Cuba and its Outstanding Dreams

    When our children left home it was as if the sky had fallen; my wife and I fell in what is known as the “empty nest syndrome”. Suddenly we were without our main occupation; educate this pair of boys who gave us life.

featuredimage What can you buy for a Cuban peso?

So what can a peso by at the bodega or shop where the head of the family has their ration card registered, a system which has been in place since 1963 and continues to this day.

featuredimage Cuba Is Seeing Increasing Work Protests

There are more than enough reasons to protest, it’s a spontaneous act, it’s becoming more common and by the way, they’re not asking for direct political demands, nobody’s shouting Down with Raul, down with the government!

featuredimage Cuba: A Question of Principles or How to Silence Debate

Seeing the word “debate” in a headline of Granma, the official newspaper of Cuba’s one legal political party, may be encouraging…but only until one reads the title of the article in its entirety: “Rules for Debate, or a Question of Principles,” by Rafael Cruz Ramos.

featuredimage Mujica Stands Up for the Democratic Left

It was with great relief that I read the news about (former Uruguayan president) Jose Mujica’s condemning words to embattled Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. Mujica acted as a voice of the democratic left in calling Maduro way out of order.

rightcolimage From the Room Next-Door

Bárbara was my schoolfriend and neighbor, and because she didn’t have any brothers or sisters, we shared a lot together: we loved listenening to music, playing ludo, talking for hours on end and watching films.

rightcolimage Surviving in Cuba

My friend recently told me that he feels like he doesn’t understand Cubans anymore, and that he feels out of place. “I don’t know if it’s just me who’s got it wrong”, he said confused “but I see so much craziness everywhere.”

rightcolimage Cuban Culture during the Revolution

For many many years, Cuban culture was buried beneath racial discrimination, and the few tourists who visited Cuba came from the United States, where there was even worse discrimination than the one in our own country.

rightcolimage Health in Cuba: The Only Viable Options?

Let us continue to go through Cuba’s 2015 Yearly Statistics Report. In this piece, we are going to compare our country’s main health indicators with those of the rest of the world.

rightcolimage My First Encounters with Santería

Like childhood’s many other discoveries, which occur simultaneously, I was invited for my first time to a Yoruba* ritual drumming party when I was 9 years old and found myself alone in front of a santera.

rightcolimage My Day against Homophobia

This year, I noticed that, despite having been denied much publicity on television, as is habitual in our socialist country, the number of people who attended the rally was a bit greater than in previous years.

rightcolimage A Child’s Questions in Cuba

My dad would always tell me that, when I was small, I would constantly put him a hard spot with difficult questions at inopportune times, and that, many a time, he didn’t know how to handle these.

rightcolimage An Infuriating Boss

Back in the 90s, I worked in a bookstore. I was happy, I had the ideal job, surrounded by books. I learned to deal with the customers who went there, suggesting what books to read. I socialized with others and made friends.