Cuba’s Youth in the Post Fidel Era

    Fidel Castro’s death highlights the need for a generational transfer. It is already more or less defined what will happen in the political and economic superstructure in the coming two years, with First Vice President Miguel Díaz Canel leading a government team of his generation. However what about Cuban youth?

featuredimage Food in Cuba: A Vicious Cycle

An analysis of the food market in our country reveals the continuity of high prices which tend to increase, taking the official average salary of consumers into account. Here is my attempt to explain the different markets that exist in Cuba for food.

featuredimage Cuba: Fanaticism against a White Background

A woman got onto the bus and shouted: “If one of them worms comes close to me, I’m going to spit at her in the face. And if they let me, I’ll take out one of her eyes. Let’s see if they stop protesting so much.” It was Sunday. 9 AM. I didn´t expect the expressions of hate and violence to start so early.

featuredimage Africa’s Love For Fidel Castro

In the next couple of years, I suspect that there will be books and other intellectual productions by African scholars, writers, artists, activists, commentators and chroniclers detailing their “love and respect” for Fidel Castro. It is likely to be so in much of the Global South — an area that was once characterized by colonialism, and by western domination and exploitation.

featuredimage A Special Well in Candelaria, Cuba

The Virgin of Candelaria well west of Havana has a long-lasting legend. Pablo Pineiro and his wife Mercedes Nunez have been married for 52 years and together they have been the loyal guardians of this place. On the local city emblem, which is displayed at the museum, the image of the Virgin of Candelaria appears as a historic figure.

rightcolimage Cuba Opens Up Its Ports to Polluting Cruise Ships

The cruise company Carnival Corporation, which began traveling to Cuba last May, has just been found guilty of pouring waste with oil into the ocean and of deliberately covering this up for 8 years.

rightcolimage Cuba Suffers a Loss of Values

The result of multiple causes, many values have been lost in our society which infringe upon our unity and progress, especially when money is involved. There are many anecdotes that exemplify this within families, friends or even work colleagues.

rightcolimage The Return: Living and Working in Cuba

My heroes are simple, entrepreneurial, brave people with guts, who take risks. My heroes are afraid, they suffer, they fall, they get back up, they are optimistic, and fear doesn’t paralyze them. My heroes don’t want acknowledgement, they don’t need it…

rightcolimage Luncheon Meat Is Here!

It was still morning when one of my neighbors came announcing that luncheon meat had arrived at the butchers. It’s custom here that somebody always notifies the rest of us about what has arrived at the bodega stores (where they sell rationed items).

rightcolimage Needs and the Guilt of Consumerism

A psychological state has been created in poor people in Cuba so that they can do without so many things and hate consumerism like they would an infernal machine.

rightcolimage 48 Minutes at the Entrance to the Havana Bay Tunnel

Some ago, I was returning from Havana on a city bus. When we had already the passed the Spanish embassy, the bus began to slow down to a stop. There was a queue of cars in front of us and another queue began to form behind us.

rightcolimage The King is Dead – The Day After

“The king has died without a crown,” Alejando commented, highlighting how Fidel was able to govern in all of Latin America from Cuba, as well as lead a war in Angola from Havana. “A man like him will never be forgotten,” he concluded regretfully.

rightcolimage The Cuba that Never Changes?

Having decided to return to Cuba, Cuban emigres (as well as emigrants from any other country, of course), find that they have to resolve a series of fundamental matters so they can adapt to their new place of residence.