A New Look at Havana’s Malecon Seawall

    I know it. There must already be more than a hundred reports that have been made about and from the Malecon seawall in Havana. But it’s unavoidable when in Cuba to not visit it and once there it’s impossible not to take out one’s camera. (27 photos)

featuredimage What Would a Trump Presidency Mean for Cuba?

During my last visit to Cuba, while strolling through Centro Habana, camera in hand and looking very much like a tourist, an old, bearded Cuban gentleman seated on a bench called out to me. “Where are you from, Señor?” he asked, puffing on a particularly fat cigar.

featuredimage Why I support a Journalist in Cuba Threatened with Deportation

Fernando Ravsberg escapes labels, which always attracts attention; however, it isn’t exactly a virtue. For example, in his views on Cuban society, he has picked on the evident signs of unrest without ever focusing on the opposition’s noisy protests, or how they are repressed.

featuredimage The Persistent Racial Crisis in Cuba

Recent controversies about the heated issue of racism in Cuba sadly confirm that the unfounded fear of the Cuban government to recognize and confront the increased racism in the country and its intent to pretend this tragedy does not exist, would serve only for this malady to metastasize.

featuredimage The Story of Two Cuban Survivors

Marilin de Pedro (37) and Javier Casanova (30) met at the Julio Diaz Orthopedic Hospital. Both of them were victims of traffic accidents, at different times. She graduated in Civil Engineering and he works in construction as a floor polisher at the Havana Convention Center.

rightcolimage Alamar, Havana Streets Turned into a Great Dump

A tour through the streets of Alamar by the environmental project El Guardabosques, revealed dozens of garbage pick up points that were overflowing with garbage throughout the sprawling housing projects, located on the east side of Havana. (29 photos)

rightcolimage Capitalism’s True Face

Recently, after one of my articles had been published on Havana Times, a person commented that Cubans leave Cuba because they like capitalism more than they like socialism. (12 photos)

rightcolimage Cuba’s Strange Machismo

Maura almost crosses herself whenever she hears her neighbor shout at her boyfriend in the middle of the street. If I do that to Jose- she exclaims -, nobody will be able to save me from the beating he’ll give me; we have to respect our men.

rightcolimage Is This a Good Time for Cubans to Invest?

Juan Triana is an intelligent analyst, bold and well educated in his field: the Cuban economy. Moreover, he is a very charismatic communicator; you enjoy reading his work. However…

rightcolimage New Times in Venezuela

The last bit of soap falls from my hands into the sink hole and I say a few curses under my breath, without being in too much of a bad mood, because I’d used the last bit of my annual quota of grief the day before.

rightcolimage Street Children: a Disgrace for Humanity Nonexistent in Cuba

During a cold winter in the Southern hemisphere, in 1973, I was in Santiago de Chile and I would watch, from the window of the hotel I was staying at, a group of children huddle around a bonfire.

rightcolimage Cuban Labor Board Declares My Appeal “Unfounded”

Even though I was almost sure that the Labor Board would rule against me – a certainty based on the good vibes I got from the Oral hearing – I wasn’t sure I wanted to drag out the appeals process…

rightcolimage A Birthday Not to Remember

In Cuba, the service of having your birthday cake made when the special date arrives, which I remember from when I was a little girl, continues to endure even today.