Posada Carriles Stars in Anti-Castro Rally in Miami

    Luis Posada Carriles, accused of terrorism by Havana and regarded as a hero by anti-Castro militants, appeared Saturday in a protest of old guard Cuban exiles and supporters in Miami against the resumption of relations between the United States and Cuba.

featuredimage Saint Lazarus Day in Cuba: Beyond Faith

Every 17th of December, many Cubans celebrate Saint Lazarus Day. On the streets, children, young people and the elderly wear the symbolic garments made of jute and purple fabrics, in allusion to the saint said to protect one’s health. (30 photos)

featuredimage Obama: “Change will come to Cuba”

President Barack Obama said today he is confident that changes in Cuba will result from the new policy of his country towards the island and supports ending the embargo, but warned that this will not happen soon. The president said he “shares the concerns of dissidents and human rights activists” of the island, because “this is still a regime that represses its people.”

featuredimage US-Cuba Policy Change Suits US Interests

The United States of America, the global policeman, is “changing its relationship with the people of Cuba”, as President Barack Obama put it. With this announcement of a resumption of diplomatic relations after John F. Kennedy severed them January 1, 1961 we need to evaluate what is behind it and what is positive and negative.

featuredimage The Wall Around Cuba is Falling

I got wind that Cuba and the United States were exchanging prisoners while interviewing a group of medical doctors who left for Brazil this Wednesday. When I told them the Cuban agents imprisoned in the United States were on their way home, there was applause, cheering and plenty of tears.

rightcolimage A Visit to El Rincon, Cuba

Much has been said and written about the massive pilgrimage that takes place on the eve of December 17. Believers in Saint Lazarus travel every year to the sanctuary, located approximately 17 kilometers from Havana, to ask for health and prosperity.

rightcolimage Cuba–US Relations: We Just Have to Wait and See

The day in which Cuba and the United States decided to re-establish diplomatic relations has finally arrived but, beyond the lively enthusiasm this has awakened and despite all of the encouraging things that have been said, I harbor my doubts about all that remains to be done on this end.

rightcolimage Wheelchair Tennis in Cuba: Sacrifices and Rewards

I recently started practicing a sport I knew nothing about before: wheelchair tennis. I was eager to try my hand at it the moment they talked to me about it, particularly because I like challenges. Even though I didn’t even knew it existed till recently, I am rather good at it.

rightcolimage A Big Surprise from Obama

This week President Obama surprised us with the inevitable: he put in motion what is sure to be a long and arduous 180 degree turn of U.S. foreign policy toward Cuba. Here in Havana I came to the quick conclusion that Cuban media outlets were caught completely off guard.

rightcolimage Santa Claus Doesn’t Fly Cubana

I imagine that the majority of those who read this post will do so from foreign shores. I suppose that in your countries Santa Claus, the reindeer, wreaths on doors and Christmas trees have been at work and put up for some time now.

rightcolimage Blessed Are the Thorns of Cuba’s Marabou

The marabou (Dichrostachys glomerata) is a brush that was introduced into Cuba at the end of the 19th century. Many blame the Castros, socialism and even Marxism of turning Cuba into marabou country – but we need to look more closely at the history of the brush.

rightcolimage Post Authoritarianism in Cuba’s Tourism Sector

I don’t believe the economic liberalization process now underway will bring about significant changes to this situation, at least not in the mid-term, particularly because the most basic forms of authoritarianism in the workplace remain intact…

rightcolimage Cuba’s Somber Commemmorative Dates

Cuba’s official discourse cannot help but celebrate or solemnly commemorate certain events. There is even a television program about such events, where I’ve heard as absurd commemorative remarks as: “On a day like today, the Commander in Chief visited this or that place.”