Independent Work and the Racial Divide in Cuba

    This story began when 500,000 surplus state sector jobs were to be eliminated, almost “putting the cart before the oxen”, and nobody knew where these unemployed workers would end up after receiving wages over a three month grace period.

featuredimage Cuba’s VP Threatens “Contra” Projects (Video)

In a recent meeting of leaders of the Communist Party of Cuba, First Vice President Miguel Díaz Canel spoke about non-government media and other projects that seek to destroy the Cuban Revolution with underhanded methods from within.

featuredimage Before the War (Video)

A man returns home from a war. His physical scars are healed but the emotional ones are so deep that he will never be the same. The National Screen Institute of Canada (NSI) posted this short film by Cuban director Tamara Segura.

featuredimage Mayari’s Pine Forests, a Place of Unique Beauty

Among the foothills of the Cristal and Nipe mountains, the Mayari river slopes down towards the extensive coral reefs. Before flowing into the sea, it plows through the valley of the same name, which is also the name of the municipality and the capital city of the province of Holguin in northeastern Cuba. (17 photos)

featuredimage A Project to Connect Poetry and Film

Virginia Paguaga’s mission is to knock down the barriers that have been imposed between different art forms. Her project “Videopoetica” seeks to experiment with images and words. It involved a group of female poets, photographers and filmmakers so that they could create an audiovisual anthology, and reinterpret texts written by Central American women.

rightcolimage Raffle to Stay at Havana’s Super Lux Hotel

Organizing a raffle in Cuba or, better yet, in Havana, presumes a high level of enthusiasm. It’s not easy to convince a diverse public who aren’t openly familiar with gambling or with the adrenaline of a bettor.

rightcolimage The Limits of Our Protection

One of the expressions of this crisis of values that is eating away at Cuba and which many people are taking seriously, is the number of stray animals on the street and the condition they are found in.

rightcolimage Cuban YouTubers

Even with all of our disadvantages, many people have incorporated the Internet into their everyday lives. But, Cubans not only access the Internet, they are also leaving their mark on it.

rightcolimage New Beauty Standards

When you are young, you don’t think too much about your appearance, you just have to be a bit charming, as firm skin makes up for a not so beautiful face. And it’s true, once your body begins to age, you begin to worry…

rightcolimage Racial discrimination in Cuba

The subject of racial discrimination in Cuba is a very delicate and thorny issue which has to be approached with a lot of care, so that there isn’t any confusion or people hurt. Here I will mention some aspects of the growing problem.

rightcolimage Cuba, Sun and Skin Cancer

Concerned about the intense summer sun, I paid 8.40 CUC for an umbrella. When I was at my most happiest, a friend reminded me that the umbrella might give me shade but, it doesn’t completely stop ultraviolet rays passing through.

rightcolimage The Swindled

I don’t have a TV because I chose not to have one. So I don’t have any idea about what’s been on TV this summer. But, I have returned to TV past during these summer days, thanks to a film bank.

rightcolimage My Last Interview in Havana

To come back to Cuba after arriving in Mexico, I waited the two years they give you to not lose your residency rights on the island. There was so much to learn about, the city, a new culture, plus my Masters studies in paleosoils.