The Marvels of Light, Photography from Eastern Cuba

November 19, 2016 |

Photo by Reynaldo La O



HAVANA TIMES – For the achievement of any graphic image the first element to take into account is the light source. Artificial or natural, whatever its origin, direction and intensity, the use of light is indispensable to determine each plane within the composition, in addition to providing a rich combination of shadows and colors.

The following pictures are a simple example of this.

By adjusting the camera’s sensors to capture each scene and with a correct exposure, wonderful photographs can be achieved.

You, my reader, can also enter this field with new and surprising ideas.


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  • Bee1936


  • bbenhamid

    Some images have deep meanings and express somewhat a genuine sadness.

  • bjmack

    Beyond brilliant and so beautiful.

  • jhardin

    Nice art thanks for sharing