A Visit to Guama, Matanzas

    Last weekend, my family and I decided to visit the Cienaga de Zapata, a large wetland located in southern Matanzas. We got a good breath of fresh air and saw many beautiful landscapes during the two-hour trip to the Guama tourist complex. (34 photos)

featuredimage Cuba: Where the Rainbow Starts

In the course of Cuban history, political leaders have mocked sexual minorities. The medical and religious establishments labeled them sick and depraved beings, and, during the sixties, they were dubbed as weak and counterrevolutionary.

featuredimage The Cuban State: Jack of All Trades, Master of None

Cuba’s economic difficulties have a variety of ingredients: the island’s status as an underdeveloped nation, the chosen socialist model, the mistakes made by the government, the US blockade and internal corruption (whose expression is the black market).

featuredimage Cuba Sends Off Brigade to Liberia and Guinea to Fight Ebola

Cuban President Raul Castro announced today the departure on Tuesday of 91 aid workers to Liberia and Guinea to combat Ebola. The first brigade of 165 health workers traveled earlier this month to Sierra Leone.

featuredimage Cuban Folk Musician Alex Mendez: Run-Away Slave in Copenhagen

A Cuba folk musician living in Europe speaks to us about his music and shares his thoughts on his condition as musician. “I learn from what people feel. Now, without a sensitive pair of ears my songs say nothing, they’re empty, emptier than a beach in Copenhagen during the winter,” Alex Mendez tells us in his interview for HT.

rightcolimage Cuba Between Post-Totalitarianism and the Dictatorship of the Right

I often say that the Cuban regime is a totalitarian dictatorship and, in saying this, I vent the frustration it produces me in one fell swoop. It’s a shame Spanish does not have as expressive and accurate a term as Totalherrschaft.

rightcolimage Cuba Earning from Education

When the history of how Cuba entered the globalized marketplace is written healthcare will be the principal protagonist. Entering the international medical education marketplace and the dynamic use of human resources in healthcare has become the most globalized feature of the Cuban economy.

rightcolimage Being Beautiful in Cuba

As women age, they begin to require a certain dignity that experience alone cannot afford them. What is experience, after all? It is the succession of the mistakes we make in life. And one never learns – there is simply not enough time to do so.

rightcolimage From Cuba on Children’s Rights

We know that the rights of children are systematically violated in many parts of the world. I began thinking about this again after seeing one of those funny videos from the United States that people pass about on flash drives here…

rightcolimage My Return to Holguin, Cuba

Four years ago, I published a diary entry titled Holguin: My Father’s Land. In it, I reminisced on my last trip to the east-laying province, in the 80s. I recall having broadly described my impressions from then and how it pained me that I hadn’t visited my family for a long time.

rightcolimage Elegant Curves and Smiling Murderers, in Cuba and Elsewhere

The guillotine was dull. That is why we had to use scissors to cut the heads off. One is hard pressed to find anyone willing to have their head cut off with a pair of scissors just like that, so they taught us a technique.

rightcolimage Ways to Spot a Right-Winger

In the interest of contributing to the far-from-archaic debate about Right and Left, I would like to share some of the ideas I’ve developed about what defines a right-winger and a number of ways to identify these individuals.

rightcolimage The Differences Among Schools

Several weeks after having gone back to my English course and begun new routines, like attending a School for Workers and Farmers (Facultad Obrero Campesina, or FOC) – the only option available to me right now, if I want to complete the 12th grade.