featuredimage Cuba’s Top Star Cepeda Shuns MLB for Japanese League Sojourn

In easily the most significant revelation yet spawned by the recently revised policy regarding Cuban ballplayer exchanges, the Cuban Baseball Federation revealed this past weekend that long-time national team star Frederich Cepeda will be performing this summer with the famed Yomiuri Giants of the Japanese Central League.

featuredimage Cuban Artist Eidania Perez Interviewed

Cuban painter Eidania Perez offers us a glimpse at her artistic and spiritual milieu, allowing us to discover some of the concerns that impel her creative work. “I take my work as an artist and a conveyor of certain values very seriously. I have huge respect towards art and the gift of creation.”

featuredimage Cuba’s Mariel Development Zone Unmasked

Ana Teresa Igarza, director general of the Mariel Special Development Zone (ZEDM) Regulations Office, recently announced that a special hard-currency exchange rate had been established for Zone employees. Contracted employees will receive 80 percent of their salaries but…

featuredimage Cuban Artist Tomas Sanchez Shows Works in Cuba after 27 Years

Tomás Sanchez had not had an exhibition in Cuba since 1987. Though some of his paintings were occasionally exhibited in a number of biennales in Havana, there had been no solo exhibitions by the artist since that date. The artist had been blacklisted (his yoga and meditation practices weren’t well seen at the time).(13 photos)

rightcolimage Cuba: Memories of Endless Underdevelopment

Watching Cuban filmmaker Tomas Gutierrez Alea’s legendary Memories of Underdevelopment (1968) with my son, I somewhat cynically mused that the author of the novella on which the film was based, Edmundo Desnoes, could have said much more on the subject – hell, he could have written a whole saga and even a soap opera.

rightcolimage Relationships in Cuba that Hang by a Thread

Slanting eyes, swarthy complexion, large breasts, wide hips, long hair down to her shapely behind – this is a more or less accurate description of the woman from Santiago de Cuba who has been living in my building for some months now. She didn’t move in by herself – the whole affair smells of a relationship with a foreigner.

rightcolimage Cuba’s Public Transportation, or Discos on Wheels

It’s true: nearly all of us Cubans are music lovers. It’s as though we carried a sense of harmony in our blood. We unconsciously tap our feet if we hear a drum and clap, snap our fingers or tap any nearby object rhythmically to follow the beat of any music we hear.

rightcolimage The Urgent Need to Defend Male Rights in Cuba

Vengefulness and a craving for power are increasingly common among the champions of feminism, such that the struggle for female emancipation begins to engender its own demons: the establishment of reverse prejudices about the masculine and men.

rightcolimage Cuba: Love in Times of Indifference

Something very personal – a breakup – is what moves me to write this post. Who has not once been in love? Sometimes, we don’t realize what we feel for someone until our relationship unexpectedly comes to an end.

rightcolimage The Daily Life of the Elderly in Cuba (Part II)

“I’ve given more to the State than the State is giving me at the moment. I’ve worked all of my life. I’m now 83,” another interviewee says. The documentary draws our attention to a social reality we co-exist with but do not know in depth.

rightcolimage Climbing Western Cuba’s Tallest Peak

During a recent excursion to The Pan de Guajaibón, western Cuba’s highest peak (701 meters), I learned how to get to one of Cuba’s most spectacular views, how pig thieves destroy rural livelihood, and which type of tree rat you keep as a pet and which you eat. (8 photos)

rightcolimage A Cuba Crime Report

On the last Saturday of March, an official government announcement took the habitual listeners of Havana’s Radio Reloj radio program by surprise. It was a petition by authorities asking the public the help clear up a crime that had taken place in Old Havana two days before.