Cuba Town Also Rocked by Celestial Body

HAVANA TIMES — Homes in the central Cuban town of Rodas, Cienfuegos shook on Wednesday evening after an explosion overhead, reported ANSA news service.

Witnesses reported the fall of a celestial phenomenon that ended with a huge explosion with a very bright light in the sky that shook their homes, said ANSA citing the Cuban morning TV news program as its source.

Experts are scouring the area in search of any remains that fell to Earth.  No reports of injuries or damage to property has come in.

Meanwhile in Russia on Friday, a piece of a meteorite caused extensive material damage and nearly a thousand injures were reported in the Ural region of the country.  See report.


  • Laura

    Who is laughing at Mayans now?

    • Everybody but you, I guess

    • Lulu012

      LOL seriously?

    • oldostritch

      Why should we laugh at extinct civilizations? We will join them soon enough.

  • shay

    The Mayans are not extinct.