Colombian Filmmaker Takes Cuban Novel to the Big Screen

    Sergio Cabrera was awe-struck by the adventures of Nieve Guerra, the child protagonist of the diary/novel authored by Cuban novelist Wendy Guerra. “Eight years ago, someone gave me a book for my birthday that I enjoyed immensely and moved me to tears.”

featuredimage US-Cuba to Talk Human Rights

Representatives from Cuba and the United States will meet in Washington next Tuesday (March 31) to discuss the human rights situation in both countries, a Foreign Ministry official said in Havana today (March 26).

featuredimage Cuba: Balancing Commerce to Ensure Freedom

The rapprochement between the US and Havana is starting to have repercussions around the world, even though the economic embargo is still in effect and only the first steps towards the re-establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries have been taken.

featuredimage What Cuba Has to Offer US Businesses

Assistant Secretary of State Roberta S. Jacobson is scheduled to deliver the keynote address at the Cuba Opportunity Summit in New York City on April 1. The event is sold out with tickets costing US $1,495 per person.

featuredimage Cuba and the USA: Backtracking Like Crabs?

Are Barack Obama and Raul Castro backtracking like crabs? That is one of the tacit concerns of the majority of Cubans today. The phrase alludes to the typical way in which these crustaceans move, giving the impression that they are walking backwards.

rightcolimage Those Who Are Leaving Venezuela

Yesterday, I bid farewell to my best costumers: a young couple and their 9-month daughter. I did three photo shoots for them: during her pregnancy, after the baby was born, and later for the child’s baptism.

rightcolimage The Painful Shedding of Colonial Modernity

From the struggles for independence to the present day, the political debate in Cuba has revolved around one question: what path should we follow to put colonialism behind us and insert ourselves satisfactorily into the modern world?

rightcolimage Cuba’s Civil Society Forum is a Joke

When they announced on TV that a Cuban Civil Society Forum was being held in Havana and that panel discussions would take place at Casa de las Americas and Casa del ALBA, I couldn’t help but laugh.

rightcolimage Obama Suggests Making Voting Mandatory

When I read the headline, I thought it was a joke. When I read the entire article, however, I found out it was a serious remark made by President Barack Obama during a speech delivered in Cleveland.

rightcolimage The Beauty of My Aquarium’s Anemones

A few months ago I accidentally discovered that I could take superb photographs by aiming the flash on my camera at the glass panel in the back of my aquarium. The reflection produces a kind of x-ray of the aquatic specimens. (14 photos)

rightcolimage Who Owns Cuba’s Habana Libre Hotel?

The recent publication of a photo were Fidel Castro Diaz-Balart and Paris Hilton appear together prompted speculation about the return of the Hilton hotel chain to Cuba in the near future. Let’s look at the issue.

rightcolimage Submissiveness in Cuba

Submissiveness is something that I’ve been aware of in Cuba ever since elementary school, my first social milieu. Nevertheless, I still can’t understand how those affected by a situation could decide to do absolutely nothing to try and change it.

rightcolimage A Documentary on Cuban Legend Omara Portuondo

The documentary “Omara: Cuba” premiered on Cuban television some days ago. The film documents the 70-year artistic career of the “queen of feeling” or Buena Vista Social Club Diva, as the renowned singer Omara Portuondo is known.