featuredimage Meeting Up with my German “Girlfriend”

I kept in touch with Trixi by writing letters and, as my English wasn’t very good, I used to always go in search of my doctor friend Reinaldo Pantoja so that he could translate her letters to me. We wrote to each other for exactly one year. She even sent me a German language course on tape so that I could learn her language.

featuredimage Cuba Shouldn’t Progress into the 20th Century

Cuba has everything it needs to be a big exporter of organic produce. However, as economic decisions remain centralized, it’s difficult for farmers to approach the market, which is essential for promoting this kind of farming.

featuredimage Little Known Cuban Artist Georgina de la Cruz

There are a lot of unknown artists here in Havana. Stands at commercial fairs aren’t filled with their paintings, and they aren’t seen at its many art galleries which wait patiently for buyers to come every day.

featuredimage Is an International Cuba Baseball Team Possible?

It’s what the great majority of Cuban baseball fans want, but taking a team to the 2017 World Baseball Classic including players who have abandoned the island, is more of a dream than a reality.

rightcolimage When We Were Young and Promiscuous

Having casual relationships is something you do when you’re growing up, without fear of getting STDs. When I was young, I was promiscuous, like a lot of my friends. We had sex on stairways, in parks, on rooftops, in rooms they used to lend us…

rightcolimage Who Could Be against Peace in Colombia?

Regarding the signing of bilateral and definitive ceasefire and end to hostilities agreements, between the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia and the Colombian government, incredibly, some people in that country are against these peace accords.

rightcolimage An Islander without an Island

These are the remnants of a familiar city which remain imprinted on our memory. Reality follows us in our subconscious when we don’t see these things everyday; a corner, an arch or a column. (7 photos)

rightcolimage Trying to Get a Home Telephone Line in Cuba

Many years ago, Cuba’s telecommunications monopoly (Etecsa) decided to adopt a policy to try and invest in mobile phones and the Internet. They almost put fixed landline management and installation for the Cuban people to one side completely…

rightcolimage In Cuba, to Smoke or Not to Smoke…

The Cuban government continues to support smoking in many ways; tobacco companies try to increase their sales and people keep choosing to smoke as a lifestyle choice, and they’re taking up the habit when they’re younger and younger.

rightcolimage In Cuba: Nobody’s to Blame or Are They?

If we all, or nearly all of us in Cuba, are in the same boat, why can’t we respect and help each other on a day to day basis? Why do we let ourselves be carried away by the worst of our situation?

rightcolimage The Fito Paez Concert at Havana’s Karl Marx Theater

I saw the announcement about composer and singer Fito Paez’s arrival with his band, and the reason why he wanted to perform his last concert on his Latin American tour in our beloved, marvelous city.

rightcolimage I’m Liking Havana less and less

This Havana that I wanted for years to call my home, this Havana where I studied at its University and where I’ve already worked for a fair bit… this Havana that I like less and less every day.