start receiving it “without limitation,” the Russian Ministry of Agriculture announced Monday (Aug. 10) in Moscow.

Russian Car Maker Weighs Assembling Some Models in Cuba

August 10, 2015 | 4 comments

The Russian vehicle manufacturer GAZ “is considering” assembling some of its products in Cuba or Venezuela for distribution in Latin America, a spokesman for the company said this past weekend.

Toxic Algae in the Bay of Cienfuegos, Cuba

August 5, 2015 | 3 comments

A rare dermatitis caused by contact with microorganisms found in the sea has prompted fears in Cuba’s habitually quiet city of Cienfuegos. Several people – mostly children – have arrived in hospitals with rashes and skin lesions over the past two weeks.

Cuba’s Emerging Individual Entrepreneur

July 25, 2015 | 6 comments

The individual entrepreneur, the proprietor and founder of the small and midsize businesses that have been organized throughout the country lacks official recognition as such and is still considered a “cuentapropista” (self-employed), as if there was no difference.

US and Cuba Banks Agree to Relationship

July 22, 2015 | No Comments »

Stonegate Bank, which earlier this year became the Cuban government’s bank for its diplomatic mission in the United States, has set up a correspondent banking relationship with a Cuban banking institution.

Cuban Lung Cancer Vaccine Offered in Local Hospitals

July 18, 2015 | 4 comments

“The vaccine against lung cancer is unique in the world and is very new,” Arlhee Díaz, pharmacist and marketer for the research center, explains to the public. It doesn’t eliminate the tumor but the vaccine’s manufacturer claims it slows its growth, allowing patients to live longer and with a better quality of life.