Cuba Photo Contest 2016 1st Cut

    After much deliberation the 20-member jury has made its selections for the first cut in the 8th Havana Times Cuba Photo Contest. In all 182 readers took part in the contest submitting a total of 1,503 photographs in the six different categories. After the first cut, 118 of the participants have at least one picture in the second round. (467 photos)

featuredimage Havana Pollution Goes Unchecked

Afternoons in the city turn dark, the cloud of smoke thrown into the air by the thermal power station’s chimney, clouding the atmosphere, pollutants are expelled out, ignoring the effects this has on the environment. (12 photos)

featuredimage Fidel and Cuba’s Fate

A couple months ago, in a brief encounter with an intellectual friend of mine that took place in the middle of the street, we exchanged opinions, ideas and discussed all kinds of things. It was in the time leading up to Fidel’s birthday and we were swamped with celebrations and compliment everywhere. It was an inevitable topic.

featuredimage The War in Cuba is against “Private” Nightclubs

The purpose of the suspension of licenses does not seem to be against private restaurants but the bars that lie behind them. These private night clubs are not legally permitted and operate under licenses covered for a “paladar” café/restaurant.

featuredimage The Cuba Jazz Festival Is Coming Soon

Invited artists include Terence Blanchard´s E-Collective, from the US, who will perform alongside Cuba’s Chucho Valdés; and the long-awaited Ivory Coast singer and French resident, Fatoumata Diawara, who will share the stage with our young pianist and composer Roberto Fonseca.

rightcolimage I Hope to Participate in the Pan Am Badminton Championship

After so many months of training, the time has finally come for Cuban hopefuls, who want to participate in the Pan Am Badminton Championship, which will be held in Colombia, to meet in the province of Camaguey.

rightcolimage The Martyrs of Humboldt 7

Between March 13, 1957, the day the presidential palace was attacked, and April 20th, when Fructuoso Rodriguez, Juan Pedro Carbo, Jose Machado and Joe Westbrook were murdered by the police.

rightcolimage When Innocence is Lost

Who doesn’t remember the emotions we had when we faced life at the peak of our youth? The discovery of requited love and the strength to dream which we find along with it, the power to go headfirst into the future…

rightcolimage A Place I Used to Love to Spend Time At

Watching the sea is a way to alleviate stress. I usually do this because I have the sea nearby, I live in Miramar in the neighborhood called La Puntilla, an idyllic place in the early ‘90s.

rightcolimage The Trial of a Cuban Biochemist

As a result of having been fired from my job at the Revolucion y Cultura magazine last July, I met, through a journalist who was interested in my case, Oscar Casanella, a biochemist who had also been irregularly sanctioned at his workplace.

rightcolimage Can Cuba’s Young People Be Counted On?

The lack of seriousness, the scarce worry and especially the level of superficiality that young people in Cuba have is quite sad. Unfortunately, this doesn’t only exist in the digital realm.

rightcolimage We Choose Our Own Truth

To my surprise, the post “A Cuban without a Smart Phone”, unleashed a wave of solidarity from a reader who wanted to help the anonymous student at the Enrique Jose Varona Advanced Learning Institute…

rightcolimage How Are We Going to Pay?

Although the majority of the country is committed to helping put the four municipalities which were most affected by the hurricane back on their feet, over these last few days, there have been many surprising stories to tell.