Cuba Finally Cut from US Terrorism List

    As requested by US President Obama, the State Department on Friday officially took Cuba off Washington’s list of state sponsors of terrorism, where it has been parked since 1982.

featuredimage The Story of a Cuban Survivor

Two hours into our first meeting, I knew that Frank is gay; is a composer and a writer; was nearly successful at suicide; is the father of two children; and has AIDS. His relationship with the disease is like a marriage: it’s been with him for 24 years, the same time that he’s been with his partner Tony.

featuredimage Do Cuba’s Youth Support the Revolution?

Foreigners visiting here tend to ask us questions that aren’t the least bit easy to answer. A short while ago, a friend from abroad asked me if I believed young Cubans supported the revolution.

featuredimage Cuba: From the Republic in Arms to a Republic of Law

I wonder to what extent the Cuban nation is what it wanted to be and to what extent circumstances forced it to be what it is.

featuredimage Ladies in White on My Street Corner

People started to gather around the women. Thankfully, the surprise demonstration wasn’t met with aggression. Those gathered began to comment under their breath, as though the people speaking were expressing the fear in themselves, a fear these government opponents had long rid their minds of.

rightcolimage Never Too Late to Come Out

Back when I was studying at the tourism school in Havana, a classmate and I used to go out with two young men from Cuba’s east. We went to parties, strolled together through Old Havana and practically became inseparable.

rightcolimage Cuba: The Anthropology of Popular Opinion

No one in Cuba today is surprised to hear the various opinions that have traditionally surrounded the claim that “black people have bigger penises than white people,” so I assume no one will be too shocked by my comments on the subject below.

rightcolimage Troubled Hope: On Animal Rights in Cuba

I recall how, back in primary school, we used to shower white herons with rocks while heading back home from school. Poor things, they’ve never been anything but “worthless” to common people in Cuba.

rightcolimage A Note on Cuba’s Education System

If we allowed ourselves to be persuaded by the news going around the Internet, we would conclude Cuba has one of the worst educational systems in the world – and that’s not the case.

rightcolimage The Cuban Communist Party and Ice-Cream Flavors

Here’s the story about the “technical norm,” the one I promised to share in my last post, the one I heard one of my compatriots tell while we were waiting outside the household appliances repair shop.

rightcolimage Last Cuban Doctors Who Fought Ebola Back Home

For over six months, a brigade of 256 health professionals, belonging to the Henry Reeve internationalist work team, combatted the deadly virus in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia, putting their own lives at risk.

rightcolimage The Holes in Our Bodies

All animals (including humans) have a series of holes in their bodies that are paths to different sensations or windows to knowledge and power. Some have multiple purposes. I’ve been thinking about this for a long time.

rightcolimage Cuba: Rights at the State’s Convenience

The image and sounds are worth a thousand words. Yelling “down with human rights!” the old man summarizes the official ideology of the Cuban State in a terrible and succinct way: human rights (HR) are a weapon the enemy uses to subvert the system, period.