Sixty-five Years With Cuba’s Hermanos Bravo

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Today, we approach the new generation keeping the music legacy of a legendary Cuban band alive – a band currently directed by Esteban Bravo. “With those instruments alone, they made the entire world dance.”

Cuban Folk Musician Nelson Valdes and the Anger of the 1980s

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Nelson Valdes is a young folk musician from Cienfuegos. His albums include A la mitad del mundo (“To Half of the World”, recorded live and produced by the Hermanos Saiz Association in 2008) and Besitos de escalera (“Stairwell Kisses”, produced by the label Colibri).

“Krudas Cubensi” in Havana – 2014 (Part (III)

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People! We bring you…”Las Krudas”. Cuban rappers, part of the exile community since 2006, visiting – as always – their beloved Cuba. These womanists, queer activists and combatants for respect for others tell us of their experiences through their Vegan eyes.

Havana Jazz Plaza Holds 30th Festival

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According to some composers, making music in Cuba is a difficult task. They tell us the streets are too noisy: people yell instead of talking and place speakers in such a way that whatever they play is heard by the entire street. It is common for bus drivers to set their stereos to the highest volume, cars (mostly old) make a huge racket and sound their horns excessively.

Hit Single “Bailando” Sweeps the Board Everywhere Except Cuba

December 4, 2014 | 4 comments

The super-hit Bailando (“Dancing”), selected Song of the Year at the 2014 Latin Grammys, whose official version has had over 567 million views on YouTube, has made it to the top of the list in all countries around the world save Cuba, where it was unable to secure the Most Popular Music Video of the year trophy.

“Krudas Cubensi” in Havana – 2014 (Part II)

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“Las Krudas” – warriors that never stop repeating” RESPECT! LOVE!” – share with us their experience as powerful Hip Hop musicians, poets and combatants for respect for women, black people, vegans and queers.

Cubans Descemer Bueno and Gente de Zona Win 3 Latin Grammys with “Bailando”

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“Bailando” (Dancing), the popular theme of Spanish singer Enrique Iglesias and the Cubans Descemer Bueno and Gente de Zona, was the big winner at the gala of the Latin Grammys in Las Vegas on Thursday evening.

Cuban Folk Musician Alito Abad’s Green Musings

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Alito Abad (Holguin, 1982) is one of Cuba’s youngest contemporary folk musicians today. The lyrics of his songs reflect a penetrating gaze. It is as though the country, the historic drama of Cuban identity and the most pressing issues of our reality today were singing in his pieces.

Cuba’s 2014 JoJazz Festival Awards

November 19, 2014 | No Comments »

The competition of Havana’s JoJazz Festival this year was held in the Avenida theater located in Havana’s neighborhood of Marianao, a small but cozy place that has the acoustics that an event of this nature requires. Here is our photo feature and the list of the winners. (57 photos)

Listening to Calle 13 in Cuba

November 17, 2014 | 1 Comment »

No other form of artistic expression has as many variations as music. I must confess I am rather prejudiced when it comes to musical preferences. Sometimes, however, I manage to tear free from my habits and undertake a journey across the vast universe of musical genres.