featuredimage Sports at the Forefront of New Cuba-US Relations

As part of a phenomenon that extends beyond the political and touches other areas of society, the sports sector reacted quickly and US professional clubs began to express their interest in hiring Cuban baseball players only hours after that historical announcement.

featuredimage A Warning about Political Zombies

“Being black does not make the black man inferior or superior to any other man. The white man who says “my race” is as redundant as the black man who says “my race.” Everything that divided men, everything that specifies, separates or drives men to a corner is a sin against humanity” -Jose Marti.

featuredimage The Cuba Blockade Has Died, but the Embargo Lives On

Negotiations between Cuba and the United States are making it clear that the financial embargo on the island was also a blockade that placed restrictions on Havana’s relations with other countries around the world and international organizations.

featuredimage From World Boxing Champion to Pig Farmer

Richard Abril has just returned from the United States. When I contacted him for this interview, the first and only question on my mind was whether he was actually thinking about quitting boxing to raise pigs on his farm on the Isla de la Juventud?

rightcolimage Filmmaker Guillen Landrian: Cuba’s Loose Cannon

The last New Filmmakers’ Festival had a special series of screenings in tribute to the late Nicolas Guillen Landrian. The showing of nine of his documentaries was a great gift to those who hadn’t seen (or only knew a small part of) his films.

rightcolimage If Cubans Could Choose Their Own Heroes

I do not believe it impossible for teachers here in Cuba to begin advancing exercises in which students are free to choose, on the basis of less restricted and rigid information, who their heroes and heroines are.

rightcolimage A Much-Awaited Sporting Event

The opening ceremony was simple but nice. The qualifying session was stressful, as whether one played on or not depended on it. Those responsible for assessing our performance were judges from Spain, Canada, Switzerland, China and other countries.

rightcolimage A Micro-Wave Oven and Macro-Stressed Woman in Cuba (Part II)

In the post I wrote last week (A Micro-Wave Oven and Macro-Stressed Woman in Cuba), I promised readers I would finish the absurd tale of my microwave’s ups-and-downs in a second post. I’d left the story at the third and last failed attempt at fixing the oven.

rightcolimage Is Cuba’s Phone Company Celebrating a Pre-Revolutionary Holiday?

Cuba’s State telecommunications monopoly (ETECSA) has accustomed those of us who use its mobile phone services to expect promotional offers where any purchase of credit over 20 CUC is doubled near socially significant dates, such as Mother’s Day, Saint Valentine’s and Christmas.

rightcolimage Conga Line against Homophobia in Havana

I don’t know who put my name on a list to receive event notifications via cell phone, but for a while now I’ve been receiving news this way of different events being held in the city. I had received at least three messages about a Conga line to be held on Saturday, May 9th.

rightcolimage Sex or Robbery?

Yesterday, I saw him at the emergency ward with bandages on his back. When I asked what had happened to him, he told me two men had assaulted him with a knife and stabbed him twice. “I couldn’t see the people who attacked me,” he told me.

rightcolimage A Photography Tour around a Caracas Parish

A flyer from the National Photography Center (CENAF), which called on all photographers, professional and not, equipped with cameras or cell phones, to take part in a kind of photography walk through the parish of Catia in Caracas. (25 photos)