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Nicaragua: “We’ll never rest until the Canal Law is repealed”

August 18, 2017 | No Comments »

March #91 for the repeal of Law 840 – the canal law – eventually began at 1:30 pm, some three and a half hours late. Hundreds of rural residents from the different communities around Nueva Guinea, El Tule, Rio San Juan and Waspan in the North Caribbean Autonomous Region, came together to participate.

China Replaces Venezuela as Cuba’s Main Trade Partner

August 18, 2017 | 3 comments

China replaced Venezuela as Cuba’s main trading partner in 2016, with an exchange of over 2.585 billion USD, due to the South American country’s deep economic crisis, which has reduced bilateral trade with the island by 70% since 2014, according to official statistics from the Cuban government.

Five Cubans among victims in Barcelona and Cambrils

August 18, 2017 | No Comments »

The Barcelona attack on Thursday, which left 13 people dead and a hundred injured, and the following terrorist attack in Cambrils (Tarragona) have left people of over 20 different nationalities dead and injured, the Spanish Civil Protection Agency announced this Friday.

A Talk about “Transformative Technology”

August 17, 2017 | No Comments »

Under the title “Transformative technology: Tips on how to tackle gender violence,” an online talk took place at every US embassy, summoned by the US Department of State and led by Univision TV journalist Rafael Sanchez Cruz.

Havana Weather for August 17-23

August 17, 2017 | No Comments »

During our 7-day forecast period, warm days will continue with variable winds in the mornings and northeasterly in the afternoons, with speeds between 6 and 15 mph and stronger gusts in the coastal areas. In the afternoons the cloudiness will increase and isolated showers and thunderstorms will occur, associated with the high humidity and the daytime heating.

Ecuador: Lenin Moreno, the Troubling Successor to Rafael Correa

August 16, 2017 | 1 Comment »

Over recent weeks, Ecuadorian President Moreno has emphasized his standing apart from his predecessor Rafael Correa, in two areas especially: economic politics and anti-corruption strategy.

Bianca Jagger Protests in Nicaragua with Farmers against Canal Project

August 16, 2017 | No Comments »

Nicaraguan-US pacifist Bianca Jagger participated in a march on Tuesday with hundreds of peasants in southern Nicaragua seeking to stop construction of an inter-oceanic canal and repeal the law that endangers the country’s sovereignty.

Montreal Celebrates “Pride at Work” 7th Anniversary

August 15, 2017 | No Comments »

The 7th anniversary of the “Pride at Work” organization was celebrated on Wednesday August 8th, at the Desjardins shopping complex located in the city of Montreal, Quebec, as part of the week’s program of activities for Gay Pride, This organization provides training to employers with the objective of encouraging their recognition of “LGBT” (“Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender”) employees, as an important part of society’s diverse and effective work force.

Antigona the Process (Video)

August 13, 2017 | No Comments »

Antigona the Process describes the history of the representation of women in Cuba, seen through a filmmakers team. Documentary by Yaima Pardo and Lilián Broche (60 minutes).

Cuba: the ’68 Revolutionary Offensive Reedited

August 12, 2017 | 5 comments

The 1968 “Revolutionary Offensive” nationalized all the small businesses that remained after the Revolution triumphed in 1959. According to figures from Granma newspaper itself, 55,636 small businesses were seized back then:11,878 grocery stores, 3130 butchers, 3198 bars, 8101 food selling establishments, 6653 launderettes, 3643 barber shops, 1188 shoe repairmen, 4544 car repair workshops, 1598 craft businesses and 3345 carpentry workshops.