Cuba’s Customs and the Import Market

    An old joke says that, had Jesus Christ been Cuban, he would never have been crucified because, if you’re lucky to get your hands on a hammer in Cuba, you’ll soon find out that nails are few and far between and wood is nowhere to be found.

featuredimage Israeli Military Reservists Who Refuse to Serve

An open letter authored by Yael Even Or titled “We are Israeli reservists. We refuse to serve,” announcing that more than 50 former Israeli soldiers have signed a petition declaring their refusal to be part of the Israeli military reserves.”This petition, long in the making, has a special urgency because of the brutal military operation now taking place in our name.”

featuredimage Cuba Breaks Losing Streak with 4-3 Win over USA University Team

A total of six losses in a row in games against the USA university selection came to an end Wednesday night in Matanzas before 10,500 spectators, as the young Cuban baseball team took the opener of a five-game series.

featuredimage Tourist Offer for Cubans to Visit Italy

There was a time when exhibiting buying power far greater than any salary in socialist Cuba was taboo and downright dangerous. People with illicit income or from undeclared family gifts had to conceal their wealth the best they could or risk the consequences. Today that is no longer the case.

featuredimage China Grants Credit to Cuba to Build Port Terminal in Santiago

The loans from Peking to Cuba are interest-free, while there are also new trade agreements and donations. Xi Jinping is on the second day of his visit to the island.

rightcolimage Cuba: The Road to Prosperity

I want to begin this post sharing with you my joy over some recent news: Cuba’s National Assembly (Parliament) convened recently and one of their conclusions is that the island’s economy continues to slow down.

rightcolimage Chekhov’s Uncle Vania Staged by Cuba’s Argos Teatro Co.

For some time now, I have been attending only those plays about which I have heard something positive. I’ve had some bad experiences and try not to make chance decisions anymore. However when a theater company of some prestige stages a new play, I try not to miss it.

rightcolimage Being a Teenager in Cuba

At the pharmacy, I ran into some of the mothers of my son’s friends. We had a long conversation and, like always, almost every topic had to do with the central issue in our lives: children. Everyone, mothers and children, would be grateful if there were places for teenagers at affordable prices.

rightcolimage “Bonebreaker” and Cuba’s Revolutionary Underground

The underground struggle against Cuban dictator Fulgencio Batista became more and more difficult in my town. You had to do things without blowing your cover while leading a normal life of study and work, pretending you had no involvement in revolutionary activities.

rightcolimage My Recent Birthday

Birthdays can be either highly memorable or highly forgettable. Some can even be very painful, particularly when they coincide with the death of a friend or relative. Most of the time, however, one looks back on them with joy.

rightcolimage A Visit to Cortes, Pinar del Rio

Last week, I spent a number of days in Pinar del Rio, Cuba’s westernmost province, a place renowned for its fish and tobacco – and its baseball team. A friend had invited me to her home in the south-laying town of Cortes, located in Sandino, the westernmost municipality on the island.

rightcolimage Cuba’s All-So-Kind Economy Czar

Marino Murillo has always struck me as a contemptuous person. The arrogance with which he speaks before the legislature, the self-confidence with which he addresses the thorny issues, and his body language, place him somewhere between a domineering public official and a neighborhood butcher.

rightcolimage People with Disabilities in Cuba: Different But Not Insensitive

We are different on the outside. On the inside, however, we are just as sensible as anyone else. We’re somewhat vulnerable, but that doesn’t make us weaker. Perhaps a bit old-fashioned for today’s world, we try and make the most of all the ways of showing love and affection.