From Italy to Centro Habana: The Story of SalchiPizza

    Months ago, a foreign acquaintance of mine who had plans of settling in Cuba and opening a business there, was telling me there was no good bread on the island. It is no secret that our daily bread is getting worse on a daily basis. (31 photos)

featuredimage Latin American Freeware Festival Surprises in Havana

This past Saturday, April 25, Havana’s Central Computer Club (Palacio Central de Computacion) hosted the Latin American Freeware Festival (FLISOL), which saw the participation of hundreds of people who opt to use operating systems such as Ubuntu’s Linux Mint edition and a whole “array” of similar repositories and applications. Admission was free of charge and the venue was open to everyone.

featuredimage A Voice for Young Art in Cuba

Gustavo Gonzalez (alias G-Rhymes) is one of the organizers of Mision Calle (Street Mission) and one of the young artists behind the album Pedazo de Cielo (“A Slice of Heaven”). “We are a kind of independent production company that aims to promote certain values through the arts.”

featuredimage A Perspective from Cuba on Pirating and Access to Culture

This is a very controversial issue, particularly in Cuba. Because of the embargo imposed by the US government, Cuba has had restricted access to information – to books, music, films, software, operating systems and other products. The government’s response has been that of the so-called “cracking” of all types of software.

featuredimage The Special US Immigration Policy for Cubans

The US and Cuba have finally resumed diplomatic relations. The rapprochement has also refocused attention on the fifty-year-old American policy that allows Cubans to immigrate to the United States in unlimited numbers, a “privilege” not conferred upon citizens of any other country.

rightcolimage The Bridge Near Havana’s Naval Hospital is Still Broken

An elevated bridge connects the area surrounding Havana’s renowned Luis Diaz Soto Hospital (better known as the “Naval Hospital”) with the neighborhood of Camilo Cienfuegos, part of the Monumental highway, which joins the center of the capital with its east-laying suburbs.

rightcolimage Background Music in Cuba

Recently, a friend was telling me about how hard it is to find a restaurant where you can eat while listening to agreeable background music. What you hear most at these establishments are dance pieces or catchy songs with tasteless lyrics.

rightcolimage Things I Would Prefer Not to See and Hear in the News

When I arrived in the United States for the first time last summer, it had only been nine days since Eric Garner, a 43-year-old black man, had been tragically killed in New York, after a police officer had put him in a chokehold following his detention.

rightcolimage Cuba in the Central American and Caribbean Anarchist Federation

A new anti-capitalist and anti-authoritarian organization has been created in Latin America: the Central American and Caribbean Anarchist Federation. The federation’s inaugural congress was held in Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic.

rightcolimage Everyone’s a Builder in Cuba

Just about anyone will tell you here that they’re an experienced builder. You only need to have some construction materials lying around the house for someone to show up and offer you their services. “If you need a builder, just call me,” a new neighbor tells me.

rightcolimage Raul Castro’s Decrepit Speech at the Panama Summit

Ten days after leaders from the region met at the Summit of the Americas held in Panama, Cuban television is still airing fragments of Raul Castro’s address between different programs. In recent days, the news announced that “all of the people of Cuba support Raul’s remarks at the Summit of the Americas.”

rightcolimage The Contrasting News in the Cuban Press

Those of us who follow the Cuban press closely often complain about the scant variety of news that characterizes it. A more incisive look at this press, however, reveals a number of unintentional contrasts. Let us focus on two different dates.

rightcolimage On Charles Chaplin’s Birthday

I haven’t met anyone who is immune to his charms, who isn’t drawn into his stories, peopled by simple, flesh-and-blood characters, who doesn’t laugh and reflect at the same time. It is a unique experience, stepping into the skin of Charlot or any other character Chaplin played.