Cuba’s Problems Cannot Be Solved with Magic Spells

    “The biggest economic mistake we made was thinking that building socialism would guarantee development,” one of the Cuba’s most reputable economists said to me. It was something of an informal conversation, but that idea stuck in my head.

featuredimage Cuba Nears Serious Water Crisis

A photo showing the dry bed of Cuba’s second largest river drove home just how chillingly severe our drought has become, to the point that I began to hope a tropical storm would come our way.

featuredimage Cuba: Not Quite Fracking, but Close Enough

Some days ago, I wrote a post dealing with the use of non-conventional techniques in the extraction of oil at Boca de Jaruco. From the exchange that followed the publication of my post, it became clear to me that the procedure in question is not the notorious fracking.

featuredimage Adalett Perez Pupo: Spreading Love Where It’s Most Needed

In one of Havana’s poor neighborhoods, where a bit of spiritual uplifting is most needed, puppeteer Adalett Perez Pupo (Holguin, Cuba, 1947), continues to do his missionary work.

featuredimage Cuba’s Communists of Yesteryear

On Friday, August 21, Granma, Cuba’s major official newspaper, published the full text of the speech delivered by Jorque Risquet Valdes a few days earlier, for the 90th anniversary of the founding of Cuba’s first Communist Party. The text of the speech led me to the conclusion that the original party had a lot more in common with today’s dissidents and government opponents than with the current Communist Party on the island.

rightcolimage The Drought and an Unexpected Reply

The water was running across the sidewalk unchecked. Several people worriedly looked at the fatal spill, wondering, perhaps, where in our draught-stricken city it could be coming from. The sight was just one more worry we Cubans deal with every day.

rightcolimage The Trip to Che Guevara’s Campsite

One day after captain Chaviano returned from Che Guevara’s campsite, that is to say, on Friday, December 13, 1958, we all went down the hill known as El Piquito, towards the town of San Blas, to depart for El Pedrero. There, we would place ourselves under the command of Che Guevara…

rightcolimage Back to the Roots, in the Shadows

“She’s an exceptionally beautiful woman, but she doesn’t do it for me anymore. I think it best to turn my life around completely,” Oliver, one of the workmates I sometimes converse with, says to me rather worried…

rightcolimage Cervical-Uterine Cancer in Cuba and the World

I’m shaken up. In less than a year, three friends of mine have been diagnosed with and treated for cervical cancer (CC) – three young women saved from a slow and horrible death. I dedicate this post to all those battling this condition. (9 graphs)

rightcolimage Cuba: Hello Wi-Fi

I hope Wi-Fi services last in Cuba. It’s been a phenomenal idea to set up these networks, and it’s both curious and humorous to see people congregate to download information and videos and to chat with relatives and friends.

rightcolimage What Cuban Students Do on Summer Vacation

These summer months remind me of the school break and the inevitable essay that came with the start of classes in September, on the subject of what you had done during your vacation.

rightcolimage Venezuela’s Crisis Is No Small Potatoes

Here in Venezuela, like everything else you buy, potatoes are increasingly beyond hand’s (or pocket’s) reach. The last time I went to a market, a kilo was being sold for the equivalent of 90 USD at the official exchange rate. (21 photos)

rightcolimage New Cuban Talent Competition Packs Little Punch

The singing competition shows The Voice, The Voice Kids and The X Factor have gained an unprecedented popularity among Cubans, who do not seem to miss an episode with the help of the weekly “package.”