Carlos Fraguela’s Diary

The Sea Cucumber I Had at Home

September 11, 2014 | No Comments »

Some weeks ago, I gave one of the animals I had in my aquarium back its freedom. I returned it to the place I had kidnapped it from in order to take pictures of it at home. How happy it made me to see it scurry away among corals and algae! (6 photos)

More About Cuban Worms

August 19, 2014 | No Comments »

I have already written about the marine worms that have graced my fish-tank over time. Their beauty and interesting variations simply do not cease to impress me. New marine creatures invariably come along with the algae I bring home to photograph. (7 photos)

The Ones to Blame for Cuba’s Isolation

August 14, 2014 | 6 comments

A few days ago, I had a very pleasant dream: the Cuban government had decided to shut down its telephone company, the Empresa de Telecomunicaciones de Cuba S.A. (ETECSA). In its 20 years of operations, the company had failed to demonstrate any capacity to offer a reliable communications service, and its immediate closure had been decided.

The Pleasures of Loving Animals

March 17, 2014 | 2 comments

Few of those who know me recall the keen interest in veterinary sciences I once had. As a child, I would dream of curing animals when they got sick. I was such a bad student that my grade average wasn’t enough to pursue this dream.

Some Curious Facts About a Cuban Butterfly

March 7, 2014 | 1 Comment »

I have many friends who are biologists and have become something of a self-taught biologist thanks to this. Years ago, one of these friends told me an amazing story about an insect found in Cuba. It is a butterfly which I took a long time to identify as such.

Cuba’s Extraordinary Sea Spiders

March 3, 2014 | No Comments »

When they walk across the bottom of the fish tank, they do so very slowly. Sometimes, however, they let the currents move them and make swimming movements that are very funny. They move stealthily among seaweeds in search of planktonic preys or sweep the sea bottom in search of any organic matter they can eat. (6 photos)

Yet Another Amazing Marine Creature in Cuba

February 19, 2014 | No Comments »

The polychaet I recently had in my aquarium is an amazing animal nearly everyone recognizes. It ended up in my fish tank on the request of my nephew who, scuba diving with me one day, suggested I take it home to marvel at its behavior. (10 photos)

The Living Treasures of my Aquarium

February 10, 2014 | 2 comments

Few people in Cuba have the privilege (or the time) to enjoy something as fascinating as the marine world in their own homes. Though it isn’t exactly easy, setting up an aquarium is far from impossible, and the resources I invest into my fish-tanks seem trifles to me when I set them against the pleasures of observing nature in the comfort of my own home. (8 photos)

Comb Jellies Colonize My Fish Tank

February 5, 2014 | No Comments »

More than a year ago, I took on the challenge of building an aquarium at home. This has brought me no few surprises and many “discoveries” about the animal world. I’d been observing and photographing small organisms without considerable difficulties until a micro-predator was introduced into my fish tank. (8 photos)