featuredimage Cuban Women without a Man

Amarilis always tells me the story of how she finished her doctorate: “with my heart”. She used to come home from work and have to help her kids with their homework, cook, wash up, leave something prepared for the next day… It would already be 11 PM by that time. It was only at this hour, when everything else had been done, that she could sit down in front of the computer.

featuredimage The Origins and Consequences of Cuba’s Emigration Crisis

The emigration tragedy, which hasn’t stopped inflicting itself upon the Cuban people, is proof of just how tricky and hard it has been to shake off a criminal policy, which has caused a lot of harm in the form of tears, pain, blood and deaths.

featuredimage Things that Make Matanzas, Cuba Different

Visiting the province of Matanzas is without a doubt a pleasant experience. Rain which announced a cold front on its way didn’t stop us from walking down its streets and going on a tour of some of its landmarks. (16 photos)

featuredimage Cuba Between Crisis and Opportunities

The end of open immigration to the US has had a major impact on the lives of many Cubans, whether it’s because they are now stuck en route or because they have disrupted their lives in Cuba so they could emigrate.

rightcolimage Meet Paco Canon

Paco Canon is one of the eccentric characters we have here in my neighborhood and I want to share some lines and histories with friends at Havana Times. According to our eldest neighbors, he was a primary school teacher…

rightcolimage Our USA Father has Abandoned Us

Although the repeal of the “wet-foot, dry-foot” policy had undoubtedly been the result of long negotiations between the Cuban and US governments, it seemed to have happened within the blink of an eye for the Cuban people. I’ve been trying to find out what people I know think about this change.

rightcolimage Why Isn’t Garbage in Havana Being Collected?

Corruption is one of the reasons why collecting solid waste in the Cuban capital has been a problem that hasn’t been resolved for many years, but government media doesn’t seem to understand this and continues to blame the population. (16 photos)

rightcolimage Fired Biochemist Loses Court Appeal

His complaint was based upon a number of incongruencies in the legal process carried out by MEDICuba’s Labor Board, as well as repeated abuses of power by several INOR managers, and was not met with a happy response.

rightcolimage Things Don’t Just Fall Down from the Sky

New year, new life is a popular saying which is normally used when a year comes to its end. And for many people it is, it’s a new year and a new start and, at the very least, it gives them a little more hope than last year did.

rightcolimage What Will Happen to Our Young People?

The year 2017 already looks like it’s going to be a much more difficult one for the Cuban people. The national economy had negative growth last year, in spite of the 4 million tourists – a record number – who visited the country.

rightcolimage Murder in Miramar’s Zero St. Park

Dawn broke in the La Puntilla neighborhood with the news of a murdered man. The body had been found thrown in the park on Cero (Zero) Street, in front of the Cuban Sports and Recreation Institute’s offices. A neighbor who was passing by saw it.

rightcolimage The Right Path for Cuba’s Youth

For some parents, the path their children should take is that of education, studying “so they become somebody in life,” to have a good job which will make them proud of what they were unable to achieve. The same old cliche.