Cuba Photo Contest 2014 Semifinalists

    It’s time to present the pictures from the 6th HT Cuba Photo Contest that made it to the second round of selection. We received a total of 555 pictures from 72 participants competing in the five categories: Cuba y Night, Achievements, Failures, Housing and Billboards/Posters. (163 photos)

featuredimage Normality and Progress in Cuba

On Sunday, I was invited to be part of the panel for the Cuban television program Circulo de la Confianza (“Circle of Trust”), organized at Havana’s Fabrica de Arte cultural center. The topic discussed was progress: what the concept meant, whether Cuba was making any progress with its current reforms and what we ought to do to have progress in the future.

featuredimage Horizontalism as a strategy: “taking over the state doesn’t lead to real liberation” (I)

Marina Sitrin is a lawyer and has a PhD in sociology, but she prefers to define herself as “a writer, dreamer, and revolutionary”. She is well known among the emancipatory activists for editing the book Horizontalism on self-organization in Argentina after the 2001 collapse. Recently, she authored They Can’t Represent Us!: Reinventing Democracy from Greece to Occupy. We met first during her stay in Cuba.

featuredimage Cuba in Individual Sports for the Veracruz-2014 Games

About a decade ago, the Central American and Caribbean Games were a cake walk, for Cuba. The dominance of Cuban sports was such that it used to breeze at regional trials, where they even enjoyed the privilege of leaving their star athletes at home and still win the competition with ease.

featuredimage Cuba: The Country of the “No”

I invite you to take trip with me to the Kingdom of the No. An attentive gaze, some notes and several photos are enough to confirm the persistent obstacles that people run into when dealing with service providers supposedly created to make their lives easier.

rightcolimage Two Trips to Alamar, Havana

A get-together with friends is always an interesting encounter, a context in which feedback flows and spiritual mingling makes us better people. The hours pass and one barely notices it. Several months ago, my friend Veronica organized such a get-together.

rightcolimage Cuba’s Alfredo Guevara and the Game of Thrones

I have been meaning to write some comments on Haroldo Dilla’s post “The Cavalcade of Cuba’s Alfredo Guevara” for a long while. Dilla expressed his disconcert over the megalomaniacal pillars of this man’s personality, traits he managed to conceal quite well…

rightcolimage Cuba is a Medical Superpower

The news reached me from the city of Moron, in Cuba’s province of Ciego de Avila. The piece was about a 13-year-old who, while enjoying carnival festivities in the town of Cacahual fell from a height of about 8 meters, hit the pavement and suffered a serious head trauma.

rightcolimage Cuba as the End Times Approach

In my previous post, I mentioned in passing that this and all other countries would face a devastating crisis of civilization sooner rather than later. In view of the pronounced interest the issue seems to have among Havana Times’ commentators, I have decided to return to it in this post.

rightcolimage My Neighbor’s Death

“Did you hear about the accident that happened on the Monumental roadway half an hour ago? Two elderly mulattos driving a beige Moskovich at high speed ran into an electrical post. They say they’re from your neighborhood.”

rightcolimage On the “Physical Disappearance” of Cuba’s Historical Figures

Ernesto “Che” Guevara was taken prisoner and assassinated on October 9, 1967 under orders from the CIA. We know this thanks to testimonies offered by the person who executed him. Why falsify the historical record?

rightcolimage My Experience on a Cuban Bus

It is not my intention to debate whether the irregularities of local, inter-municipal or inter-provincial transportation are to be blamed on the blockade imposed on the island. What I want to share with you today is what happened to me yesterday…

rightcolimage Opinion Pieces and Harsh Comments

Though I’ve been busy with the defense of my Masters’ thesis, I’ve had some time to read some of the comments on the posts written by my colleague, compatriot and friend Dariela Aquique. I want to point out at the outset that I have no intention of becoming her defense attorney.