Cuba’s Search for Oil and Foreign Investment

September 26, 2016 | 3 comments

In a press conference held in mid-September, executives from Cuba’s national Oil company (CUPET) lowered public expectations which have arisen around estimates that the Australian company MEO made public about Cuba’s oil potential.

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Radio Marti’s Credibility Hits New Low

September 18, 2016 | 8 comments

A few years ago, journalists who collaborated with Radio and TV Marti received a document which outlined the ethical and journalistic norms that these media should abide to. However both stations are doing very little to abide by it.

Jaime Incer Barquero: “There’s utter ignorance on the part of the authorities,” the expert admonished, adding that the private sector “has a short-term view of environmental management.”  Photo: Carlos Herrera/confidencial
Nicaragua Has “No Environmental Policy”, admits government advisor

September 17, 2016 | No Comments »

Scientist Jaime Incer Barquero, presidential advisor on environmental matters, severely criticized the inaction of the Nicaraguan Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources (MARENA) in the face of the destruction of the Indio Maíz Biological Reserve at the hands of squatters. “It’s inexplicable,” was the reaction of Incer, former minister of this institution.

Terry Deyni Abreu
Barbara’s Fashion an Afro-Cuban Led Project

September 10, 2016 | No Comments »

The Barbara’s Fashion Project, led by Afro-descendant Cuban women entrepreneurs in Cojimar, Havana, advances in the first phase of its program, despite the precarious situation of its resources. (Video interview)

Cuban Towns where the “Peoples Power” is No Longer So Popular

September 10, 2016 | 7 comments

Miguel Angel Rivero, 83, has lived long enough to prove that most of the time it isn’t worth getting worked up over something. He still remembers the exact day that he learned this lesson. It was in the afternoon when they told him, along with many others, that the Sierra de Cubitas sugar plant would no longer mill.

Reuniting with my “family”, 36 years after Nicaragua’s Literacy Crusade

September 3, 2016 | No Comments »

On July 9, 2016: it’s a Saturday, and it’s raining as I begin my trip North from Managua. I’m headed for Waslala in search of the family I lived with and taught to read 36 years ago as part of Nicaragua’s National Literacy Crusade in 1980.

A drawing projection of the Manzano de Gomez Hotel from granma.cu
Foreign Construction Workers in Cuba

September 3, 2016 | 17 comments

Foreign contractors who work in Cuba made the news recently when their pictures appeared in newspapers around the world, while they were working at the Manzana de Gomez Hotel projet in the heart of Havana.

The Story of Two Cuban Survivors

August 27, 2016 | 5 comments

Marilin de Pedro (37) and Javier Casanova (30) met at the Julio Diaz Orthopedic Hospital. Both of them were victims of traffic accidents, at different times. She graduated in Civil Engineering and he works in construction as a floor polisher at the Havana Convention Center.

Architects Needed for Cuba’s Private Businesses

August 19, 2016 | 6 comments

La China is the owner of a restaurant that has an entrance hall, a bar, a room with 11 tables, a reserved area, a unisex bathroom, kitchen, a stockroom and another bathroom for employees.

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Business Social Responsibility: Everybody’s Concern

August 18, 2016 | 2 comments

In Cuba today, in response to the start of reestablishing diplomatic ties with the US, we’re beginning to talk about the interaction between art, culture and economy in a coherent way.