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Erasmo Calzadilla: My parents named me Erasmo 34 year ago, when I was planted in a neighborhood of retired military personnel situated toward the southern city limits of Havana. I don’t know why, but I’m impassioned with thought, philosophy, art, science, friendship and music; in short, everything good that has stirred the passions of humans, nature, and God – or whoever was the creator. Actually I graduated in pharmacy, but I work as a professor at institutions that believe in me and are welcoming. It is important to highlight that I also hold a well-defined political position: I am a bitter opponent of those who are bossy, abusive, and imposing, those who believe they hold the truth, etc., independent of their attire. To them, I occasionally dedicate a few angry words.

Help Beginning to Come to Mercedes

June 5, 2012 | Print Print |

Erasmo Calzadilla


HAVANA TIMES — A few months ago I interviewed a young woman who has a disability and is battling alone in her life. Mercedes suffered paralysis in her legs due to a fever she had when she was a child. Ever since then she has struggled to avoid being left bedridden.

To cap this all off, her family and economic situation is dismal. She lives with her son in the room of a house that they share with 16 relatives.

Moved by the story of her troubles, many people have reached out. A friend who lives in Chile is going to help by sending orthopedic shoes (almost impossible to get here in Cuba). Irina, another writer with Havana Times, aims to teach her the art of Ariadne that she has mastered, and other people have offered Mercedes money (which is something I want to concentrate on).

Isidro, a regular commentator to Havana Times and who lives in China, found and employed a way to send her cash. Those interested in doing the same can contact her by email at:

He advanced 100 CUCs (about $110 USD) from out of his pocket thinking that others would follow in his footsteps – but no one did. Mercedes needs waaaaay more help to get herself out of the hole she’s in, though the 100 CUCs have been a godsend. She took such care of not to brake the bill out of the fear that once tuned into change it would disappear like meringue pie in a school.

In conclusion, I want to emphasize that those who wish to collaborate with cash can contact Isidro for the details.

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