The Democratic Alternative for Cuba

    Two paths are becoming clear to Cuba after the failure of “State socialism”: the authoritarian-capitalist one offered by the current “reform process”, sustained by an alliance between State monopoly capitalism (dressed up as socialism) and foreign capital, under the control of the same old government-State-Party, and the all-inclusive democratic one, which I will try to summarize here, while also exploring how we can reach it and what obstacles lie in the way.

featuredimage Coppelia Ice Cream Parlor in the Eye of Cuban Consumer Protection Group (Part II)

It is common citizens, through pressure, activism and demands – and by overcoming fear and self-censorship – who will solve the country’s problems, even if they only start out by addressing those of an ice-cream parlor.

featuredimage USA: New Cuba Policies for Old Aims

To openly acknowledge that these new relations between the United States and Cuba aim to “reach the objectives that those who supported the embargo had” (AKA regime change), is rather arrogant and continues to underestimate Cuba.

featuredimage Cuban Sports Pride Wounded in Toronto

Cuba’s fourth place at the recently concluded Pan-American Games was as unexpected as it was painful. With 36 gold medals, 20 less than planned, Cuba walked away with the slimmest gold harvest since 1971, when the incredible story of how the island became the United States’ runner-up at these tournaments began to be written in Cali, Colombia.

featuredimage Is Havana’s Someillan Building on the US Purchase List?

After a two-year refurbishing process under Cuba’s Palco real estate agency, everything indicates the Someillan building located at the intersection of Linea and O streets, facing Havana’s Malecon ocean drive, will became one of the residential complexes for the new US embassy in Cuba.

rightcolimage The Journey from Mina Carlota to San Blas

Our column stayed in Mina Carlota in the Escambray Mountains for 10 days. Soon after arriving at this camp, Major Anastasio Cárdenas left with troops to attack the Trinidad barracks. The next day, news arrived of his death in combat and of the operation’s failure.

rightcolimage Nothing Else Means Nothing Else

“Cuba is one, endless summer.” This old saying, though a bit hackneyed, happens to be true, particularly towards the country’s eastern end, where low temperatures are more and more rare.

rightcolimage Cuba: A Pact with Loneliness

My friend Ines is going through a life crisis. She feels there’s no sense in carrying on. Nothing works out for her, she’s not happy at work or home and a recent breakup has shown her she has no real friends. She says she only has me.

rightcolimage “She Likes Gasoline”: On Latin America and the Coming Energy Crisis

Over the past ten years, reggaeton singers have changed the idea we’d long had about Latin American music. Their music videos are full of adrenaline, aggressiveness, sexual arousal, speed, fast motorcycles, sport cars, luxurious yachts and lascivious young men. One of Daddy Yankee’s popular pieces (where the title of this post comes from) offers us a clue as to the underpinnings of all this.

rightcolimage Cuba’s Young Communists League Comes Out in Favor of the Use of Transgenic Crops

The recent Young Communists League (UJC) Congress held in Cuba has served to promote the use of transgenic crops in the island’s agriculture. It was acknowledged that Cubans have been consuming genetically modified foods for some time.

rightcolimage Searching for a Boyfriend

The idea of using Havana Times to find my friend a boyfriend isn’t an experiment but an attempt at finding an alternative for her. My friend needs a partner. Her loneliness and depression could harm her psychologically in the long run.

rightcolimage On Cuba’s Class Antagonisms

Finding out you’ve run out of rice at around noon on a Sunday is a serious problem in Cuba, particularly when it’s a scorching hot day, the only place they sell the product has no awning to shield you from the sun and people cut in line and throng in the small locale so not to burn up.

rightcolimage Cuba’s Young Communists League Holds Its 10th Congress

The Congress ratified the continued relevance of essential principles, such as the defense of socialism, understood as the only socio-economic, political and cultural system capable of successfully confronting the complex challenges that lie ahead of humanity.