Cuba and the Catholic Church’s “Selfless” Help

    The Cuban press appears to be re-editing that old maxim of “the selfless aid of the Soviet Union,” replacing the USSR with the Vatican. It remains to be seen whether they’ll be able to “sell” citizens the illusion of such help once again.

featuredimage Japanese Woman Opens Restaurant in Old Havana

Tokyo-born Sayuri Yoshida has set up a small crepes and Japanese food establishment at the intersection of Aguacate and Obrapia Streets in Old Havana, drawing in more and more customers thanks to the distinction and variety of her menu.

featuredimage How to Resolve Three Key Obstacles to Cuba’s Development

I will focus on three important regulations stemming from the hard-headed, bureaucratic reluctance to raise worker salaries, “until the country’s productivity is increased,” as well as the excessive centralization of foreign and domestic trade and the insistence on egalitarianism in subsidies afforded by the ration booklet.

featuredimage Appraising Raul Castro’s Trip to the US

Rather than become the target of criticisms over the situation of human rights in Cuba, as was quite often the Castro government over the past few decades internationally, the younger of the Castro brothers was one of the stars of the UN General Assembly’s first days.

featuredimage How Hard Is It to Buy a House or Apartment in Cuba Today?

The issue of housing in Cuba still needs to be seriously addressed and the real estate market is still in diapers. That said, like everything else in Cuba, there are different ways to materialize one’s dream of having a home, be it through legal mechanisms or “under the table.”

rightcolimage My Uncle Came to Visit from the United States

My uncle left six years ago and came to visit a some days ago. He came with his wife, who’d managed to leave Cuba only a year ago, through the family sponsorship process. They had come to visit their relatives here

rightcolimage Cuba: A Quick Guide to Contemporary Art

The exhibition titled Nota al pie (“Footnote”) landed in Havana’s Espacio Abierto gallery rather spontaneously. We didn’t have the time normally required for this kind of project, but the proposal seemed attractive to us when curator Carlos Gamez spoke to us about it.

rightcolimage Glyphosate in Cuba

Cancer has been spreading quickly in Cuba for several decades now. In 2012, it became the chief cause of death in the country, and not precisely because the incidence of other causes went down. Today, I want to focus on a poison that has come to settle in our guts: glyphosate.

rightcolimage Old Town Caracas, Venezuela

Though the locals are kind and charismatic, none of its sidestreets are very safe. These photos were taken during an activity organized by the National Photography Center, which made the needed arrangements with the police and residents of the area. (27 photos)

rightcolimage Europe’s Migratory Crisis

Before the so-called “war on terrorism” was undertaken by a coalition led by the United States, countries in North Africa and the Middle East had an acceptable degree of political and economic stability and migration patterns were normal.

rightcolimage Cuba: “Much Remains to be Done”*

President Raul Castro’s speech during the Global Leaders’ Conference on Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women: A Commitment to Action was very well received by participants. I don’t know whether everyone gets a courtesy applause, no matter what they say, but he got quite the ovation.

rightcolimage Cuba’s Medical Referral Slips

I had an accident a few days ago: I spilt a pot full of boiling bean stew over my left leg. I immediately headed over to the nearest hospital, the military clinic. I walked several kilometers in pain and, when I arrived at the emergency ward, an elderly nurse immediately and attentively treated me.

rightcolimage An Unforgettable Al Pacino

Seeing Al Pacino in the film The Humbling, from director Barry Levinson, is nothing short of spectacular, where the theatre is his character’s raison d’être; a medium which saw his professional development in his early beginnings, and to which he occasionaly returns to work.