Cuba Faces Condom Shortage

    The iffy supply of condoms in Cuban pharmacies and markets in recent months has meant greater risk for some and an impediment to others who prefer to restrain their libidos rather than fall sick or become pregnant. The situation seems to have worsened since early April but has been intermittent for more than a year.

featuredimage Cuban Artist Recreates “The Hole” Where Cuban Five Were Held in Isolation

During the month of April an unusual installation is showing at the Havana Fine Arts Museum titled “No Agradezcan el Silencio” (Don’t thank the silence) by artist Alexis Leiva Machado (Kcho). (20 photos)

featuredimage Isabel Allende on Gabriel García Márquez in Exclusive Interview

In an exclusive interview, Chilean novelist Isabel Allende remembers the life and legacy of late writer Gabriel García Márquez. She reads from his landmark novel “One Hundred Years of Solitude” and talks about how García Márquez influenced generations of thinkers and writers in Latin America and across the world.

featuredimage Cuba’s Mariel Development Zone Unmasked

Ana Teresa Igarza, director general of the Mariel Special Development Zone (ZEDM) Regulations Office, recently announced that a special hard-currency exchange rate had been established for Zone employees. Contracted employees will receive 80 percent of their salaries but…

featuredimage Cuban Artist Tomas Sanchez Shows Works in Cuba after 27 Years

Tomás Sanchez had not had an exhibition in Cuba since 1987. Though some of his paintings were occasionally exhibited in a number of biennales in Havana, there had been no solo exhibitions by the artist since that date. The artist had been blacklisted (his yoga and meditation practices weren’t well seen at the time).(13 photos)

rightcolimage Climbing Western Cuba’s Tallest Peak

During a recent excursion to The Pan de Guajaibón, western Cuba’s highest peak (701 meters), I learned how to get to one of Cuba’s most spectacular views, how pig thieves destroy rural livelihood, and which type of tree rat you keep as a pet and which you eat. (8 photos)

rightcolimage A Cuba Crime Report

On the last Saturday of March, an official government announcement took the habitual listeners of Havana’s Radio Reloj radio program by surprise. It was a petition by authorities asking the public the help clear up a crime that had taken place in Old Havana two days before.

rightcolimage Like Stars on Earth

Although I don’t watch a lot of television, I think that the most familiar aspect of Indian culture promoted here are the products of Bollywood. These Indian films repeat the same formula over and over again: sentimental songs, an ultra-standardized type of beauty and every kind of figurative cliché in a dazzling visual vertigo.

rightcolimage Class Differences in a Cuban Classroom?

When I look back at how I felt in the classroom when I first started my English course, the changes I’ve experienced seem incredible to me. At the time, I would see so many people with touchscreen phones that I was embarrassed to pull out my MP3 player, for even something as insignificant as this is a status symbol.

rightcolimage Cuba: No Country for the Elderly

I was thinking about the inevitable passage of time and, after a very simple calculation, concluded I would turn 50 in 10 years. In 20, if I haven’t died of a heart attack (the main cause of death among men in Cuba), I will have turned 60 and become, as they say, a senior citizen.

rightcolimage Cuba and Modern Technologies of Indiscretion

We’re definitely living in an era in which technology has become an essential part of people’s lives everywhere. The devices, techniques and processes employed in any field and directed towards progress and development, such as portable computers and state-of-the-art cell phones have become something like a fifth appendage for people.

rightcolimage Searching for Cuba’s Mahatma

A political event of huge significance for Cubans will take place in 2018: President Raul Castro will step down, not without leaving someone to his liking (and not so much the people’s) on the throne. We may breathe some winds of change initially, but, as the months pass, the situation will likely get more and more tense.

rightcolimage Sancti Spiritus: A Cuban City Turns 500

One would think the city has been bombed out. Sancti Spiritus, Cuba’s City of the Holy Spirit, will turn five hundred in June of this year, and the heart of its old town has all but vanished. (18 photos)