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Cuba and its New Investment Law: From Sustainable Development to Neo-Liberalism

April 23, 2014 | No Comments »

Sustainable development” has been Cuba’s guiding tenet since the publication of the Economic and Social Policy Guidelines of the Party and Revolution in 2011.The concept, assumed as an axiom, does not require any kind of verification – it is an absolute truth.

Cuba Customs Publishes List of Agencies Authorized for Package Services to the Island

April 19, 2014 | 1 Comment »

The Cuban customs service published today a list of the foreign courier and package delivery agencies operating legally under contract with Cuban operators, authorized to perform these operations, reported Cubadebate.

Salon Tropical ‘Paladar’ in Santiago de Cuba Is Still Afloat

April 17, 2014 | 1 Comment »

One of the restaurants in Santiago de Cuba that has survived the many ups and downs of private business on the island is the Salón Tropical. Its owner, Nilda Gil, has managed the place from the start, as best as the rules of the game allowed her.

Cuba Establishes Special Exchange Rate for Mariel Employees

April 16, 2014 | 2 comments

Workers employed at Cuba’s Mariel Special Development Zone (ZEDM) will be paid 80 percent of the salaries agreed to under their contracts between the Cuban government’s employment agencies and the investors. The payments are to be made in Cuban pesos (CUP), under an extraordinary exchange rate of 10 CUP to 1 Cuban Convertible Peso (or CUC).

France Expects More Progress in Cuba on Political Rights

April 13, 2014 | 8 comments

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said in Havana on Saturday that his country supports negotiations to revive relations between Cuba and the European Union (EU ), but also expects further progress in political rights on the island, reported dpa news.

Cuba Buys Less Food and More Medicines from the USA

April 10, 2014 | 20 comments

Sales of food products from US companies to Cuba continued to plummet in 2013 declining to $348.7 million dollars, but there was a significant increase in US exports of medicines and medical equipment to the island.

Windows XP Refuses to Go in Cuba

April 8, 2014 | No Comments »

Though Microsoft has been announcing for months that it will cease to offer technical support for its Windows XP Operating System (OS) on April 8, Cuban computers continue to regard the announcements of the multi-million software company incredulously.

France seeks “constructive relationship” with Cuba

April 7, 2014 | 3 comments

France hopes to establish with Cuba “constructive relations in all domains,” Romain Nadal, a spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs told Prensa Latina. On Saturday French Foreign Minister, Laurent Fabius, is due to arrive in Havana.

Cuba: Why a Foreign Investment Law and not an Investment Law?

April 7, 2014 | 12 comments

Because of the style of parliamentary debate in Cuba, it is impossible to know if any of the more than 600 deputies present at the National Assembly asked: “Why a Foreign Investment Law and not an Investment Law?” It is difficult to understand why, in the midst of a process of change that has vindicated entrepreneurial economic activity on the island.

Ecuador Reopens Door to Cubans

April 2, 2014 | 1 Comment »

A year after establishing strict regulations applicable to Cubans wishing to travel to Ecuador, Rafael Correa’s government has decided to eliminate the letter of invitation hitherto required of visitors from the island. The move could drastically increase arrivals.