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Hunter Hunted, More on Gender Violence in Cuba

November 14, 2017 | No Comments »

Conner Gorry’s article, Me too: Gender Violence in Havana, took me back to an incident that happened a long time ago, which I still remember, even when, let’s just say, my memory isn’t the best.

Why Did Granma Fire its Director?

November 12, 2017 | 2 comments

According to the announcement published by Granma newspaper, the Cuban Communist Party’s official press, Pelayo Terry Cuervo, the director of this newspaper, the country’s main one, was “released” from his position because of mistakes he had made.

A Cuba-USA Story of Here and There

October 18, 2017 | No Comments »

Danay and Juan are two regular young people out of the many here in Cuba who have been wanting to emigrate for a long time. They were born and raised during the cumbersome Special Period crisis of the 1990s and they became adults in the middle of the transformation period of Cuban Socialism.

Irma and I

September 15, 2017 | No Comments »

A friend who knows me well, who knows that I collaborate with Havana Times and knows that I am more inspired by personal experiences than any interesting news item, says: “Rosa, write something about Irma’s passage through Guantanamo.

Of Course it’s Possible to be a Millionaire in Cuba

July 12, 2017 | 5 comments

Being a millionaire is the dream of many, I can’t say that it hasn’t been my own too. Some children fantasize about having a lot of money to take water and food to starving children in exploited Africa; others thought about helping those most in need on the planet…

Heat wave takes over Guantanamo

July 5, 2017 | 10 comments

It was just about 7 AM when I walked to the bus stop and the sun was already burning bodies; many people, especially women, were protecting themselves from the sun with parasols and sunglasses, but their light clothing seemed to do nothing.

Nothing to Take to a Sick Friend

June 27, 2017 | 3 comments

I don’t know whether this has ever happened to you too, but I haven’t gone to see a loved one in the first few days of their sickness because my financial situation hasn’t allowed me to buy a juice, malanga or something else we normally take to the afflicted on the island.

Cuba Says NO to Force

June 23, 2017 | No Comments »

When I read the headlines on several media here, the first thing I thought was: of course, they don’t give a damn if we continue to fight with the yumas (USA) since at the end of the day, they (the highest in command, those who decide the country’s future) have everything they need, their families too.

Mother’s Day vs. Father’s Day

June 15, 2017 | No Comments »

It will be Father’s Day on Sunday here in Cuba, but, of course, it doesn’t have as much impact or coverage by the media as Mother’s Day. Here’s a few comments on the subject.

Cuban Immigration to the North at a Near Standstill

June 5, 2017 | 9 comments

It’s pretty incredible but it’s true, there are hardly any more rafts heading towards the United States; I imagine that few would risk leaving for South or Central America to then head on to that country that used to take in every Cuban that reached its territory, whether by sea or land.