A Record of Cuban Life

    In the images below, I have tried to capture the way we are, what we do and how we live today, when the magic of photography, new technologies and social networks allows us to reach innumerable people, scattered across our global village. (30 photos)

featuredimage Cuba Extends Consular Services in USA until Year’s End

The Cuban Interests Section in Washington, D.C., will continue to renew and extend the validity of passports held by Cubans residing in the United States until December 31, despite having been unable to find a bank willing to handle its accounts.

featuredimage Cuba, USA Converge over Cave Research

María Pérez, an Assistant Professor in West Virginia University’s (WVU) Department of Geology and Geography, is using a three-year grant from the National Science Foundation to research the collaboration between Cuban and U.S. speleologists.

featuredimage Thank You Fidel for Many Great Lessons

Many believe that everything Fidel Castro did in the name of socialism was a huge mess. But shouldn’t we consider the acknowledgment and study of the many mistakes made in the name of socialism a great lesson, a great inheritance for all socialists?

featuredimage What People in Cuba Ought to Know about Miami (Part 1)

In a popular Cuban joke, one fellow says: “Havana, a city of two million people.” The phrase is left hanging in the air, in anticipation of the reply. The reply finally comes: “Yeah, two million: one million citizens, one million cops!” According to statistics, there are some 5 million people living in Miami’s metropolitan area. In this post, I will tell you about the number of police officers I ran into in the downtown area.

rightcolimage Ebola in Cuban News

The African continent is again making news and these are again far from good. The world is talking about a new outbreak of the Ebola virus in Western Africa, the worst since the disease was discovered near the Ebola river, in the Republic of Congo (formerly Zaire), in 1976.

rightcolimage Cuba’s Economic Problems

I frequently come across the comments and articles written by those who are always criticizing the Cuban revolution, pointing out Cuba’s economic problems time and time again. These are partly right: no one can deny that Cuba has economic problems. Now, I ask you: is Cuba the only country in the world with economic problems? Is Cuba the country with the most economic problems?

rightcolimage On Cuba’s Public Bathrooms

The waiting room of the emergency ward at Havana’s Luis Dias Soto (or Naval) Hospital has only one bathroom for both genders. The women’s bathroom has been closed up for a while now – since February, at least – and everyone uses the men’s lavatory.

rightcolimage The Teacher I Love

The unconventional teacher in the film Dead Poets Society is the kind of educator I never had. Before seeing the movie, in fact, I never knew a teacher could be like that. At no time in the course of my education did I meet anyone like Mr. Keating.

rightcolimage The Dilemma of Being Cuban

Some years ago, I interviewed Cuban writer and filmmaker Elvira Rodriguez Puerto, who lives in Munich. When I asked her why she left Cuba, she replied: “Every time a Cuban who travels abroad decides not to return to Cuba, people say: ‘they stayed, they didn’t come back!’…”

rightcolimage More About Cuban Worms

I have already written about the marine worms that have graced my fish-tank over time. Their beauty and interesting variations simply do not cease to impress me. New marine creatures invariably come along with the algae I bring home to photograph. (7 photos)

rightcolimage Street Tragedies in Havana

“You son of a bitch!” the young man yells, lunging at the other fellow at the crowded bus stop. “You’re the one who’s been peeping at my wife through the bathroom window for days now!” He raises a fist, ready to pound the other man’s face with all his pent-up fury.

rightcolimage A New Generation of (Generous?) Sound Devices

There was a time in which “pocket” transistor radios were a novelty. People walked around holding their small radios to their ears, listening to their music of choice or a baseball game. For those who had lived in the era of vacuum-tube radios as large as a piece of household furniture, it was surprising to see how a device the size of a soapbox could perform the same functions.