Isbel Diaz

My Take on Cuba’s “Weekly Package” (Part I)

December 16, 2014 | 3 comments

I buy Cuba’s weekly TV series, music and software package on a regular basis. In my opinion, some of its contents are valuable in more than one sense. That said, there are a series of factors behind this phenomenon that have truly piqued my curiosity.

A Cuban in the Land of the Selfish

November 25, 2014 | 39 comments

Today, I want to share with you a number of very surprising experiences I had in Chicago this year, for they contradict the idea that Cuban schools and media have constructed regarding the egotism that a country like the United States allegedly encourages in people.

Ways to Spot a Right-Winger

October 21, 2014 | 6 comments

In the interest of contributing to the far-from-archaic debate about Right and Left, I would like to share some of the ideas I’ve developed about what defines a right-winger and a number of ways to identify these individuals.

Cuba’s Urban Gardens: The Other Side of the Coin

October 14, 2014 | 1 Comment »

To expand on my previous post dealing with Cuba’s urban vegetable gardens, or organoponicos, I would like to share a number of thoughts on the main health risks stemming from urban or semi-urban agriculture.

Cuba to Build More Golf Courses

October 7, 2014 | 9 comments

More detailed and definitive information about plans to build more golf courses in “socialist Cuba” reached us through the news this September. These involve several joint ventures with British, Spanish, Canadian and Chinese investors.

Saving Cuban Customs

September 23, 2014 | 1 Comment »

“Let us try and save Cuban Customs,” the island’s official press appears to be saying without the slightest bit of subtlety, for, in recent months, it has covered just about everything this institution is doing, to make it look very busy.

Cuba’s Organic Urban Gardens Now Cater to Private Businesses

September 17, 2014 | 2 comments

Though I am surrounded by large urban organic gardens where I live, putting fresh, healthy food on my table is becoming harder every day – and not precisely because of the prices. Aimed at benefitting the low-income population, they are now the chief supplier of Havana’s private restaurants.

Cuba’s Computer Clubs: Another Endangered Social Achievement

September 8, 2014 | 1 Comment »

Computer and electronics clubs (Joven Club de Computacion y Electronica) in Cuba’s province of Artemisa have begun charging users for their services, yet another measure by the Cuban government that is reverting the country’s social achievements, including those in the field of education.

My Experiences in Beautiful Brazil

September 2, 2014 | 1 Comment »

By a strange twist of fate I am unaware of, my first trip abroad took me to the place I had wished to visit the most. This trip served to confirm something I already suspected: what I like most about Brazil is its sensual language and its boundless music. (26 photos)

The Dying Throes of Havanas Carnival

August 14, 2014 | No Comments »

Havana’s official weekly newspaper Tribuna is announcing that “the Havana carnaval is on” with photos of picturesque masquerades. The contrast with one’s actual experience any given night at the ocean drive is significant. The two realities are completely divorced from one another.