A Well-Known Havana Park

    Located in the Havana municipality of Cerro is a large park bordered by schools, one of which used to be an important teacher training school (The Normal) where many educators graduated before 1959. In a corner of the park on a hill is a statue of the Vietnamese martyr Nguyen Van Troi. (23 photos)

featuredimage A Wedding and a Funeral in Cuba

Most weddings in Cuba used to be celebrated by throwing a big party at the house of one of the newly-weds, with enough food and drink to keep anyone from going home hungry, thirsty or critical of the spread. That’s what Maria and Oscar’s wedding was like…

featuredimage Cuba Regains Dominance Over USA

It didn’t take long for the Cuban baseball forces to regain the momentum and fully atone for last summer’s embarrassing whitewashing on North American soil versus the USA Collegiate All-Stars. In a renewal five-game set the youth-studded Cuban squad swept to five straight wins.

featuredimage The Forgotten Story of a Local Havana Newspaper

When the newspaper industry was still flourishing and about twenty different papers with large readerships were being published in Havana, a local periodical printed in the neighborhood of Los Pinos (named “Proyector”) was also in its heyday.

featuredimage Cuba’s Future Big League Players

Those who know little about Cuban baseball tradition may be surprised by the new batch of talented players now shining in the big leagues, but the fact of the matter is that Cuba has always been an inexhaustible wellspring of good players. (24 photos)

rightcolimage Gay and Anti-Capitalist?

That a person or group should defend gay rights and also assume an anti-capitalist posture is something that makes many commentators at digital fora, journalists, some sociologists and even LGBTI activists uncomfortable.

rightcolimage The “Blues” at the Bus Stop

The Azul (“Blue Uniform”) at the bus stop near my house earns a salary for doing nothing. Or, better said, he doesn’t earn a salary, he merely collects it. Every morning, I see him standing alone under a tree, wearing his familiar indigo uniform.

rightcolimage A Return Visit to the Dentist

I had two chipped teeth. I’d let time pass to see if I could live like that, at least for a few years, but it proved impossible. Soon, eating any kind of food became bothersome. I had to bite the bullet and go to a dentist at the Finlay polyclinic, in my Havana municipality of Marianao.

rightcolimage Cuban Ravings against the Cold War and the Execution of the Rosenbergs

What happened to the Rosenbergs pisses me off. I’ve known their story since the time I was in high school (they made us read a number of documents about their trial, carefully selected for the 10th grade history textbook).

rightcolimage Cuba: The Road to Prosperity

I want to begin this post sharing with you my joy over some recent news: Cuba’s National Assembly (Parliament) convened recently and one of their conclusions is that the island’s economy continues to slow down.

rightcolimage Chekhov’s Uncle Vania Staged by Cuba’s Argos Teatro Co.

For some time now, I have been attending only those plays about which I have heard something positive. I’ve had some bad experiences and try not to make chance decisions anymore. However when a theater company of some prestige stages a new play, I try not to miss it.

rightcolimage Being a Teenager in Cuba

At the pharmacy, I ran into some of the mothers of my son’s friends. We had a long conversation and, like always, almost every topic had to do with the central issue in our lives: children. Everyone, mothers and children, would be grateful if there were places for teenagers at affordable prices.

rightcolimage “Bonebreaker” and Cuba’s Revolutionary Underground

The underground struggle against Cuban dictator Fulgencio Batista became more and more difficult in my town. You had to do things without blowing your cover while leading a normal life of study and work, pretending you had no involvement in revolutionary activities.