Cuba’s Toilet Paper Shortages Revisited

    Though Cuba’s toilet paper shortages this year caused something of a stir in local and foreign media, no one clearly explained why this product suddenly “disappeared” from the country’s stores.

featuredimage Big Cuba Communications Contract Awarded

The U.S. government has awarded a no-bid $1.4 million contract to a company that will produce “TV and radio programs designed specifically for audiences in Cuba.” The contract went to Canyon Communications, founded by Jeff Kline.

featuredimage Leaving Cuba Alone a Sound Policy

Spanish Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Garcia-Margallo’s visit to Cuba has given the Popular Party’s policy of isolating Havana, impelled by former President Jose Maria Aznar, a 180-degree turn.

featuredimage The Squandering of Cuba’s Greatest Resource

“A Cuban Brain Drain, Courtesy of the US”. This shocking revelation by the New York Times was unknown to the majority of its readership, accustomed to a hostile rhetoric about defecting baseball players, stagnated economy and a lack of basic goods.

featuredimage Spain-Cuba Relations Still Far From Normal

“This trip is part of our country’s normal bilateral relations,” Jose Manuel Garcia-Margallo insisted on leaving Havana, but the circumstances in which the Spanish Foreign Minister ended his visit to Cuba suggest that the two countries are still far from achieving the rapprochement sought by Madrid.

rightcolimage Welcoming Inflation in Cuba

Two weeks ago, the Cuban television program De economia y mas (“The Economy and More”) tackled the issue of inflation. Since such issues have never before been discussed in Cuba outside of expert circles, the show took me by surprise.

rightcolimage Few Foreign Rock Bands Play in Cuba

It is encouraging for those who love rock music to see foreign bands visit the country and stage the occasional concert. Music is one the arts closest to human feelings and one of the things that unites people the most.

rightcolimage Cuba’s “Twelve Apostles” of Economic Growth

Since every expert mentions a different factor, Terrero titled his interview Doce economistas en pugna (“Twelve divergent economists”). I, however, fail to notice any real disagreement. What I see, rather, is an extremely high level of agreement.

rightcolimage A Cuban in the Land of the Selfish

Today, I want to share with you a number of very surprising experiences I had in Chicago this year, for they contradict the idea that Cuban schools and media have constructed regarding the egotism that a country like the United States allegedly encourages in people.

rightcolimage Panel Debates on Cuba’s “Weekly Package”

The controversial “weekly package” – a compilation of TV series, music and a wide range of digital files put together every week and distributed in Cuba through hard disks and flash drives – was once again addressed at two panel discussions.

rightcolimage My First Failed Attempt at Joining Cuba’s Rebels

Shortly after Fidel Castro began the war against Fulgencio Batista’s dictatorship at the Sierra Maestra mountain range, I asked the leadership of the 26th of July Movement in the province of Las Villas to send me to a guerrilla front.

rightcolimage My Love-Hate Relationship with India

As for me, the peculiar sound of Indian music, the country’s dance traditions, the texture and colors of its fabrics, the sari (a garment worn by women), the delicacy of its pottery, these are the beautiful things I like about the country.

rightcolimage Looking for Work in Guantanamo, Cuba

As you know, I have been without work for some months now and, like any self-respecting unemployed person, am looking for a job (or pretending to do so, at least). I fear I will start liking this business of slacking off and begin living by my wits, as many Cubans do.