Dmitri Prieto’s Diary

Cuban Television’s Self-Sabotage

December 3, 2013 | No Comments »

When I was a teenager, I read Curzio Malaparte’s book Coup d’etat: On the Technique of Revolution. In it, this energetic and multifaceted Italian author advised all who aspired to stage a coup to make use of scientific breakthroughs and to involve experts practically in all strategies.

Cuba Is a Multicultural and Multiracial Country

November 28, 2013 | 15 comments

“Cuba is a multicultural and multiracial country,” said a journalist for Cuba’s midday news while reporting on an activity organized for an anniversary of Havana’s Arab Union. I’m glad someone’s finally realized that the concept of a “mixed race” is obsolete and dangerous.

Are Codes of Ethics Good for Anything?

November 22, 2013 | No Comments »

I saw a news piece on television reporting that the president of France and the German chancellor are discussing the possibility of signing a code of ethics. Apparently, it has to do with how governments should behave in order not to end up spying on one another.

Write Your Deputy: A Call on Cuba’s Left

November 18, 2013 | 1 Comment »

The part of the new labor code that would regulate work relations in the non-State sector grants employers a series of unheard-of faculties, while leaving employees virtually without any real protection before the management’s decisions. In essence, the new code seeks to empower Cuba’s emerging middle class.

The “Dark Triangle” of Social Equity in Cuba

November 13, 2013 | 3 comments

Recent announcements about Cuba’s imminent monetary unification do not afford us much information on the changes we can expect to see over time. The “psychological” message behind this is that we must forget, once and for all, of ever going back to the parity between the Cuban Peso and the US dollar.

Nuclear Fusion: Is it as Safe as We Think?

November 4, 2013 | 12 comments

It seems to me that we are not sufficiently aware of the risks surrounding a new, emerging technology. Producing energy through the fusion of light nuclei (such as deuterium and tritium, which are heavy, radioactive isotopes of hydrogen) is the dream of many physicists and technologists.

Cuba’s Draft Labor Bill and Me

October 30, 2013 | 1 Comment »

Workplace debates surrounding Cuba’s draft labor bill officially came to an end this past October 15th. Now, we are left with the question of what comes next.The National Assembly of the People’s Power has a scheduled session December. Then, we will finally get to see what comes out of this bill.

Marihuana, Roberto Carcasses, the Observatorio Critico Network and the Future of Latin America and the Caribbean

October 28, 2013 | 2 comments

The bureaucracy “didn’t” understand how the official (and humanitarian) cause of the Cuban Five could be equated with the rest of Carcasses’ petitions, demands which, I imagine, smelt of brimstone and heresy for no few government officials.

Cuba is White, Black and Mixed Race Because it is Diverse

October 22, 2013 | 8 comments

Recently, on the eve of October 10, a Cuban national holiday commemorating the date (in 1868) in which Cuban landowner Carlos Manuel de Cespedes and his retinue of (former) slaves took up arms against Spanish colonial domination, a Round Table program bearing the controversial title of “Neither Black Nor White: Cuba is Mixed Race” was aired on television.

Cuba: Doing Too Little, Doing Too Much

October 18, 2013 | 5 comments

It’s been over a month since the beginning of the “yellow ribbon” campaign calling for the release of the 4 Cubans imprisoned in the United States and yellow – which is also the color of Cuba’s Virgin of Charity and the Yoruba deity Oshun – continues to tint the city with its complex polysemy of spiritual symbolism and its tacit call for conformity and political commitment.