Cuba’s Frozen Revolution

    I came to write this piece because I was fascinated reading the Lonely Planet’s account of Cuban history. Wanting to share it, I summarized it. Yet I realized that something vital was missing from the Lonely Planet, namely a summing up of Cuba as it is now.

featuredimage In the Presence of Greatness

I make no secret of, nor apologies for, my admiration of Fidel Castro’s Cuban Revolution. The ultimate victory of a handful of heroic rebels— many unarmed at first — over dictator Fulgencio Batista’s army, consisting of 37,000 troops, as well as tanks and Mig fighter jets, can be called nothing less than admirable.

featuredimage Our Current Cuban Reality

What bothers me most is our passivity, that feeling of indifference which Cubans feel with regard to all of our leaders who live in luxury and don’t care too much about are problems.

featuredimage Peace in Colombia but Not in Cuba

Today, international conditions also favor the road to domestic peace in Cuba; however, the absence of a democratic system blocks this road. A clear dialogue and democratization process would be enough to tear down the framework that supports the US embargo laws.

featuredimage Fate Unknown of 20 Cubans Lost at Sea

The United States Coast Guard launched an operation by air and sea to try and locate possible survivors of a new Cuban tragedy, reported voanews.com.

rightcolimage Overflowing Garbage in Havana, Whose Fault?

It’s been raining a lot recently and in addition to the benefits that rain brings us, it also brings unrelated-to-nature collateral damage to the City of Havana. Let me explain…

rightcolimage In Cuba, Education Is Free, but It Costs

My son has just started his pre-university course. In Cuba, school education is free, and it’s a very good thing that everybody has access to it, but it’s slowly becoming a hefty financial dilemma.

rightcolimage The Journalism of Terror Regarding Cuba

Enemies of the Cuban Revolution, who have no other name other than “counter-revolutionaries”, don’t seem to stop their attack, which is what the Empire orders them to do.

rightcolimage The Companion: Not Just Friendship and Aids

The friendship between a boxer and a former soldier, within the context of the “Los Cocos” sanitarium, an institution where they kept every case of HIV and seropositives in confinement, in Cuba in the ‘80s is the setting for of film “El Acompañante” (The Companion).

rightcolimage Cuba on the Road to Development, With or Without Oil

September is passing us by and there have been different news reports going around relating to the energy situation in Cuba. It’s a shame that they’re all fake or superficial.

rightcolimage Crossing Over

On Thursday September 15th, the sea that washes up on “Russian beach” in Alamar, spread the ashes of poet Juan Carlos Flores, who couldn’t even wait for his end prescribed by natural decree.

rightcolimage The Iranian President Isn’t Welcome Here in Cuba

In its waltz with the world’s dictators, the Cuban government isn’t satisfied with just recently going to hug egomaniac Eternal North Korean President Kim Il-Sung, but now it’s receiving the Iranian head-of-state who rules the world’s leading country in homosexual persecution.

rightcolimage Havana When I Was a Little Girl

Walking through Havana is becoming a less gratifying experience every time I go. I remember when I was a little girl and a teenager how I used to love wondering through its neighborhoods.