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Miguel Arias Sánchez: I was born in Regla in 1949. That’s where I went to elementary and high school. Afterwards I took courses to be a teacher and did that for several years. I did my military service and as soon as I got out I studied formally to be a teacher graduating at the University of Havana. I taught in classrooms for nearly 20 years. I had the opportunity to travel and see another reality. I returned and am currently doing different self-employed activities.

Trump, a Dangerous President

November 14, 2017 |

Miguel Arias Sanchez

Donald Trump. Photo:

HAVANA TIMES — The process of establishing bilateral relations between Cuba and the US has been hurt lots of times. The Cuban government position has always been the same, inflexible and with its backward politics. And with regard to the US, US policy towards Cuba being relaxed or made more hardline depends on the President sitting in the Oval office.

Over 50 years of banging heads and tension. History picks up on how softening the grip on Cuba cost Kennedy his life, then other presidents came along who had a less hostile policy towards our country, such as James Carter, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. There’s no doubt about it, Obama was a charismatic and intelligent president who has been the one to make the greatest effort during his term in office to bring closer, improve and normalize relations between these two people and governments.

Now, Trump has come along, and I must clarify that I’m not that interested in politics, my father used to say that politics is the dirtiest business there is and that the only people who benefit from it are the politicians themselves.

However, you don’t have to be a politician or capitalist or socialist, or Catholic or atheist to realize when somebody is doing something absolutely reprehensible.  Let’s take a look at him then from a human point of view.

Ever since this man took the presidency, he hasn’t done anything but create problems for the entire world. Firstly, he doesn’t want immigrants in his country, when it was precisely the immigrants who built and raised up his country. He has taken part in wars in the Middle East and now, he is creating tension with North Korea, who are crazy people too who don’t sit with their arms crossed. The world’s peace of mind hangs on a strand of thread and this thread is in Trump’s hands.

He is even criticized by thousands of people in his own country who want to live in peace and see their children and grandchildren grow and develop in a better world, without wars or epidemics or disease that result from these.

The president of the most powerful country on Earth made a fool out of himself in Puerto Rico recently. After Hurricane Irma hit the island so hard, where over half the population still doesn’t have any electricity, he compared the consequences of this hurricane with Katrina, just by counting the number of fatalities, as if that the number of people killed is the only problem that hurricanes cause. He isn’t interested in what is happening on the island of Puerto Rico, his colony; he is just worried that the funds for disaster relief aid have finished.

That’s why his throwing rolls of toilet paper to people living a tragedy seems to make sense, it’s all part of a joke on those in need. This man is a millionaire who, after having tried everything, is now keeping himself entertained by playing at how to lead a country, and he’s doing it with all the skills he has for this magnificent role: none.

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  • Moses Patterson

    Trump is an idiot. There can be no argument there. But the Castros deserve no sympathy for their current circumstances regardless of how foolish Trump is. They rebuffed Obama’s efforts at rapprochement and find themselves now dealing with a far worse choice in Trump.

  • Hector Capote

    I have to agree with Moses yes are President is a idiot but he was elected no matter how messy Democracy dediced it. Unlike the dictators Castro’s

    • emagicmtman

      Actually, Trump did not win the popular election, but was elected by the Electoral College, a sort of intermediary body which was one of the original “checks-and-balances” engineered by our Founding Fathers to check popular excesses. Alas! These Founding Fathers did not foresee that this institution would propel such a poseur as Trump into office. The Electoral College was supposed to PREVENT this sort of thing! That the only two choices were between “Crooked Hillary” and “The Donald” reflects the bankruptcy of our pseudo-democracy. Bernie Sanders was frozen out (as revealed by the internal DNC emails made available by WikiLeaks). One of the reflections that voter participation has been ever shrinking during the past several decades is that many voters are shrewd enough to recognize that their vote has no real say in the election of “our” representatives; the two major parties–Tweedle-Dum and Tweddle-Dee, are but different flavors of the same rancid military-industrial dish.

    • Nick

      You can ‘democratically’ elect a pig…..
      But it’s still a pig.