Ebola: To Cuba, a crisis; to USA, a military campaign

    How’s this for a juxtaposition on how nations respond to a global health catastrophe. Check out these two headlines from yesterday’s news: ‘Cuba sends doctors to Ebola areas’ and ‘U.S. to deploy 3,000 troops as Ebola crisis worsens’.

featuredimage Commercial Advertising at Cuban Stadiums

With jerseys like the one that batter Stayler Hernandez is wearing, Industriales appears to have become a living billboard for Cuba’s Bucanero beer. The repercussions of this should not be taken lightly. Our government’s official journalists, often very concerned about the spread of lifestyles based on consumerism and frivolity, could well take on an interesting reflection on this matter.

featuredimage Miami Airport: The New Haven for Cuban Migrants

Miami International Airport has become a haven for thousands of Cuban-born travellers who request asylum in the United States after landing on US soil and approaching an immigration officer. A wave of “aerial refugees” is knocking on Miami’s doors.

featuredimage Getting to Know the Unknown Che

On February 26, 1964, Ernesto “Che” Guevara wrote the following to a man living at 560 Juan Bruno Zayas Street, Vibora, Havana: “Unfortunately, what reaches the majority – myself included – is an apology of the system and not its scientific analysis.”

featuredimage For Public Media and Beliefs Without Discrimination in Cuba

I am expressing a conviction that is shared by many others. Trampling on the secular and impartial nature of the State and the public media is trampling on the freedoms of all citizens of all creeds. Such freedoms are curtailed when one religious message is imposed on those who do not want to receive it, through a television broadcaster that people pay for with their taxes and work.

rightcolimage Cuba’s Organic Urban Gardens Now Cater to Private Businesses

Though I am surrounded by large urban organic gardens where I live, putting fresh, healthy food on my table is becoming harder every day – and not precisely because of the prices. Aimed at benefitting the low-income population, they are now the chief supplier of Havana’s private restaurants.

rightcolimage A Cuban’s Visit Abroad and Eternal Dissatisfaction

I have a neighbor who travelled to Italy on an invitation from his daughter, who left Cuba 15 years ago, when she married a foreigner. His only son also lives there. He had planned a three-month stay, but, a week after arriving…

rightcolimage Holy Chocolate: On Agro-Industrial Speculation in Cuba

Drinking hot chocolate in Cuba is almost a privilege, an exotic experience, an act denoting social prestige. Few Cubans would believe that, for the longest time, hot chocolate was one of the most popular breakfasts in the country. Once the companion of people’s morning toast, it has become a true culinary luxury.

rightcolimage Saving a Dog at Havana’s Calixto Garcia Hospital

The Coronary Care Ward at Havana’s Calixto Garcia Hospital is not exactly a merry place, but it would be far more depressing if it wasn’t for La Niña. La Niña is a cute little dog that squats on the ground floor of the hospital.

rightcolimage People with Disabilities Also Like the Beach

The hot weather we’re having has one daydreaming about the beach the day through. The beaches to the east of Havana are relatively close – for anyone in Havana who enjoys full physical faculties, that is. For disabled persons, however, it as though these beaches were thousands of kilometers away.

rightcolimage Terrorism: The Work of Monsters

There are two dates in which Cubans experience pain over those who have perished and hatred and contempt towards the monsters capable of organizing or carrying out terrorist acts: September 4 and October 6. In fact, In the course of 55 years, thousands of terrorist acts against Cuba have been carried out.

rightcolimage From My Balcony in Alamar, Cuba

Now that I am devoid of an Internet connection, I take advantage of my free time to survey the neighborhood from my balcony. The most interesting elements in sight are afforded us by nature: the changing tonalities of the sea, the always-green tree canopies and the daily traffic of people.

rightcolimage Choosing One’s Path, Outside Cuba

“Dear Jorge, I write you from beautiful Mexico, where I am doing my novitiate, a crucial step in my training,” my former workmate and friend Osman Aviles wrote me in an email. Osman has devoted part of his youth to the study of Cuban poets.