Cuban Delegation on Round Two of Talks with the USA

    The process of restoring diplomatic relations between Cuba and the USA moved forward on Friday with the second round of talks towards the goal of opening embassies in the respective capitals in the not too distant future.

featuredimage US Official Upbeat on Friday’s Talks with Cuba

US Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs, Roberta S. Jacobson, called Friday’s talks with a high level Cuban delegation in Washington “productive and encouraging” as the two countries move forward in the process to restored diplomatic relations.

featuredimage Cuba: The Americans Are Coming!

These conversations may seem like a joke, but they’re absolutely true. We could say they are part of the everyday, “magic realism” of socialism (perhaps not as “real” as Soviet socialism, but certainly a lot less “updated” than we would want).

featuredimage How Nicaragua’s Canal Project is Portrayed in Cuba

For days, I’ve been hearing comments about protests in Nicaragua that seem suspiciously ill-intentioned. Since I know Cuban leaders adore Daniel Ortega, frequently praising and paying tribute to him and his administration – I decided to conduct a search for news or opinion pieces about Nicaragua’s inter-oceanic canal project published in Cuba. My intention was not to dispel any doubts, but to reaffirm my confidence in our press.

featuredimage US-Cuba Talks and a Guantanamo Proposal

Round two of the high level talks to normalize diplomatic relations between Cuba and the United States is set for Friday, February 27 in Washington D.C. The first and foremost order of business is clearing the way to the opening of embassies in the respective capitals. Other more difficult issues like the fate of the US Guantanamo Naval Base and Prison Camp, and compensation for confiscated properties at the beginning of the Cuban revolution will no doubt be left for further on in the negotiations.

rightcolimage Paulo Freire Remembered in Alamar, Havana

Paulo Freire is one of most influential theorists of education of the 20th century. The gathering was an extension of the talk held at the Felix Varela stand in Havana’s La Cabaña fortress (the fair’s main venue), sponsored by the Brazilian embassy in Cuba.

rightcolimage Cuba: The Poetry that Saves Us

It is said that Jose Marti once declared that “poetry is more important than industry, for it can prop up or take down souls.” Being exposed to Cuban poet Francis Sanchez’ exhibition Cicatrices (“Scars”) made me understand two things…

rightcolimage On Cuba’s Missions Abroad

For years, the Cuban State has been preaching that so-called “internationalist missions” are a means of offering other nations “selfless aid.” Many of us know, however, that something else hides behind this philanthropist spiel…

rightcolimage Cuba: The Crisis of Values and Prejudices

One cannot help but wonder, even at the risk of coming across as naive, what social behavior the Cuban government would consider appropriate – what use of culture it would consider virtuous, revolutionary and socialist.

rightcolimage Francois Truffaut in the Works of Cuban Painter Antonio Nuñez

At the beginning of the year, while studying the work of Cuban artist Antonio Nuñez (1971), I came across a series produced in 2009, in which different scenes from films by Buñuel, Godard, Truffaut and others are rendered on canvas.

rightcolimage Havana’s Gay Meeting Places

In 1987, I went to a gay meeting place in Havana for the first time. I’d been too afraid to go to such places before. Single men would go to these places to meet other men, in search of a relationship or one-night stands.

rightcolimage Lucy and the Adolescence of Civilization

Lucy, a young US citizen studying in Taiwan, is kidnapped by local mafiosos, cruel and bloodthirsty types. The bad guys are looking for mules to transport a potent drug that was recently discovered.

rightcolimage Wrestling with Cuba’s Wrestling Coaches

As I’ve written before, my son practices Greco-Roman wrestling. I’ve shared the difficulties mothers face to acquire the needed sport implements. Today, I want to talk about wrestling coaches.