featuredimage Trump Pins Blame Directly on Cuba for Sick US Diplomats

US President Donald Trump said today for the first time that he believes the Cuban government is behind the mysterious acoustic attacks on US diplomats in Havana that led Washington to withdraw the majority of its personnel from the island. He did not say if he is contemplating new reprisals against the government of Raul Castro.

featuredimage Cuba, the US and Trump’s policy

Even though many people claim that we aren’t important to the US, the truth is that we are much more important than we seem. It isn’t simple chauvinism, it’s the absolute truth.

featuredimage The Target: Tourism in Cuba

Every time Cuba finds ways of financing, campaigns to destroy its sources of income begin. Now the target seems to be tourism, a fast moving locomotive that can bring growth to other economic sectors as well.

featuredimage Maduro Forces Win Major Victory in Venezuela

The Venezuelan government, under the leadership of President Nicolas Maduro, won a surprise solid victory Sunday in the regional elections, winning 17 of 23 governors races, against five of the opposition and one still in dispute in the vote count, according to the partial official results.

rightcolimage We Decide: “Trees Aren’t the Problem”

On October 10th, under the slogan “Trees aren’t the problem”, artists, environmentalists and lovers of life on the whole came together and participated in the performance piece “Human Connection for Forest Revitalization.” (23 photos)

rightcolimage Havana’s Neighborhood Movie Theaters

In ruins, like defenseless ghosts in the whirlwind of a city that grew with them, neighborhood movie theaters no longer tell us stories, but they resist being left completely empty inside. Maybe it’s their last attempt to save us from sinking into a dream-void state. (44 photos)

rightcolimage Reaching Old Age

Reaching old age alone is the worst kind of loneliness. There are also elderly people who, even though they are surrounded by their family, feel excluded; young people distance themselves or ignore them; at home, their opinions don’t count or they are the last ones to be asked their opinion. They are left in their own universe bursting with memories, where they live the life that has now passed.

rightcolimage Trees Are NOT the Problem

The effect of Hurricane Irma on the trees of our cities has been devastating, but perhaps the worst is the treatment given by people and institutions in charge of hygiene and the city order, ripping off the last green branch, discarding strong and healthy trees.

rightcolimage Lies at the United Nations about Cuba and Venezuela

Surprising is a very poor term to describe the speech that the US president Donald Trump gave to the UN General Assembly. It was outrageous that representatives from 193 countries had to sit and listen to a string of lies…

rightcolimage Cuba Moves One Step Forward and Others Back

I’ve been reading and re-reading everything that is happening with the US and Cuba again. It seems like these are poorly-told stories and bad jokes. What are we doing? And I say “we” because at the end of the day, we don’t know who’s doing what.

rightcolimage What Can We Expect from the Alternative Havana Biennial? (Video)

News of the Havana Biennial being canceled by the National Council of Visual Arts was a hard blow to the artistic movement on the island. However the disappointment turned into initiative as a call went out to hold an Alternative Biennial in May of 2018.

rightcolimage The Value of Life

Hurricane Irma ripped a coconut palm out from the roots in front of my building. It was a blow to see it the next day, taken down lying on the grass, but it was worse to see another that had managed to survive being cut down.